The Death Knell

Chapter 53: Finally meet

   The dark room was full of silence. Except for the two death knells, the other three people looked around suspiciously.

   can only hear the firewood in the fireplace beeping and peeling, the flame is still burning, but it is destined to turn into embers.

   “You are right, there is nothing to hide in the dark, even me.”

   A mature and hoarse female voice sounded, just before Cindy pointed the gun in the direction, two people suddenly appeared like phantoms, and the golden lightning was slowly fading from her black uniform.

   is a batgirl. She is wearing a slightly different bat uniform, with blue eyes looking at Su Ming from behind the helmet.

   As she guessed, this death knell should not be someone from this world. He not only knew himself, but also a stranger from Barry. He seemed to be prepared for a long time, but he was not hostile, and even from the tone of voice, he was happy.

   Actually, they just arrived. After rushing to the Indian Mountain Underground Laboratory, they chased all kinds of corpses all the way. After Su Ming and the others entered the room, they arrived first and hid in the room.

   Just like Su Ming said, Barry wrapped the two with superb speed and ran around the wall of the room. By moving at super high speed, he would not leave marks on the retina, achieving the goal of ‘invisibility’.

   However, Su Ming still found them. When he consciously thought about it in this direction, he easily thought of the Flash. After all, in the metal event, Barry is responsible for contacting the multiverse reinforcements.

   It’s just that… his purpose should be multiverse. For example, Earth 2, Earth 12, Earth 42. How come the dark multiverse comes into being?

And this time is not right. At this time, Barbatos has not assembled the Dark Knights, nor has he attacked the Light Multiverse. In the main world at this time, except Batman, everyone else should live their daily lives. Correct.

   It seems that something went wrong in the super power.

  As a high-dimensional force in the DC Universe, the speed force is really very dangerous, and speed people can borrow its power, but it may also swallow anyone.

   Barry caused the flashpoint event, which caused the multiverse to be restarted. After that, in other events, he disappeared in the superpower for more than ten years, and everyone thought he was dead.

   His nephew Wally, the Flash kid, and three generations of the Flash, have also been trapped in the speed force for ten years.

  Almost all the villains who used the speed force were killed by the speed force.

   Generations of Flash have used powers that they don’t fully understand to become superheroes every day. I have to say that the Allen family are very nervous, and they don’t even need to kill themselves in order to do good things.

  In the realm of bullet time, when Su Ming talked about the way to deal with the speed, Barry also froze. The method he said has indeed been proved effective by the death knell of the main world. He, who is also the death knell, can of course copy what he wants to do.

   But Barry does not have the ability of Wally to accelerate the speed of cell recovery. The personal abilities obtained by each person in the speed force are completely different and random. It is estimated that it will not be so easy to take a knife.

   Although the death knell seems to be slow, he is also incredibly fast when he needs to be fast, such as with a knife.

   Briss naturally discovered this too, she noticed Barry’s surprise.

   “What he said is true?”

   “Well, if it’s our death knell, I did have the experience of defeating the speed player more than once…. There are ordinary people here. I am not sure to save people while facing the death knell and explosion.”

   “Then let’s go out and choose plan B.”


  Su Ming is also looking at Briss. I have to say that she feels more dangerous than Bruce in the main world in the comics. She has a lot of dark temperament and looks even more fierce.

   Bruce of the master world, he does not participate in all kinds of political struggles, but Briss, Amazon and Atlantis have to get involved in the war.

   The dark multiverse environment deeply affects her.

But the earth is still saved if it is minus 11. Unlike the other dark knights, the materials that became the melting pot of the world were not crushed in the end. It is just that the creatures are extinct. Maybe after hundreds of thousands of years, the earth will evolve again. Out of creatures.

   This gave Su Ming emboldened, he can keep this place quietly, as long as he is not discovered by Barbatos, don’t attract the attention of the Dark Knights.

“Batwoman, you made it very hard for us to find, but since Barry is by your side, I don’t have to explain something, right?” Su Ming pushed the wine glass over and motioned her to sit down and talk. He changed his earliest thoughts. , Decided to adopt a backup plan: “But Barry, can you go down and catch an elderly gang leader? He should be planning to blow up the entire Gotham.”

   “Oh, although we shouldn’t know each other, we will talk about it later… well, how did you know me?”

   He first made an incomprehensible expression to Su Ming, but in fact he found the entrance to the underground in an instant, and went back and forth twice, fishing out the Romans, Sophia, and Gordon.

He knew Gordon, so he put it on the sofa. As for the father and daughter Falcone, they were knocked out. They were thrown on the floor. The feathers thrown out of the pillow covered them all, looking like a gangster. Become a poultry.

Poor Gotham villain, maybe it’s okay to play with ordinary Batgirls. Once you face a real superpower, your strength will be a bit weak. The Justice League should be able to solve this problem except for the mindless thing like Aquaman. problem.

This is how DC’s settings are. Barry’s opponents are mostly speedsters, Wonder Woman’s opponents are mostly mythical characters, the green light opponents are mostly aliens, and Batman’s opponents are mostly mental patients… ..

   If the Justice League exchanges rivals with each other, in fact, anyone can easily solve the problem.


  Barbara shook his wheelchair and slid to Gordon’s side, and Gordon seemed to be a little swayed. He held Barbara’s hand in disbelief and felt the temperature above it.

   “You…Barbara, are you okay? Are you still alive?”

   “Yes, Dad, the death knell helped me.” Barbara cried and hugged him, rubbing her head against Gordon’s chest.

   “Great, great…” Gordon burst into tears and hugged his daughter tightly: “I thought you were dead, I really don’t know what I would do without you.”

Briss sat on the sofa, did not go to get the wine or the teapot, but looked at the two death knells sitting side by side, thoughtfully, but spoke to Gordon in her mouth: “In fact, if you can calmly analyze , You should be able to find that the trajectory of the bullet is wrong, and no blood is ejected.”

   “Batwoman…” Gordon’s expression is complicated, UU reading he doesn’t want her to come back, because she said it would bring danger to the world. But he had to admit that when he saw Batgirl at this time, he was really relieved.

“Ahem, Director Gordon, first of all, we saved Barbara. Second, we were the first to save you, so you looked at Batgirl with gratitude and you were the wrong person.” Cindy curled his lips. He used his long knife to knock on the leg armor to express his dissatisfaction.

   “…” Gordon’s expression became even stranger. The death knell had always been Gotham’s wanted man, but he found that he now seemed to have no position and ability to catch her.

“The cost of rescuing Director Gordon, I will settle it with you. Cash or gold jewelry is your choice.” Briss interjected, leaning on the sofa, completely shielding her face in the dark. Crossed his index fingers in front of him and looked at Su Ming’s face: “Then who are you? What do you all know?”

Su Ming raised her eyebrows with a smile and turned to look at Victory. She was so excited as if it was Christmas now: “Now Director Gordon has been rescued, he must want an interview to talk about Gotham In the current public security situation, Barbara can leave the country, and my request to your TV station can also be cancelled.”

Vic plugged the camera to Pete, picked up the microphone again, and walked out the door with the dazed Gordon father and daughter. She knew that Su Ming must have something to say that she didn’t want her to know, but she still held back Up.

   Because along the way, she understands that the death knell is one thing.

   “Don’t forget my reward.” Victor didn’t forget his clue reward, turned his head and secretly lipated to Su Ming.

  Su Ming looked at Cindy, and Cindy nodded. Isn’t he a director of a TV station? After a while, I went out and killed it easily. She took on this business.

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