The Death Knell

Chapter 56: Start first

   Seeing Barry’s reaction, Su Ming knew it was not brought by him, but he still couldn’t care about it at the moment. In Barry’s worried eyes, he put the small flashlight away again. In the previous communication between the two, it was not so much that Barry was fooled, it was better that Su Ming gave him an excuse, a step up.

   Barry saw the steps and didn’t go into it anymore. Anyway, he didn’t go down the steps less.

  He knows that the world is facing a crisis, and it is necessary to unite and fight like the Justice League. He joined the Justice League just to make friends.


  Su Ming decided to arrange the owls clearly, maybe they can’t be completely eradicated, but this will make them hurt their muscles, dive underground, and become a groundhog court.

   The other people will not talk about it, but the priests of the ‘鸱鹄’ must be wiped out. They are the communicators for contacting Barbatos.

   He already has a plan and knows where they are.

After   , he and Barry didn’t chat, after all, the business was almost finished, and the two who knew the information actually had nothing to say. Cindy and Briss talked endlessly, as if arguing about something meaningless.

   For example, Cindy satirized Briss’ previous failures in the fight, Briss emphasized that it was actually a tie because Cindy was also injured. Then Cindy said that anyway, the mission was completed, Briss failed to keep the assassination target.

   Just after hearing a few sentences, Su Ming knew it was almost the case.

   “Ah, ladies, should we do business?”

   “Huh!” X2

   Briss and Cindy both stood up. They also knew that it was not the time to gossip, but they had completely different positions.

“I know that Falcone will give it to me, and I will send their father and daughter to prison.” Batwoman pulled up her cloak and covered her face. Looking at the two people who were unconscious on the ground, she decided to send it to the police. Door prison.

   “It’s better to kill, I can count you a discount.” Cindy sneered and provoked. She hated the fake appearance of bats most.

   “We can’t tell the life or death of others.” Briss immediately warned, and the bat gloves were also tightened by her.

Su Ming intervened between the two of them, raised his hands and placed a cross on his chest: “Stop, you all stop. The victims of this incident are actually Gordon and the police station. They belong to Gordon, but they must pay. , And if you let Falcone run, you will have to count the money again if you catch it again.”

   Cindy took a breath and calmed down. She kicked Sophia on the ground.

   “Okay, you heard what Su said, it’s better to give the money quickly.”

   Although strictly speaking, the father and daughter were caught by Barry, in fact, even if the Flash does not come, it is only a matter of time before the two death knells catch them. What’s more, the soldiers in front also charge fees. That’s all hard work.

“There should be something bad below this. We probably guessed it when we passed by the upper level. This place must be sealed up and all the weapons inside must be destroyed.” Briss ignored her and admitted the arrangement. Turning his gaze, he just looked at the secret road leading to the lower level.

   Barry stretched out a finger and motioned to wait, then the red light rushed into the secret path and came back again:

   “The following is a kind of magical venom, which is used to deal with all mankind. They seem to plan to use rockets to launch the venom into the rain cloud and eliminate all the citizens of Gotham.”

“Um… let’s send their father and daughter to Arkham, it’s more suitable there.” Bruce could not help but shook his head when he heard this crazy idea. Even Falcone became like this. What is the world? What’s wrong…

   “Gordon and his daughter can go back to their home or the police station. The next thing is not for the police to intervene.” Su Ming also said that dealing with the remaining enemies is indeed not a city’s police chief.

   “The reporters can also be sent away, I really can’t figure it out, why are you taking the reporters to act?” Briss said to Su Ming, looking at him with scrutiny.

  Su Ming raised his eyebrows, put on his black and yellow helmet again, the cold metal touch once again wrapped his mind, and his headache made him slightly frowned:

“We need to leave you with traceable evidence. Cindy and I are professional mercenaries. If we leave clues, it would seem too deliberate, but it will make you suspicious, so we chose to take a few ordinary people to act sternly. , You really came after you because of curiosity.”

   Briss frowned: “My system traces and TV news also have the same intention, you have been looking for me, you seem to know me well.”

   “Not really, but at least I know Batman in another world.”

   Su Mingshun took the wine bottle on the table. The wine was not bad. He planned to drink it on the road. Cindy took away the tea box. She seemed to be fascinated by curry tea.

  When he came to the door, Su Ming saw Gordon’s unlovable expression. Vic has been pestering him to ask questions, wishing him to talk about things decades ago.

   Seeing this, Su Ming shook his head, or went to signal the pause of photography, he wanted to say a few words to Gordon.

   “Chief Gordon.”

   “Death knell…”

   After he said the word, Cindy and Su Ming stared at him with the red one-eyed on the two black and yellow masks.

Su Ming motioned to Cindy to take a few people out, and he shook hands with Director Gordon: “You can call me Slade. Although we won’t have much to do with each other in the future, I will give you the father and daughter of Falcone. , It’s up to you to deal with love.”

   “Although you did the right thing this time, I will arrest you next time I come to Gotham to commit crimes.”

   Gordon said with a serious face, but he still held Su Ming’s hand very strongly. He knew that they had rescued Barbara and found himself in time.

  Su Ming doesn’t care about his rhetoric. Gordon wants to catch Cindy just because he is determined to shout slogans. The police station in Gotham has always been in vain, let alone attrition this time.

“Actually, your understanding is wrong. We mercenaries are businessmen. As long as the city government is willing to pay, we can also help the government occasionally. As long as the money is in place, we can say anything.” Su Ming smiled and shook his head. He patted Gordon’s arm: “You can discuss with Briss, such as setting up a protection fund or something. Mercenaries have no enemies, only business.”

   “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Gordon’s face was calm, pretending not to understand, but his heart shook.

   “We all know Briss’s identity, don’t be so timid, do bats scare you too?” Su Ming leaned into his ear, said softly, nodded and left.

   Only Gordon was left in a daze, he was thoughtful.

   caught up with Cindy, took the two reporters and Barbara back to the car, Su Ming turned back to the junk car yard, and only returned for a long time. He was covered with rain and mud, but there was an extra **** thing in his hand.

   That was the hood of the previous claws.

   It was blown to pieces, and the blood stains could not be covered even if it was black, but it didn’t matter if it was dirty. Su Ming needed it to disguise himself as a claw assassin. While Slade’s memory is constantly recovering, his thinking has also been greatly expanded. In order to make the backup plan more complete, he needs the side door of this OB van to be opened, and he and Cindy are on shoulders. Sitting there side by side, looking at the waste car yard in the rain, the same as when they came.

   He was scrubbing the blood on his hood in the rain. A few hours ago, he had never imagined that he would become an expert in destroying corpses.

   “The man in red can really deal with the method you said?” Cindy asked him in a low voice, staring at the heavy black shadows in the junkyard.

“Not necessarily. Dealing with the extreme speed can not be solved by a simple explosion. It also requires a lot of calculations, calculating speed, walking trajectory, and his psychology.” He unfolded his hood and looked at it. The headwear on it is still intact, round glasses It was a bit broken, and it seems that we have to find a place to fix it: “There were death knells in other worlds who defeated Barry’s nephew with this tactic. I just scared him just now, but he doesn’t know… Avoid fighting with the speed guys. If you have to do nothing, you must also look for weaknesses in your character instead of brute force.”

   “Probably understand, you still need to rely on tactics.” Cindy nodded and looked at the sewage flowing on the ground: “But it seems that you and him get along well.”

  Su Ming tufted the owl’s hood and stuffed it into his bag: “Maybe, because he is a person who always has kindness.”

   “But you lied to him just now.” Cindy took off his helmet, rubbed his hair, and looked at the rain curtain in the distance: “I found a difference between you and me.”

“Yes, although I don’t know why, but I can see a faint shadow in my eyes. Logically speaking, it is impossible for us to see the speed of action.” Su Ming answered calmly, without any feelings of guilt: ” But he doesn’t need to know this, I keep it as a hole card.”

   The heavy rain fell, and their expressions were hidden in the darkness.

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