The Death Knell

Chapter 54: communicate with

   Watching unrelated people walk out of the study, Wei can choose the **** place outside the door to interview, Su Ming can finally talk to Briss.

“Barry, I know what you want to ask. I’m the death knell from another universe. It’s okay to call me Slade. Since my memory is a bit confused at the moment, you can call me Su temporarily. The name is just a title. Come to me. It doesn’t matter.”

   Barry looked at him carefully, as if looking at something incomprehensible: “You don’t have magical energy, or superpower, how did you get here?”

“Do you think I would stay here if I knew what to do? It’s not very safe here.” Su Ming waved his hand to Barry amusedly, as if he were telling a joke: “Relax, even though your presence makes My original plan had some flaws, but at this time, we can’t fight a civil war.”

   At the moment when he saw Barry, Su Ming had thought of going directly to the main universe with the help of superb power, but he quickly dispelled this idea.

Barry is a good old man, he still survived after seeing the earth minus 11, Briss did not become drowned, he can change history without side effects, Barry, who is addicted to the time effect and superb power, will definitely not leave it here. .

   If he doesn’t leave, Su Ming don’t even want to leave, because Barry’s superb power is the most direct way to cross dimensions. Although this world also has extreme speed villains, no one’s speed power ability is to cross dimensions.

“You seem to know me very well, but I have no impression at all, and you are too young.” Barry relaxed a little. He sat down on the sofa on the other side, his buttocks slightly stained, from his tone and In terms of body language, he did not put down his vigilance at all, his eyes still falling on the knife on the table.

This knife is different from the Slade he knows. The Slade in the main world uses a promethium huge sword, which is 20 cm wide and one meter long. The one on the table in front of him looks just ordinary. Metal, and it is a category of katana.

   “You can call my world the ‘Origin’ Earth, so over there, sometimes I know the time of things… will be earlier.”

   Su Ming made up a lie that cannot be falsified, because there are still unknown worlds in the DC universe, even if it is a user of super power, there is no guarantee that 104 is the total number of all worlds.

   Not to mention that Barry retains the memory of the world before the flashpoint, he has seen the infinite earth and the infinite universe.

   He seemed to understand something, but he didn’t understand anything. Su Ming’s answer left him in a cloud of mist. He had already begun to think about whether the whole universe merged, and where was the world missing?

  Su Ming didn’t lie completely. It was indeed the origin of the earth. The DC editorial office was in the United States of the world before him. Is this not enough for the origin?

   Briss ignores Barry’s entanglement, because she can’t control the parallel universe, and she cares more about why Cindy appears in Gotham again. This time is very sensitive.

   She is well aware of the habit of death knells. She always collects money to do things. Now there are two death knells. She must be vigilant at all times.

   But now Barry is completely frightened by a single sentence. Is he really able to deal with the two death knells and has to put a question mark? Once the entanglement is too long, the world is likely to go wrong.

   She hasn’t watched the surveillance video yet, and she hasn’t understood what happened outside Gotham City. She has no confidence and death knell now.

   “Why did you come to Gotham?” Briss looked at Cindy and said in an interrogative tone. She hates any criminals, let alone murders such violent criminals.

   The death knell should not be considered a murder, but a slaughter. There were corpses spread all the way in the corridor outside. She couldn’t see the need to kill, they weren’t death knell opponents at all.

   Cindy glanced at her indifferently, put away her knife, and leaned on the sofa relaxedly: “I come as I want, Gotham is not yours.”

   “Answer my question! Why did you come to Gotham? This time!”

   “Oh? If you want to do it, then you can try it! You don’t need to keep your hands and see who of us will die!”

   Cindy stood up and buttoned his helmet. Her black and yellow armor was on top of another dark one. The tips of their noses were about to touch each other, staring at each other’s eyes, not giving way to each other.

   She had predicted that Batgirl knew about the world’s destruction. At this time, she was 100% impossible to do it. Her feelings for Gotham surpassed everything.

   Cindy had plans to do it herself, she was thinking about the previous plan and the current situation.

  Su Ming said that Briss was the fuse. Their original plan was to catch Batgirl. Two-on-one and Barbara and Gordon were two hostages in their hands. It could be said that they would eat her.

   After defeating her, she finds a place to lock her up for a period of time, and solves the war with Su Ming. Then the world will be saved?

   But now that the Speedmaster has appeared, it is very difficult to do this. No matter where Brith is imprisoned, the Speedmaster can quickly find her.

   Now it seems that the plan needs a little change.

   There are two ways, one is to kill the Speeder and the Batgirl, once and for all, but the world crisis is approaching, and they also hope to stop the destruction of the earth, and now the civil war is tantamount to breaking oneself.

The second is to monitor the Batwoman, join forces with both sides, and the two death knells will act with her. At least she can’t disappear with the help of the speeder again, so that she can be monitored properly. Once she shows signs of instability, Su Ming and Cindy can stop her immediately.

   Watching Batgirl, who likes to watch others the most, Cindy has a secret heart.

   Although she and Su Ming have not communicated yet, she has completely seen from Su Ming’s actions which new plan he adopted, which is exactly the same as her own idea, and he seems to be familiar with the speed man and is trying to win him over.

   He chose a more gentle plan, but this does not mean to show weakness to the Batwoman, but at this time, the stronger Cindy behaves, the more at ease the Bat. Briss likes to think logically, so the illogical jester becomes her archenemy.

   Even though Su Ming and Cindy have not done anything, they clearly have the upper hand. Su Ming has broken through the method of restraining the speed-speeders and caused the bankruptcy of Batgirl’s original plan.

   Once she has the advantage and speaks well, Briss will perceive that it is illogical, and she may guess the new plan of the two, which may cause waves.

   The current situation is that Plan B is fighting Plan B. Cindy must be steady. Su Ming is playing a good policeman, so she will naturally play a bad policeman.

   Seeing Cindy and Briss quarreling, Su Ming knew that Cindy understood his plan, he pretended to sigh helplessly, and Barry sighed almost simultaneously.

   “Women in this world are so strong.” Su Ming shook his head pretending that he couldn’t control Cindy.

   “Yes, it seems that everyone is possessed by Diana. It’s very strange.” Barry didn’t know the details, and in the past month he fully felt Brith’s strength, and deeply agreed.

   “Go, let’s avoid talking.”

Jilai familiarly hooked Barry’s neck. Su Mingla walked to Falcone’s desk not far away. Barry just stiffened slightly, but he felt that the death knell was not malicious, and even the arm was not used much. With strength, he sat on the desk side by side with Su Ming in a daze.

Su Ming smiled slightly in his heart, now is to separate Barry and Briss, at least let him feel close to his position: “My question is over, now you tell me, when did you leave there, Barbator How far has Si progressed?”

Barry closed his eyes, his fists were squeezed tightly, as if to endure something: “Barbatos has reached the main world. By building dark spires in each city, he **** the living people and made them fall into The boundless nightmare, use it as an energy source to collect dark energy, trying to bring all the light universe into the dark dimension…”

   Su Ming immediately matched the number in his head, and understood where the main world was going.

“So you gathered in the Forgotten Bar, and then dispersed. You and Superman went to the lonely fortress in the North Pole, and through the counter-surveillance cosmic tuning fork, opened the way to the dark multiverse, in order to find the replaced Batman. .”

   “Yes…how did you know?”

   Barry showed a devilish expression. He didn’t even finish his words, and Su Ming knew it. This gave him a panic of being seen through.

   “I said that I knew a little in advance in another world… but you shouldn’t have entered the dark universe. Why did you appear here again?” Su Ming did not answer him directly, and then proceeded to the next question.

“Yes, after sending Superman into the dark universe, the Dark Knights of Barbatos will soon arrive. They want to **** the tuning fork of the universe and use it as an energy amplifier. I fought with them, and there was a speed called the Red Dead. Well, during the battle, we entered into super power. As a result, the volatility of the battle caused the ghost of time. In order to get rid of him, I entered the turbulence of time and space and hit something. This is where I woke up.”

   Barry reluctantly said to Su Ming what he had said to Briss, and while talking, he touched his head, looking a little embarrassed, as if he had hit something with his head.

Su Ming nodded and said that he understood that from here on, it was different from the comics. In the comics, Barry did not escape. He was directly tied to the steeple and used as a battery. It seems that it was the time when he arrived in the DC universe. The butterfly effect.

Barry’s arrival did cause a flash point effect on the Earth minus 11, but before that, he himself was affected by the butterfly effect of Su Ming, a traverser, like a flash of light in an inverted pot. Nothing came out, and the consequences only affected a part of it, and that was Brith’s fate.

   So now the earth minus 11 can be changed by Su Ming as he wants, his own traverser effect is higher than Barry’s flashpoint effect, and some previous concerns can now be put down.

   Knowing this, Su Ming relaxed a lot, although he still has no evidence to prove who he is, these two memories have split his personality.

   “Then you find that time is going backwards and things haven’t happened yet, so you decide to change everything before Briss becomes drowned, and at least reduce the Dark Knights by one.”

“Yes, that’s how I think, you know, it’s difficult for us to deal with just one blues, let alone the seven blues in the Dark Knights, who still possess the abilities of each of us… “

   Barry held up the teacup, as if thinking of those twisted Batman would be upset, he was still sinking in the tension of being hunted by the Dark Knights.

   The Justice League is like a mosquito flying in the night chased by a group of bats.

   “They are just fakes. Essentially, they are Batman. As long as you take me to the main world, everyone will unite and be able to fight them.”

   Su Ming hurriedly pour the chicken soup into Barry first, superhero or something, don’t you like words like unity and struggle? Play yourself upright, so that you can gain trust.

   And this is not entirely a lie. Su Ming, who is familiar with comics, really knows the weakness of every Dark Knight. It’s just that now he can play a big I am not sure, because everything is different from comics.

   “Yes, when the danger of negative 11 on the earth is resolved, I will return to my world. If you want, you can also join me.”

   Barry was really happy with the chicken soup, and he felt like he had come to life. He immediately agreed to Su Ming’s proposal. The chest with the lightning sign was slapped by him.

   Su Ming was secretly happy that the main world is more stable and safer than the dark multiverse. The Flash is worthy of being the easiest to trust others in the Justice League.

  Although he has undergone a rapid force, his actual age is not as young as he looks, but his personality has always been cheerful and optimistic, willing to be kind to others, so he is the best to persuade.

   Followed by Superman, the body of steel, and the heart of gold. He is also willing to believe in others and always likes to think of people for the good.

   Batman is the most difficult to convince. He is a person who is forever submerged in darkness and never trusts anyone.

   As for the rebellious child Neptune, it doesn’t matter, the Justice League never cares about his opinion anyway, he is a senior thug.

   Steel skeletons live in the watchtowers in outer space or the Hall of Justice in Washington all the year round. The green light is even flying around the universe. A humanoid computer and a business trip, they generally have no say. Shazam is not yet a member of Zhenglian. Martian Hunters don’t know where they are going on N52, and they can also be excluded.

   Now Su Ming has initially gained Barry’s trust with the skill of boiling chicken soup. As long as there is more time, after proving himself in battle, I believe Barry will identify with him more.

   He is preparing a follow-up plan of his own. He needs Zhenglian to help himself with one thing, and this needs to be recognized by those who have the right to speak in Zhenglian.

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