The Death Knell

Chapter 57: planner

About a few minutes later, Briss and Barry came back. He sent Falcone father and daughter to Arkham. Most of the time was spent on Briss communicating with the Arkham guards, walking through the procedures, and confirming the two. All lunatics have been locked up.

   Arkham has an independent power supply system, which is still safe.

   “The police station was destroyed and the city had a large-scale blackout, but there was a signal on the TV, indicating that the TV station still has electricity. Gordon, first take Barbara and the two reporters to the TV station and do not go home.”

   Briss came from the darkness and confessed to Gordon, but did not explain why it was so arranged.

   “But, Ms. Bat, I want to conduct an exclusive interview with you.” Victor is still at a loss. Her desire for news is endless.

   Briss just glanced at her without any indication.

Gordon’s previous police gun did not know where it was dropped. Now he should have picked up a submachine gun from the corpse and hung it around his neck with his long windbreaker and felt hat. It is not like a policeman or a gangster. .

   “I see, but we need to drive away the vehicle.” Gordon picked up Barbara’s wheelchair and put on the broadcast van.

   “Don’t worry, I have a plan.” Briss nodded and motioned for them to get in the car quickly.

  Su Ming watched the two of them come back empty-handed, he stood up and walked into the rain.

   “Where is the cat?”

   Briss and Barry looked at him confusedly. Is the death knell still a cat lover? There are still big things to do, why ask a cat?


   “You and Barry have heard that, there were three people and a cat, a white cat, where did it go?” Su Ming frowned, adjusted his helmet, and fixed the buckle.

   “This cat is not important, right? I didn’t see any cats just now.” Barry looked at him puzzled.

   “I just thought of something wrong, come on, take me to the bottom of the research institute, time is too late.”

  Su Ming didn’t have time to explain, and immediately hooked Barry’s neck. His headache prevented him from thinking too much at the same time. The thoughts just now were used on Barry and Briss. Until now, the problem was discovered.


   “Look back, hurry up.”


  In an instant, Barry and Su Ming disappeared where they were. Briss and Cindy looked at each other, but immediately turned away from each other.

   She has nothing to say to her.

This is the first time Su Ming feels the sensation of supercharged body. It is not an imaginary electric current or something, but a special kind of energy, which has temperature, touch… and will, just like it is Live.

   It wraps two people and forms a small environment isolated from the world. The two are like moving in a time pause, and all the rain stops in the air.

   “In fact, relative to the outside world, time is stretched out. You can tell what’s wrong with that cat.” Barry’s legs ran out of shadows, but he still asked Su Ming without panting.

“Because the time is so coincidental, why did the Romans appear in Gotham at this time? He was away for ten years, and he wanted to come back to do things. It could be a few days early or a few days later. Why is it such a coincidence today? Batman is not here today. Today is the biggest rainstorm in history. Today is the day I arrived in this world. It’s all coincidence?” Su Ming calmly said to Barry, looking at the still things outside.

   “Uh… from a logical point of view, a series of coincidental things cannot happen at the same time.”

“Yes, besides that, there was a power outage in the city after I was on TV. When I came here, I encountered the claws of the Owl Court. Falcone’s plan seemed to be easily broken… .. If it hadn’t been for me to bring Victor’s big killer, I might have faced much more difficulties.”

   That sharp claw is not monitoring the Romans or Su Ming and others, but the cat’s secret bodyguard!

   “Oh! That reporter was Victor Valli just now? I heard she was from Batman…that, you know.” Barry smiled and hooked his little finger twice.

   “Yes, it’s the one on your earth. Besides, she is the domino of your world. Next time you can try to bet on horses or buy lottery tickets with her, and you will win.”

   Su Ming reluctantly explained a few words, for someone like Barry who has unlimited time, it is really difficult to make him serious.

   “Domino? What do you mean?” Barry was confused.

“Ahem, the thing next door can’t be said too detailed…In short, you only need to know that she is lucky, just like a universe-level super power, many illogical dog-blood things can happen to her. Su Ming coughed dryly, summed it up, and then pulled the topic back: “So Falcone and Sofia are just being manipulated, things will not be that simple.”

Barry raised his head, looked at the ceiling and thought about it: “There are three people in the room. Director Gordon is fine. Now the Roman father and daughter are also locked up. Do you want to say that the cat is the one who instigated them? Make?”

   Su Ming sighed, touched his mask, and talked to Barry while suffering a headache. Everything around him swiftly passed in his eyes, forming patches of light:

“Although you are not sure, you still have insufficient knowledge of Barbatos’ divine power. Not only does he master the power of darkness and destruction, he is also very good at instilling his will into creatures in dreams, or to creatures with holes in their hearts. Infuse dark energy to become a servant, I mean, any creature…”

“That cat is the Priest of the Owl?! It’s using magic to influence them!” Barry understood. This statement frightened him. The Justice League is now just defending against humans. If it is to prevent all of the earth Biology, I can’t even think about it. U U Reading

“I think so. For example, in other multiverses, Earth 26, all the intelligent life in that world are all kinds of small animals. The otherworldly equivalent of Superman there is a rabbit called Captain Carrot… .Earth 43, everyone is vampire, earth 20, the whole world is zombies. In these worlds, there are koala priests, they can be any animal, zombie, vampire, robot.”

“Uh…It seems that you think the cat is the priest of the owl, and it is not so crazy.” Barry scratched his head, he was a little ashamed, in fact, he has been to these worlds, Justice League and Earth 26 The relationship is still very good.

Su Ming didn’t pay much attention to Barry’s psychological activities: “Although Barbatos can choose human beings as the priest of the owl on the earth at minus 11, this does not mean that it has no ability to transform other creatures into the dark. Our enemy, you You can’t be too careful.”

   “I hope it’s not, it’s better to be just an ordinary cat.” Barry quickened his pace.

   “If it is a koi priest, then you have put it together with a bunch of biochemical weapons. I hope it is illiterate and cannot read the instructions.” Su Ming fumbled around and took the gun in his hand.

   Barry stuck out his tongue. This time it was really embarrassing. He was out of the basket the first time he met. He felt a little embarrassed:

   “Well, can Barbatos turn bugs into his servants? I am…somewhat sensitive to insects…”

“The worm’s brain capacity is too small to understand things like dreams, and the dark energy can’t carry much…but if he wants to, then he can do it.” Su Ming shook his head and looked straight again. In front, he gave an answer that Barry didn’t want to hear: “This is God.”

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