The Death Knell

Chapter 5: Raid

   The heavy rain did not mean to stop at all. The dark clouds above their heads became denser, and the numerous dead bodies around made Su Ming feel indescribable.

   It was like excitement, but also like liberation after breaking free. He wanted to talk to Cindy and have fun together, but she was more focused on the task at this time and did not respond to his jokes.

   As the clown once said, a person, a city, if you want to fall into chaos and madness, you only need someone else to push it behind you.

   After the crazy killing, he felt great, like drinking a bottle of cold beer in the dog days, from the inside to the outside, every cell of the body cheered.

   He turned his head to look at the many broken bodies behind him, but Cindy did not pay attention to his abnormality, looking for the door of the building.

   The building where Hallie is is also full of nonsensical style. The door that was facing the street before was painted with paint, but it was actually a wall made of heavy red bricks.

   “Well, there is no door, we can only climb up the wall.”

   Cindy took off the rope and hook from the belt. Originally, she just came to talk to Harry, so she didn’t want to make things too serious, breaking the window or something, it didn’t look like a guest.

   Su Ming came back to his senses, looking at the building in front of him, his experience made him immediately tell that Hallie was not alone in the house:

   “Then let’s go, be careful, you will never guess what is in the lunatic’s house.”

   The two threw their hooks at the same time and hung them firmly on the roof. The strong upper limbs made them climb quickly.

I didn’t know what this building was for before. The windows on the first and second floors were all blocked. Only the third floor had inferior platforms like lookout posts. This should be used by circus lunatics to shoot. People, or places where they shoot each other.

   flipped his hand, he landed steadily on it, the rain made everything noisy, and there was no sound when he landed.

   Cindy also arrived at the same time, the two black and yellow masks looked at each other and nodded slightly.


   Su Ming kicked open the window beside him, and the powerful force made the window frame and glass all fly in. The two filed in, holding guns to guard the surrounding area.


   Su Ming moved his shoulders. There are lights in this building, so the situation is clear at a glance.

   They are now in a rudimentary university dormitory, a long corridor with small rooms with closed doors on both sides. The ground was full of dust and rubbish. The ghost knew how long it had not been cleaned. The rain on him and Cindy fell and quickly turned into small mud pits.

   “Don’t these lunatics take a bath?”

   Cindy shook his head, and seemed to be unsatisfied with the surrounding smell. The uniform’s helmet had a gas mask function, but it did not block the smell.

  Su Ming of course also smelled it. The smell was a bit like rotten swill, but he cared more about the stairs not far away:

   “Don’t care about that, let’s go upstairs to find Halle.”

   “Wait, there is a trap.”

   Cindy raised his chin and motioned him to look. At the corner of the stairs, there was a slightly shiny fishing line.

  He walked over and turned over the garbage on the other end of the fishing line. It turned out that it was a grenade attached to it.

   This grenade looks custom-made. It is all red instead of the green of common military grenades. It has a big smiling face painted with white paint. It looks like a masterpiece of the clown gang.

  Yes, this is the entertainment game of those madmen, self-mutilation in competitions, or killing in competitions. What you see in front of you is the famous ‘Laughing Crazy After Killing Friends with a Joke Bomb’ program, which can be said to be their favorite.

   Whenever the clown sees this show and sees them frantically killing each other, the scene is extremely chaotic, they will always laugh nervously and feel their greatness.

   “Not good! Hidden!”

   Su Ming reacted immediately, when you perform a prank, of course you have to peek around to see how embarrassed the recruits are.

   Since there are grenades that are considered to be pranks, the guys in the circus must not be far away.

Sure enough, just as his words fell, from the rooms on both sides of the corridor, a steady stream of weird people suddenly emerged. These lunatics with twisted makeup smiled harshly and ran to the two with open arms. Come.

  Cindy and Su Ming certainly didn’t think this was a friendly welcome, because at the same time they rushed out, dense bullets and explosives flew towards them.

  Su Ming hid at the corner of the stairs, and Cindy jumped out of the window again and hid on the wooden platform built outside the wall.

   Then, a series of explosions hit him, and he felt like he was locked in a pot of popcorn, and the loud noise hit his tympanic membrane.

The strong air current swept everything around the explosion point. The strong hot wind made him grasp the handrails of the stairs so hard that he was not blown out. He could even see the fragments of the bomb and the fragments with exaggerated white paint smiling faces. A spark flew away from the shoulder armor.

   The crowd in the circus is still approaching. The explosion just now killed their people, but they didn’t care at all, and instead laughed happierly.

  They are like cars or other internal combustion engines, but their fuel is blood.

   The blood of others, or your own, is driven by a chariot called madness.

   Su Ming shook his head. There were rubble and **** on the helmet that had just flown over. At this time, the hallway was densely packed with funny clowns, who rushed over with all kinds of twisted and exaggerated movements.

“The number is about forty, equipped with light firearms and cold weapons. The explosives seem to have been used up now…” He poked his head and glanced, and the situation in the battlefield appeared like a photo. In my mind, the location, moving direction, speed and equipment of each enemy are all kept in mind, and a plan appears in my mind almost at the same time.

   He took a smoke bomb from his uniform, threw it out as soon as he raised his hand, and at the same time, he followed it out of the bunker.

   The smoke obscured everything, and the surroundings were white. Only the lights in the corridor made the people cast a chaotic black shadow, and the clowns suddenly became a mess. They couldn’t see clearly the walls, let alone the people around them. They collided with each other and stumbled, making waves of strange screams and curses.

   This is Su Ming’s opportunity. He quickly took off the shotgun from behind, and also hit the smoke with one end. Cindy was outside the window behind him, so the smoke was all enemies except himself.

   He who had let go of his knot, never hesitated anymore, accompanied by dull gunfire, the bursts of flames dyed the pale smoke red.


   “Not bad, 42 people took 7 seconds, so I am in another world.”

   Cindy jumped in from the window and sat on the edge of the window, posing as a watch watch, but in fact she didn’t need to watch the watch. The super brain could accurately remember the passage of every second.

   At this time, Su Ming was reloading the shotgun, and his condition was much bloodier than before. The visceral residue and blood sprayed him all over. This is the result of close combat.

There were corpses all around, none of those lunatics survived. Either their heads blossomed or their stomachs were broken. In the narrow space, the shotgun played a huge effect. Just pull the trigger and several people will fly upside down at the same time. Get out.

“You have time to count over there. Why don’t you shoot early and help me.” Su Ming hung the gun back on his back, bent down and picked up a colorful rag and wiped the blood on his body. Adapted to this world.

   “It’s just a few small people, both of them are a waste of human resources.” Cindy said without sincerity, and walked upstairs alone.

   “Then at least you will throw me a cigarette afterwards, or ask me about my situation.”

   Su Ming reluctantly followed. This was the first time he took a bath with human blood. He was very happy in his partiality, so he wanted to ask her if she felt that way.

   “Well, who told us that we are teammates now, really can’t help you men, how about you?”

   But Cindy really took out a cigar and threw it to him, asking like a kid.

“I’m fine, thank you!” Su Ming took the cigarette and stuffed it into his cigarette case. Cindy seemed to be a bit sexist: “Except for his neck, I don’t know who’s brain is poured in. Now my chest is sticky. I’m fine.”

“Sneer…” Cindy didn’t look back, and made a mocking voice: “You are so beautiful and clean, just like other men. I thought your world was patriarchal. Society.”

  Su Ming shrugged, this is not a question of cleanliness, right?

   “The patriarchal society is right, but not everyone has the habit of bathing in blood…but I find that I really like the scene of flesh and blood, how about you?”

   Cindy continued upstairs with his gun. The fourth floor is now a strange calm. When Su Ming was busy fighting fire just now, she was actually alerting the movement on the fourth floor to prevent him from being attacked by the enemies up and down behind him.

   “We are the same person in different worlds. I don’t need to explain the parallel world theory to you? Although there may be differences in some subtleties, I like everything you like.”

   Cindy is unclear. So why the other self would ask such a question. In her opinion, it is not a big deal to like warm blood and to see others die. In Gotham, everyone is alive like this.

   “Then how do you deal with this bloodthirsty desire?”

  Su Ming He can accept killing, but he doesn’t want to kill for the sake of killing. If you kill people irrationally, you will become a beast instead of a human.

“When you see Halle later, you can ask her, she is a famous psychologist in Gotham City, of course, before she went crazy.” Cindy raised her head and slowly stepped up the steps. The building structure on the fourth floor is similar: “Anyway, for me, I still prefer green things to red blood.”

   She stretched out a hand, rubbing her thumb and index finger in front of Su Ming.

   Well, in terms of psychology, this is called empathy. She transferred her desire for blood to money. This is probably the reason why death knell chooses to be a mercenary and a killer in every parallel world.

   doing this business can make money quickly while tasting the blood, it is simply killing two birds with one stone.

  Su Ming came to see Hallie to find out about the bats, but not to come to see a doctor. Besides, if Hallie was treated, he would become more and more crazy.

   “No, I’ll take a break when it’s dawn……. The fourth floor is safe.”

Su Ming followed her to the corridor on the fourth floor. The rooms on both sides were empty, except that there were clown emblems painted everywhere, a pale smiling face, two eyes were replaced with crosses, and the walls were painted in colorful colors. , Like a magic cave.

There are mostly piles of debris in the small room, which are basically “prank” items, such as TNT, “laughing gas”, automatic rifles, etc., and a bunch of red like extra-large “Sky Monkey” rocket.

   “Harry is upstairs, and the music is directly above us.” Cindy pointed to the top of his head.

   “It’s weird. Just now, our movement was similar to the demolition of a building. She didn’t respond, and she still sounds like dancing?” Su Ming tilted his head to listen, but the rhythmic stepping of high-heeled boots could still be heard.

   Cindy was not commenting on this, but living in Gotham taught her one thing, that is, don’t think about what lunatics are thinking.

  The outstanding Gotham has a lot of talents: ventriloquist, Dr. Hugo, Zas, pig face, mime, funny girl, lady egg, etc., these people are all crazy and mentally ill.

   Suddenly she found the long list in her mind, most of which were her regular customers. It’s no wonder that some of the previous tasks were inexplicable and incomprehensible from beginning to end.

   To be honest, although she had accepted Mick’s statement before, she didn’t think Hallie would know any key information. Halle is more like a close-up spectator of the jester her magic than the performer of the magic.

   If Cindy is allowed to choose, she would rather go to Thalia of the Shadow Dancer League. The relationship between that woman and Batwoman is weird, and she is more likely to know where Brith is. UU reading www. and even if Talia doesn’t know, she still has the entire Assassin League to use, at least they are also experts in searching for intelligence.

   “Let’s go, let’s go up, since we are here, there is always no harm in asking.”

   After she finished speaking, she took the lead in following the direction of the music, walking through the long corridor and coming to a closed door.

   The two looked at each other and pushed the door open.

The room behind the door is like a circus-style nightclub. The colorful lights turn frantically with the sound of music. In the corners of the room are piled up various circus props and unknown things, such as inflatable barbells and tall haha ​​mirrors. The big ball and fire ring used in the animal training show.

   But at this moment, only Harley Quinn, the clown girl, is in the center of the huge dance floor. She is holding a steel pipe and constantly flying up and down, making all kinds of extremely flexible movements.

   The spotlight was condensed on her body, crystal clear sweat drifted down with her high-speed rotation, and the red and blue double horsetails bloomed in the air like flowers.

She did not wear her black and red uniform, but was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and denim shorts, showing a beautiful figure and delicate skin. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the joy of dancing, and her face was full of happiness. , As if she owns the world.

   She is holding a pole and dancing like a butterfly, and Cindy is very disdainful of this kind of female male appearance, a big woman, what kind of man do you like to dance pole dancing? It’s crazy.

   She stabbed Su Ming, who seemed to be dumbfounded by her side, and said,

   “There is another person on the sofa at four o’clock on the dance floor.”

Su Ming also saw it, and was about to tell her that there were people sitting with their backs to them, with only one head exposed on the back of the high sofa chair. He kept nodding his head with the music, and it seemed that it was Halle who asked Coming audience.

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