The Death Knell

Chapter 4: Harley Quinn

   Down the stairs, two guys wearing the same armor walked in the bat’s company so carelessly. The surveillance probe on the road recorded their every move.

  Su Ming was on the top of the building as soon as he arrived. He didn’t know what was going on, but Cindy didn’t care about it either. It might be the intention to induce Batwoman.

   Try your luck even if she is not there.

Passing by Brice Wayne’s office, Cindy even took the sheep and smashed the wine cabinet to get two bottles of good wine, completely ignoring the harsh alarm, she unscrewed the wine and tasted it, chirped her mouth, and threw it to Sue. Ming a bottle, after that, the two went straight into the elevator and went straight downstairs.

   Under normal circumstances, people who do bad things will not take the elevator. In case of a power cut, you will be caught in the elevator in the urn, and even if you encounter a ruthless person, you will take the elevator to free fall.

   Cindy walked in naturally, so Su Ming followed in. The reason why she can be so relieved is that she should have taken care of all the guards.

   Now the brain can immediately make a guess based on a little clue, which is much better than the brain before he crossed. If there was such a good brain back then, it is estimated that any school can study with a scholarship?

   But it’s not too late. If you can return to the original world with the body of the death knell, wouldn’t it be brilliant to do business? Will be promoted and raise salary soon, become general manager, become CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the pinnacle of life?

   It’s really a bit…I can’t get excited.

In modern society, it’s useless to be able to do serious business. There is no one on top of you, and you are not a related household. At most, you can make a small business. Just be a small boss. How can there be small bosses who open shops or restaurants? The CEO?


When the elevator reached the first floor, the two of them stepped out of the elevator. Sure enough, they saw a messy appearance in the lobby. More than a dozen security guards were lying on the ground and not knowing whether they lived or died. The furniture and furnishings in the lobby were all shattered. It seems to be Cindy’s handwriting.

  Su Ming looked at it. These security guards are all big beauties. They are worthy of the Wien Group. Even the security guards can dress like this.

   He still doesn’t quite adapt to this world where the yin and the sun are declining. He basically looks at women like before, caring whether they are beautiful or not.

   “Let’s go, they are all alive.”

Cindy saw Su Ming standing in a mess, and couldn’t help but urged that she specially left these security guards to let them sue Bliss. Although the probability of Batwoman appearing is very small, It’s worth a try, and it doesn’t take much effort to deal with these security guards anyway.

   “Come by car?”

   “Well, Halle should still be in the jester’s circus now, let’s go straight over.”

The two of them walked into the dark rain curtain through the broken glass door. Not far from the corner, some sneaky women hiding in the dark looked towards this side, but when they saw the death knell from the building Go out and immediately disperse the birds and beasts.

  They just want to steal something to sell when the security of the Wayne Group fails, but if this is the work site of the death knell, it is better to stay away.

Cindy’s car was parked across the road. It was just an ordinary American Jeep. It was messy, not all kinds of garbage, but too many weapons, big and small, and a bunch of rockets were thrown in the back seat. There are two huge ammunition boxes.

   is Su Ming’s current co-pilot. When he got up, he also sat on a grenade. He took it out from under his buttocks and handed it to Cindy.

   “Your grenade.”

“No, it’s your grenade.” Cindy glanced at him, chuckled under the mask, turned the key and started the car: “Now we still have important business, flirting with another world’s self or waiting for everything After it’s over.”

   Su Ming’s eyes are wide open, God is flirting! Just return the grenade that she sat on to her…

“By the way, this world is the opposite, where men are the weaker side. Generally, women pursue men, give them flowers, give them gifts, and so on, then men will’marry’ them… “

   Thinking of this, he shuddered, which was too awkward. Thinking about it this way, the action just now was really interesting.

  If in the original world, a woman took out a cylindrical object from under her ass, he would also want to crooked…

   “No, I didn’t mean that, but… changed the world, not so comfortable.”

   “Oh oh.”

   Cindy agreed twice without sincerity. The car quickly broke through the rain curtain and ran wildly on the street. The street lights on both sides made the car light and dark. She remembered the road very well, while Su Ming was preparing weapons.

   Yes, weapons.

If you want to find the clown girl and ask if she knows the whereabouts of the batwoman, then she must rush into the jester’s “circus” site. Those lunatics who blindly worship the clown are called the clown gang in other worlds. They have no reason. In other words, it is common to drag pedestrians together to blew up. Clowns have also used a laughing gas that can make people laugh to death, and these lunatics must have them too.

   The two guns on his legs, Su Ming did not intend to use them, he was not ready to kill, as long as he knocked them down, the electric shock effect of the long stick in his hand was good.

   However, if it was just a long stick, it wouldn’t take much time to finish the preparation, and the two fell silent soon.

   “I don’t like Gotham, this city…somewhat crazy.”

   Su Ming himself didn’t know why, maybe he was nervous, maybe he was afraid of sudden silence, he still took the initiative to find a topic.

   “Why?” Cindy glanced at him curiously: “I remember that I am still very popular here.”

“Oh, of course, I mean, the same is true for me… But do you think that our straight-forward style doesn’t seem to match this city? The people here, the brain circuits are different from ours of.”

  Su Ming paused, and he didn’t know if Cindy could feel a smile, he just felt that the air seemed a little embarrassing, and he wanted to find some topic.

   Cindy drove through a red light and splashed a black man on the side of the road with water. When the man took out a weapon to shoot at the car, she flashed the taillights provocatively and gave out an unexplained laugh:

   “Haha, yes, the people here are crazy. If it weren’t for a lot of business, I would rather live in Star City.”

   Star City is the city of Arrow. The villain over there is much more straightforward than the lunatics of Gotham. However, there are no other superheroes on Earth minus 11, only super villains, so the situation there is probably not much better.

   The car drove very fast, and the two of them were very quiet. More than ten minutes passed in this way, only the sharp sound of the wiper rubbing against the glass and the sound of the car’s engine spinning wildly.

   Su Ming is a little bit entangled in murder, although he understands that after entering such a world, killing is inevitable, but he originally lived in a stable society, and suddenly let him kill, not as easy as killing a chicken.

While he was thinking, a rocket with white smoke flew towards them from the roadside building. With his extraordinary physical fitness and dynamic vision, he could even see the red and white paint on the bullet. A very exaggerated smiling face, drops of rain hit the warhead, falling into crystal clear fragments, reflecting the light of the street lamp.


   Cindy yelled, pushing the door and flying out, and the out of control vehicle drew two twisted white lines in the stagnant water.

   Without her special care, the mercenary quality of Death Knell’s original body also made Su Ming subconsciously make the same action.

   It’s just that Cindy landed very smoothly, and Su Ming didn’t know what to do after recovering in midair, so he crashed into the garbage dump on the side of the road.

   The car was hit and exploded into parts. In the fire, like slow motion, he found Cindy glanced at him. For some reason, he felt that the person under the two-color mask seemed to be in a good mood.

   In the next instant, a pouring rain of bullets hit them. Similarly, there were gunfire and laughter that overwhelmed the sound of the wind and rain. The firepower was so fierce that the gun flames even illuminated the nearby streets.

   Ordinary bullets have no effect on the death knell wrapped in heavy armor. Although the shock absorption of promethium metal is average, the bullet hurts a bit on the body, but it is not even a skin injury.

   The two found the bunkers separately. Cindy hid in the corner of a residential building on the left. She had her automatic pistol in her hand and returned fire from time to time.

Su Ming himself was hiding behind a large trash can in the trash dump. He also unknowingly took a gun in his hand, and before he realized it, he had already killed several women with colorful faces. …..

   Their bodies fell like sacks from the upper floors on both sides, and fell into the stagnant water on the side of the road, or into the wreckage of a burning vehicle. Some can move, struggle, roll their eyes and die, and more, just like a lifeless stump, just fall to the ground.

   “Fuck! Fortunately, I have been thinking about the meaning of life for so long before, and I have done so much psychological construction. This body reaction is too fast, and my preparations are almost wasted…”

   This body is as instinctive as killing and killing people, and there is no discomfort after killing. On the contrary, the exchange of fire at this level makes him feel a little…pleasant.

   The novels and movies I’ve seen before say that the nausea or sadness after the first murder has nothing to do with him.

   “Well, since you have already started to kill, then don’t cry the mouse, just continue to kill!”

   He gritted his teeth, poked his head from behind the trash can and fired again.

   Whether it’s a submissive instinct, or it’s a broken tank, the death knell has incorporated shooting and fighting into the physical instinct. What else can Su Ming do besides accepting? Give up this ability to be a mermaid?

   This is Gotham, it’s not a place where normal people can live a good life. Since they are crazy and cruel, let them come!

   Under the joint hands of the two death knells, the clown gang of dozens of people did not cause them any trouble. Soon the streets returned to calm, and the rain covered all the evidence. Of course, this is the site of the circus. No police will come here to investigate. This is the lair of chaos and madness.

   If you are lucky, their bodies will be eaten by wild cats and dogs, if you are not lucky…

  Hey, there are so many guys in Gotham who perform all kinds of crazy behaviors, such as the cynical cannibal priest, the anatomy professor who is short of funds, the pervert who desperately needs corpses as toys, and so on.

   “That’s why I like Gotham. The folkway is simple, warm and hospitable, and it is a good place to enjoy real gun battles at any time.”

   Cindy put on two new magazines, retracted the pistol holster, raised his hands flat as if he was attending an awards ceremony, and returned to him in a relaxed tone.

   “Huh…I thought that the most enthusiastic people in Gotham live in Arkham, but I didn’t expect the residents of this lunatic villa to be hot enough to smoke.”

   Su Ming took a deep breath and threw the rotten vegetable leaves hanging on it aside. Fortunately, the rain was heavier now, and the dirt on the armor was quickly washed away, making him look less embarrassed.

   Cindy looked around, as if recognizing the position, and quickly decided on a direction: “Let’s go, let’s talk to Hallie and see what’s wrong with these guys.”

   “Even if I am not a doctor, I know that these guys’ problems are called madness.”

   Su Ming shrugged, strode across a pile of burning garbage, and said a cold joke.

   Yes, the original death knell was also a master of cold humor. After blasting the target’s head or twisting the target’s neck, he would often talk to himself and make some cold jokes.

The surrounding buildings stand quietly in the rain, like monsters lurking in the dark. Those black holes in the doors and windows are their eyes and big mouths. Their empty expressions can swallow the hope in people’s hearts and make them painful. Desperate again.

   They are now used by the circus as a hiding place. There are large heads of various clowns, playing cards and other magic props painted on the walls, but their colors are falling off in the rain, becoming deformed and mottled.

   Now the neighboring buildings are all in pitch black, and only a building not far away seems to have electricity, with colored lights coming out of the windows, which should be where Hallie is.

   No need to think about it. Now that the jester is in jail, Hallie is either planning how to rescue her, or she’s alone.

   After he and Cindy walked downstairs to the lighted building, they heard the sound of music through the sound of rain, and fierce rock music and roar came out of the room upstairs.

   “Well, UU reading looks like our little Halle is exercising.”

   Cindy tilted his head to listen and found that among the music, there was the sound of boots hitting the wooden floor.

Harley Quinn in the Overworld was originally a psychologist in the Arkham Asylum. In the process of studying the clown, he was gradually attracted by his chaotic thinking. She fell in love with him madly and helped him escape from prison. After that, she has been with the clown. Help him with various criminal activities, but unfortunately, the clown only treats her as a trouble, and often uses it as a bait or get rid of Batman’s back.

   But the parallel worlds are different. Su Ming can’t say how the relationship between the clown girl and the jester on earth is negative 11.

   is like Earth 37. It is a **** conversion world in the 1960s, where the clown girl and the jester are the relationship between Lala lovers. But if it’s the new 52 world, Halle and the Joker will have a fight. Hallie has joined the Raptor team and has an ambiguous relationship with Batman.

   But no matter which parallel world they are in, Halle’s abilities are the same-a genius brain and perfect gymnastic talent. Her hobbies are listening to music and reading, and she also dances when she is free.

   “Do people in your world dance when they express sadness?” Su Ming looked at Cindy, his expression was not visible on the black and yellow mask.

   “There won’t be such a world.” Cindy turned his head and left.

“Have you ever thought that there may be such a parallel world, where everyone is competing not with fists, guns or swords, but the level of awkward dance?” Su Ming followed and described with interest: “It’s like guessing a boxer. , Who is good at dancing, who has the final say, who do you think is stronger in that world?”

   Cindy did not speak, and continued to move forward in silence, but Su Ming keenly discovered that she seemed to think of something, and her body shuddered slightly.


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