The Death Knell

Chapter 59: Air relay

   Time is running out, and the black clouds are not far high in the sky. Barry did not hesitate anymore and immediately began to disassemble the big jar. He can only hope that the thin-looking glass jar is strong enough.

  His speed is so fast that even Briss and Cindy on the road outside the waste car yard can only see a ball of flames flying out of the ground, dragging a flash of electric light straight up, cutting through the dark night sky.

   I don’t know what happened, but it was obvious that something went wrong in the underground research institute, but when they raised their heads, they could only feel the rain on their faces.

   At this time, Barry had completed the disassembly. He exhaled, turned his head and looked at the dark ground, then picked up the huge liquid can and jumped off the rocket.

   The rocket did not continue to fly for a few seconds, but exploded when it touched the clouds, as if embroidered with a small golden flower on a black velvet curtain.

This is not the first time Barry has fallen from a height. He has done this countless times. He can run up to the building from the side, and he can naturally run down from the other side. Now he needs a place where he can take advantage of his strength. Just a touch of your foot.

  His speed is amazing, but Barry’s biggest disadvantage is that he can’t fly. The extreme speed can ignore most of the physical rules, but he must generate friction with the ground to run forward.

   And now in the air, there is nowhere to borrow, he can only fall freely holding the big jar, and the lightning of the rapid force is also extinguished from his body.

   He is now a meteorite, and it is very poisonous.

   The intensive rain blurred his vision, the whirring wind filled his ears, and water stains covered the entire glass jar, as if he couldn’t wait to get in touch with the venom.

   Barry opened his eyes as much as possible. He needed to see where he could stand, so that he could slow down again through the inner wall of the silo and bring the jar back to the ground.

   However, because of the wind during the fall, he seemed to deviate a little bit. He could not touch the inner wall of the silo, but would fall directly into the center of the silo of the black hole.

   “Ou Po…this is terrible…”

   Barry vomited a trough in his heart. As expected, it is easy to go up the mountain and difficult to go down the mountain. Even if you don’t fall to death, this pot of venom will definitely explode.

   Just when he fell down thinking about the way, he found that the death knell appeared in the position where he just stood, in a tunnel halfway up the silo, looking up at the sky.

   Su Ming held his head, enduring the washing of a lot of memory, the last bit of superb power in his body, let him quickly find Barry’s whereabouts. Barry is different from other speeders. Other speeders are consuming super fast power, and every time Barry takes a step, it will produce super fast power. It is a pity that walking in the air like this does not count.

   Now he can see Barry falling from the sky with his extraordinary eyesight.

Rain and sludge are falling along the wall of the shaft. The charging port built at the waist of the wall is like a curtain hole at this time. Clouds of muddy water fall on his armor and helmet, but this cannot Block his sight.

   He looked at the deep silo in front of him. The black hole below couldn’t tell how deep it was, and there was nothing to borrow from the surrounding walls. After only a brief thought, he had a plan, and immediately put it into action.

Su Ming stepped back a few steps, and when he bent over, his hands and ten fingers were inserted into the steel net that constitutes the floor. Many factories or military bases are designed in this way because this kind of grid-like floor is non-slip and will not be retained. liquid.

   slammed it hard, and there was a distorted explosion sound from the metal, and all the welding points and screws on the floor were broken, and a thick steel grating two meters long and one meter wide was torn up by him.

   He propped up the floor with his left hand, drew a knife with his right hand and cut horizontally, sparks splashed, and the steel plate and his knife broke almost simultaneously. Throwing away the broken weapon, holding the steel plate in both hands, looking up at the trajectory of Barry’s whereabouts, calculating quickly in his mind, then he slammed the steel plate to the opposite side.

   With the agitation of the muscles of both arms, hundreds of kilograms flew out like a playing card.

   “Step on!”

   The shouts echoed in the silo with the sound of wind and rain.

   Su Ming also calculated very accurately. The acceleration of gravity, the deflection angle caused by the wind, the parabola of the steel plate and other data were simultaneously used, and he had a clear answer in an instant.

The fallen Barry stepped on the steel plate and obtained the place of leverage. His footsteps moved, and the speed force was immediately activated. He stepped down the steel plate to let it fall into the abyss, and then he recoiled and ran to the inner wall of the silo, and started Slow down in a circle.

  Su Ming saw the golden lightning forming a circle of light in front of his eyes, and knew that it was done. He moved his neck and stepped back a few steps to make room for Barry.

   Then, Barry appeared in front of him holding a huge jar.

   “Put it on the ground and cover your mouth. I will check the jar first.”

   When Barry was about to say something, Su Ming interrupted him first, and began to check whether the pot of ghosts had leaked.

   The answer is no. Although it was wet, it was all rain.

   “Very good, safe.”

“Huh…” Barry smiled. He grinned and rubbed his arms and wrists, touching his chest smoothly: “Can’t put it here, can you help me hold it? This is true It’s a bit heavy.”

  It is true that this weight may not be a big deal to the rest of Zhenglian, but Barry is completely a technology house except for super power, and has always been weak in physical strength.

   Su Ming picked up the big pot, this thing is like a transparent super pressure cooker, there are about one or two hundred kilograms of venom in it, which looks green.

   “It seems we saved Gotham.” This weight is nothing to Su Ming. He picked up the jar and chatted with Barry, and seized the time to get closer.

“Yes, although I don’t know if the effect of the stuff here is the same as that stated in the console data, I think…Yes.” Barry opened his eyes and shook his head and said, “I am a little hungry now. Now, the heart is beating wildly. It is best to add some high-calorie food.”

“First put this thing properly, and then temporarily close this underground facility. In fact, you can try Turkish dishes, such as roasted hump.” Su Ming looked around for a safe place, but in fact, no There is such a proper place.

“I just found out that you have a very high compatibility with the speed force. Are you really some speed person who has lost the speed force?” Barry recalled what happened before. He felt a little weird. He could indeed make contact very briefly. The thing gains superb power.

   But the time was so short that it should only be an instant. Su Ming originally wanted Barry to take the shoulder and leave, only to find that the speed of power stayed much longer than expected.

   The plan only took a few ten and ten seconds, but the speed force stayed for about two seconds, which was completely beyond imagination.

  Su Ming doesn’t know the reason. The death knell in the comics has indeed gained speed power, but it is not this simple slap through technological means: “I am not, and I am not interested in your speed power.”

All the walls around    are inlaid with huge metal cans, which are deeply buried in the ground. Below the steel gratings at the feet, there is completely bottomless darkness. The entire facility is unsafe, but it can only be done temporarily for now, and let Briss handle it later.

  Who told her to be rich?

   First put the big jar back in the control room, the two studied the console, closed the silo, then left here, relocked the doors, and finally returned to the ground.

Across the road, Cindy and Briss were standing on the side of the road. Cindy found a big billboard and hid under the pillar to smoke. Briss kept a distance from her and stood on the curbstone. The water on the cloak of the bat flows freely.

   “Resolved?” she asked.

“Well, that cat is not a cat at all, it’s a magical monster, and it can launch rockets… I went to heaven just now, did you see it? Huhu, if it wasn’t for Slade, I would fall died.”

   Barry smiled and said to her, turning around and gesticulating in the air constantly.

   “Good job, but we have more troubles.” Briss took a cloak took out a black remote control from her belt and pressed a few buttons on it.

   Su Ming stood with Cindy, avoiding the heavy rain, and took out a cigarette and started smoking. The cigar he had brought was used up, but now it is the ordinary cigarette that was stolen from the supermarket last time.

   Cindy looked at him. Although the top of the armor was not damaged, the explosion also scraped a lot of paint off. The shoulder armor was particularly serious.

   “Going to be a superhero again?”

“No, it’s just a service at an extra charge.” Su Ming shook his head, leaning on the pillar, and his bones made a relaxing click. He knew that it looked like a good saver, but it was more for self-preservation: “Give it first. Briss keeps the account and settles together when things are over.”

   Cindy spit out a smoke ring indifferently, his bright red lips made a curve, watching the rain pass through the smoke, and the perfect circle was torn by the wind in the next moment.

   “You decide to leave anyway, so the money will be mine?”

Su Ming wants to bring some money to Earth 0. After all, sometimes money is still useful. A green banknote or a large piece of paper can make the death knell moody a lot, suppressing bloodthirsty desire from another aspect, but the earth Money of minus 11 will never be spent on Earth 0.

   He had found it in Hallie’s house before, because the clown girl had thrown away her change everywhere, and Su Ming was sitting on the sofa, and Su Ming saw it accidentally when he was talking to her.

  The U.S. dollar on the main world side is really U.S. dollars. Depending on the face value, the U.S. presidents printed on it are issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.

   Where is this? Although it is also called the US dollar, the full name is the beautiful Amazon dollar. The head of the Amazon queen regardless of face value is issued by Paradise Island. This is obviously not universal. If it is really taken, the value is estimated to be not as good as that of the Emperor Yinyu.

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