The Death Knell

Chapter 55: Abduct

   “Yes, Barry, I will help you, but first of all, we must keep the earth minus 11, otherwise everyone will not be able to stand.”

   Su Ming held up a glass of wine and a toast to Barry. Compared to Cindy and Briss beside him, the two men seemed to have become new friends.

   He specifically picks up what Barry likes to hear, which makes Barry feel like a confidant.

   “Bris and I made some preparations. Unfortunately, Earth 11 did not find N Metal. If Barbatos and the Dark Knights arrive, we will not even have weapons.”

“Then we won’t let them come!” Su Ming said directly: “There are not only 52 formed worlds in the dark multiverse, but also countless unformed worlds, just like pieces of rubble floating in space. There is no life and no environment. Those worlds were originally destined to be destroyed. Barbatos deceived the Dark Knights, and those Batman, their world was actually destroyed by himself or by Barbatos.”

   Barry turned the teacup and suddenly realized: “Is that so? I have always had similar conjectures, but I can’t prove it.”

“We will prove it. Believe me.” Su Ming is actually also a guess, but once he goes to the main world, he will have a lot more space to move: “The current earth minus 11 does not show anything that will cause Barbatos. Note that as long as we eliminate the Owl Court and eliminate the hidden dangers of war between Amazon and Atlantis, the earth minus 11 can survive Barbatos’ eyelids, and like other dark worlds, it is hidden in inconspicuous dark blood. Domain.”

   At least in this way, Barbatos may pick another earth, not here, as long as they don’t show special, the chance of being selected here is actually not high.

After hearing this, Barry agreed: “Maybe, because I came from the future, I know there are seven Dark Knights. But now Barbatos doesn’t know whether there are six or seven under him, and he doesn’t care. It He describes himself as a **** and looks down upon any mortal.”

“Uh, it’s actually a god, that’s right… but it is the **** of darkness, not the **** of time, it doesn’t see the future, and we see it, this is how we can keep the earth negative 11 , And the confidence of the entire Bright Multiverse.”

  Su Ming actually didn’t think so. There were seven members of the Dark Knights, who were actually Laughing Bats. In order to correspond to everyone in the Justice League, he arranged for everyone a similar opponent. This was his plan.

   But Su Ming only needs to keep the earth minus 11 and let himself survive. As for which other dark universe gets the pot, he doesn’t care.

   So he didn’t correct Barry’s statement. Instead, he replaced all ‘I’ with ‘us’, and Barry nodded repeatedly.

   “It’s a pity that a few other Bruce, their universe may be saved.” Barry began to think again.

   Su Ming quickly interrupted him, this superb power is not for you to use like this, as long as he survives, he will ignore the other abnormal bats.

   “Stop, you came to the earth minus 11 at this point in time. It was completely accidental and good luck. Do you want to bring the flashpoint paradox to the dark multiverse? Miracles will not be repeated.”

   Barry sighed, and sat down on the armrest of the sofa: “Yes, you are right, you can reduce an enemy, even if I’m lucky.”

   “After Cindy and Briss have finished communicating, we can take the next step to eliminate hidden dangers. The sooner the better.”

  Su Ming immediately decided that the next goal was the Owl Court. As Barbatos’ dark minions, they must be removed, otherwise things will happen sooner or later.

  Before they inform Barbatos of the difference here, the Dark God doesn’t care about his human followers. As long as they don’t take the initiative to report, Barbatos will never ask about their situation.

   Secretly killing the Owl Court will make the planet minus 11 safer. Although Barry is indeed the fastest man, he never kills, which is somewhat difficult.

   “Wait, you said to eliminate the hidden danger…” As expected, Barry showed a puzzled expression.

   “It means literally, destroy.” Su Ming answered him calmly, and took the long knife on the table behind his back: “Maybe you more educated people like other words, murder? Annihilate? Take out the garbage?”

   “I won’t kill you for you.” Barry’s head shook like a rattle. He had never killed anyone before. He just ran up, pushed others, and continued running.

  Su Ming knows this of course. He will not force it. These superheroes are extremely strong and have their own principles. They cannot be changed in a word or two.

“We can follow the Justice League model, who killed people in the past? Aquaman? Diana? Anyway, I will give you an address, you will deliver me, and then you can go outside and smoke a cigarette or eat a pizza or something. Just pick me up again.”

   When it comes to the Justice League model, Barry doesn’t know what to say. According to regulations, the Justice League does not kill.

   But for fighters like Diana and Aquaman, sometimes they can’t hold their hands when the blood is on the top. What should I do?

   Diana’s creed is to use deadly force when there is no other choice, even if the world is broken for justice. Aquaman is even more unscrupulous. People are from Atlantis, and killing humans is not killing the same kind.

   Besides, they are all comrades-in-arms of the Justice League. After they kill people, they explain that they are careless or forced. What else can others do? Fighting a civil war?

   can only accept an apology. Everyone has a meeting to reflect on their own shortcomings, do a self-examination, and then go back to each house to eat and sleep.

   “I… don’t smoke…” Barry could only say this weakly.

  Su Ming smiled, and he patted Barry on the shoulder affectionately: “You are an expert in physical evidence and you are a physics student. Then you must know Schrödinger’s cats. Now they are Schrödinger’s people.”

   “People…” Barry seemed to understand something, with a strange expression on his face.

“Yes, you know there are people in the house, but before you enter the house and see them die, UU reading is actually in a superposition state. As long as you don’t open the door to see, they will always be unclear. Not death, right?”

   “emmm…” Barry instinctively felt that something was wrong, but it seemed that this was indeed the case. You didn’t see the death knell killing people with your own eyes, how can you be sure that they were killed?

  Su Ming saw that he seemed to be confused by the ‘folk science’ interpretation, and immediately put the glass in his hand, poured him a full glass of spirits, and smiled and took his hand to a toast.

   “Come and celebrate our consensus, cheers… By the way, have you and Briss been to Egypt?”

“Oh…” Barry was pushed to the front of the cup by Su Ming, and he could only drink it. Speaking of business affairs, he also forgot something about Schrodinger: “Yes, we went to several places, Amazon It only ruled the world for 600 years, and there were still various countries before. We started with the pyramids of the Pharaohs of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt and searched almost all of them, but the N metal we wanted was not found.

   “N metal has a limited effect, and the dark multiverse seems to be absent. We will talk more about it after we leave here, but I found this here…”

   He took out the small black flashlight and put it on the coffee table. The black light was extremely deep and inclusive.

   is like a tiny black hole, swallowing the fire of the fireplace, and the room exudes a shocking chill.

   “Black light!”

   Barry recognized it immediately, this thing impressed him too much.

   When the black lamp raged in the main world, countless former comrades crawled out of the grave and became the zombies of the Black Death Emperor. It was a nightmare to eat his meat and brain.

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