The Death Knell

Chapter 58: Owl priest

   From the road outside the junkyard, they ran back to the bottom of the research institute along the original route. At this time, they had arrived at the bottom where countless biochemical bombs were stored.

   There is only simple lighting here, dark mold grows on the surrounding walls, and the humid air is full of a smell like disinfectant water. Some thick pipes extend in all directions along the corridor above the head, like dark blood vessels, from time to time, light yellow steam will be ejected from them.

   Su Ming raised his guns and looked around for the cat’s trace, but apart from the sound of water droplets and steam, there was no other movement.

   “Where did you find the father and daughter of Falcone?”

   “Over there, go.”

With a swift movement, Barry and Su Ming appeared in a place surrounded by steel, which was full of various instruments, while a white cat squatted on the console with its tail dangling, just like an ordinary domestic cat. Sitting on the sofa and watching cartoons.

   Its furry ears moved and pressed a button.

   Immediately afterwards, its head turned 180 degrees like an owl, and looked at the two with the same posture as the head separated, and the cat showed a strange smile on its face.

   The long black tongue licked its fangs, and shouted human language with a harsh voice.

   “All roads will eventually lead to darkness! All things will eventually meet Barbatos!”


   Su Ming shot immediately, while Barry was shocked by the cat’s words, and he didn’t have time to stop its small movements.

   The cat jumped off the console, and a black disk-shaped energy shield appeared on his body. Su Ming’s bullet hit the sea like a stone and disappeared completely.

   “Jie Jie……”

   The cat monster rushed towards the two with a smile. The dark energy on its body twisted around it like living tentacles, stretched and stretched in the air. Anyone can see this weird power with the naked eye.

   is darker than darkness and colder than silence. This terrible attribute is engulfing all surrounding light.

   “Barry! Give me a little speed!”

   Su Ming pulled out the knife, and Barry came back to his senses and patted Su Ming on the shoulder. A ray of golden lightning covered the yellow and black armor and plated it with golden light.

   The speed force does not stay in the body of ordinary people for too long, unless after complicated scientific steps, Su Ming only accommodated it temporarily. With the passage of time and use, the speed force will soon disappear.

But he just needs this time. If his speed can be faster than the speed of cat brain nerve firing, then the dark energy shield will definitely not stop him. The memory that keeps popping up in his mind allows him to learn a lot. , That is the memory of Slade.

   The fastest neurons in the human brain still need bioelectricity to transmit information. The fastest speed is 193 kilometers per second, which is also the limit speed of human thinking.

   The Flash’s limit speed is said to be 30 million kilometers per second. Because of the superb power, he can still think like time pauses.

  Su Ming doesn’t know the truth or not of that statement, because if the speed of light exceeds the speed of light, which is 290,000 kilometers per second, according to the theory of relativity, time will flow backward, which will trigger the flash point effect.

   But he doesn’t need to be so fast. He only needs to use superb power to cut a knife. As a reformed person, his thinking speed is nine times faster than normal people, and he will undoubtedly surpass cats.

   with a lightning knife and slashed at the white cat.

   In a static environment, Su Ming’s knife can be said to be a perfect combination of speed and accuracy. It is aimed at the brain, neck and heart. As long as it hits the knife, let alone cats, lions and tigers will die.

   However, this knife only left a white mark on the cat’s forehead.

   Under the mask, Su Ming frowned and understood what was going on.

  As a dark creature, this cat is no longer a cat. It is a dark monster. Its weapons do not contain ‘metal’, which is ineffective for these dark creatures.

   But knives and guns are useless, death knell and fists, all his armor is made of promethium, and there are some traces of N metal in it. His warning-colored arm armor and hand armor can also be used as weapons.

   His knife has not been bounced away, but his free left hand immediately hit the previous position with a heavy punch. The white cat whirled and flew out, as if throwing out a white plastic bag full of garbage.

   An electric light flashed, Su Ming quickly followed, his fists in both hands constantly bombarding the monster’s head. The powerful force even began to deform the steel plate on the ground, and the dark monster was driven into a small hole in the ground.

   But the superpower has faded quickly, and his fists are no longer so fast. Although he still presses the monster to hit, the white cat continues to laugh strangely.

   “Quack! For Barbatos!”


   A burst of black smoke exploded from the monster’s small body, and Su Ming was blown out by a powerful explosion. Dark energy eroded every part of his armor, making a faint hissing sound.

   The monster blew himself up, and all kinds of black internal organs were sprayed everywhere, and the dark energy completely covered the place. Barry had escaped because he was standing at the door, but Su Ming felt a little bad.

The physical injury is nothing. The iconic uniform resists magical damage. Muscle sprains and bone damage caused by the bombing can also be recovered quickly, but the work of the self-healing factor makes his sanity fade, and massive memories are instantly Flooding.

   He thinks he is Slade. These memories are too detailed. In comparison, the monotonous and repetitive lives in the memory of Su Ming’s identity are like fakes.

   “Huhu…” He took a few heavy breaths and tried to concentrate his attention. The matter in front of him has not been resolved and he cannot lose his mind.

   “Slade, what’s your situation?” Barry ran over and supported him.

“Huh… it’s okay, but next time you deal with the owl, it’s better to plan ahead… Go and see what the monster activated just now.” Su Ming pushed him away, relying on himself On the console beside him, he was trying his best to calm his spirit and keep it steady.

   But it was like trying to level the waves of the sea. He could only ensure that his sanity would not capsize as much as possible. The headache even made his ears buzzing non-stop.

“OK, wait for me!”

   Barry rushed out of the room. According to the vibration of the ground, he felt that something big had happened here.

   Lightning enveloped him, and he explored in all directions. Finally, he found a huge hole in the ground in one direction. All the things that had been blocked on his head were removed, and the rain poured directly into the ground from here.

   raised his head, he could see a ball of fire shining in the night sky, and the monster finally launched a rocket carrying venom.

   When it reaches the clouds, it will burst open, completely ‘purifying’ Gotham City in the same way as artificial rainfall. The heat and smoke in the silo told him that he was a step late.

   But Barry is a superhero, and this situation does not allow the Flash, who represents speed, to give up. He looked around, but there were no suitable props. At this time, he set his eyes on the smooth inner wall of the silo.

   Barry jumped, he began to run continuously along the inner wall of the silo, accumulating speed, lightning completely enveloped him, and he was once again connected to the super power. Immediately afterwards, as he ran round and round, his speed continued to increase, and then he immediately changed the direction of his steps, straight up, and dashed against the rain falling in the sky!

   The silo also “launched” him out.

   Almost instantly, he caught up with the rocket in the sky, and he began to tap the shell of the rocket with his extremely fast hands and tear it open with his extremely high speed.

   Even if it is a stone, it can’t stand the water dripping tens of thousands of times in the same place. He doesn’t have the right tools, so he can only use this stupid way of dripping through the stone.

   Finally, he successfully opened the shell and saw a can of green liquid.

   This is Super Sarin Venom.

The Roman rocket carried only a small amount in the entire laboratory. He just wanted to purify Gotham, not destroy the world, but this small tank on the rocket was better than Barry. His waist is even thicker.

  The goal of the priests is to make a big move. As long as they make a little achievement, they can report to the great dark **** to see if he is interested in his own world.

  Barbatos once promised that if he occupied any world, wherever the owl priests would enjoy direct rule, only under Barbatos.

  鸱鸱 people think world war is best, so they decided to try. If the noise is big enough, they will definitely attract Barbatos’ attention, and the priests will become the existence of one person and ten thousand people.

   But that was just a lie. The owl priests of the main world did just that, but before they could see the robe of their gods, they were all killed and fed to the Robin Hounds.

   Fortunately, this koi priest is a cat, and his influence is very limited. Falcone is a time-tested gangster. Although magic has made him crazy, he still has a rational bottom line and has not loaded enough venom to cause a world war.

   After they were captured, the feline priest continued his plan, because the helpers were all taken away, it could only go into battle in person.

   However, because of its size, it could not change the warhead at all. It had been thinking about ways, but when Su Ming and Barry arrived, it could not find a way to change the warhead and could only launch.

In the squally wind, Barry was lying on the flying rocket, the sound of howling wind screamed in his ears, he could see the green slurry shining in the rain with an unknown light from the opened hole, and the liquid level followed the rocket’s Trembling and fluctuating, as if I can’t wait to get into people’s bodies.

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