The Death Knell

Chapter 6: Memories of Harley Quinn

   Halle can’t remember this is her first night of carnival.

A few days ago, her dearest little pudding sent her a letter from the Akamtor. The envelope was messed up with words and symbols that ordinary people couldn’t understand, and it was red, like blood. The marks left a lot of lip marks.

   But she knows this is true. This is a way of communication that only the two of them can use. It is like a password or a secret code, a little secret that belongs to both of them. Every time she thinks about this, she is full of sweetness.

When the cringing prison guard handed the letter into Harry’s hand and ran out of the circus screaming, Harry happily held the thin letter paper to her chest and happily in the room Make a circle.

   The jester has been caught by the bat into Arkham for more than half a year, and Hallie missed her very much.

When    received the letter, she remembered the joy of getting a Christmas gift when she was a child, the sweetness of eating chocolate for the first time, and the secret joy of wearing high heels for the first time.

   This kind of happiness made her forget that she was going to use a sledgehammer to kill the messenger. She had planned to pretend to be a prison guard and get into Arkham to rescue the jester.

   She gently twisted the ends of her hair with one hand, as shy as a young girl in the spring, but with the other hand she took out a kitchen knife from nowhere and couldn’t wait to open the envelope.

   It is a pity that this happiness stopped after she opened the letter. The text on the letter paper made her unconsciously say ‘Wow! Do not! This is not true! “Such an angry roar.

  Rongchen wrote in the letter:

   “Dear little pumpkin, how are you doing? I have good news to tell you that the world is going to end, and we are all going to die! Are you happy?”

   “Oh, death, what a wonderful vocabulary, I have changed my clothes and am ready to go to the appointment!”

   “Today I ate a dry roast goose, how about you?”

   “My Mr. Spoon doesn’t talk to me much recently.”

   “Before you die, can you bring a bat to see me? I prefer to die with her. You can take a taxi home by yourself.”

   “Well, that’s it, as soon as possible, okay.”

   Although the jester’s iconic laughter is not visible on the paper, judging from the scribbled handwriting and the inconsistent content of the preface, she is still her.

   crooked and twisted fonts are interspersed with the weird graffiti she drew randomly, which looks like her smiling face, and there are dry marks like snot or saliva on the letter paper. It seems that the jester is very happy when he writes.

   But Halle who received the letter was not happy.

   The long-awaited letter actually contained such content, which made her very sad.

   Although she knows that everyone is going to die, she can appreciate the ultimate chaos when people face death. This incident makes her a little happy…

   In short, the emotions are complicated.

  The jester is still a stinky bat with his brain full of. He seems to be a driver or errandman. He clearly said it was a snack for each other. The pumpkin and the pudding will always be together…

   Harry, who was laughing wildly, set fire and smashed in the house, venting her dissatisfaction. But in the end she did what the jester said. Who would call them good sisters?

  Harry never doubted her, isn’t it just such a small thing as the destruction of the world? It must be true.

   Not only herself, but even the circus was sent out to find traces of bats in Gotham City.

   However, the methods that worked well in the past have failed. No matter how they cause riots in the city, only the boring policemen have arrived, but the Batgirl has never appeared.

   For three consecutive nights, Halle went out to make trouble as soon as it was dark, and dragged his tired body back at dawn, but the bat seemed to have disappeared, and there was no shadow from beginning to end.

   “Maybe it’s a vacation abroad, and I sometimes want to go to Paris or some other place.”

   Halle left big signs on the roofs of buildings where bats often appeared. Cartoon fingers were painted on each sign, pointing in the direction of her home. She knew that bat would smell her.

   Then she returned here, waiting for the arrival of the bat every night.

  In the beginning, I just waited while reading a book, but it was too easy to fall asleep, and Hallie didn’t think this would work, and I didn’t know if the bat had come.

   So the next day, I changed to reading while drinking.

   On the third day, it became a drink while dancing.

   Gradually, she seemed to forget her original purpose. Instead, she took the carnival every night as a new habit to celebrate the impending destruction of the earth.

   But everyone in the circus didn’t dare to play with Hallie at all, and they didn’t like being hit in the head by a big hammer.

   This made Hallie feel lonely, so she called a good friend and lived here for a round-the-clock carnival.

   However, the jester in the lunatic asylum went mad while waiting. She didn’t know what was going on outside. Why hadn’t Hallie brought the bats, she just laughed hysterically in her room.

A few days later, a mysterious tape was taken out by the prison guards from her room and passed over to Death Knell after several weeks. Cindy also took on the task of finding bats. This was what happened before Su Ming and Cindy met. after.


Hallie hugged the pillar and stared at the person on the sofa panting. Then they both laughed. Hallie even laughed so that her legs were weak, and she rushed towards the sofa crookedly, as if she wanted to and Friends play around.

   At this moment, she found that there were others in the room. Under the psychedelic light, one could still see the figure wearing armor, black and yellow. It was the most well-known warning color in nature.

   This person has been looking at them in the dark, the red one-eye on the helmet reflects an unknown light. Even Hallie could not help but blurt out this scene:

   “Ah oh…”

   Yes, as a world-renowned assassin, it is not a good thing for the death knell to appear in anyone’s house.

   “Death knell? Why are you in my house?”

   Halle shook her head, she looked crimson and seemed to have drunk a lot.

   “I need an answer to a question, maybe you will know.” Cindy was not polite with her, and directly asked: “I’m looking for a bat, where is she?”

   “I’m looking for bats, what’s so good about smelly bats…” Hallie didn’t answer, but ran to the sofa to hug another person, as if seeking comfort.

   Su Ming walked out from behind Cindy and whispered: “It seems that the jester also sent her to look for it. It is probably the same as ours.”

   “Can’t we just kill Arkham directly to ask?” Cindy frowned under the mask. Since you think the jester knows it, just ask it.

“No, the jester, she doesn’t know. My judgment was wrong before.” Su Ming calmly overturned his previous thoughts, watching Hallie rolling around on the sofa from a distance: “If only you received The task is vague, or you can’t understand it, then it may be the jester deliberately. But Halle is someone she trusts, and now even Hallie doesn’t know it, which means that the jester gave her the same task as us, to find a needle in a haystack. .”

   Cindy nodded slightly: “It turns out that you came to Hallie first for this purpose, to judge whether the jester knows the news about the bat? Indeed, Halle understands better than the jester.”

   This kind of praise won’t make Su Ming proud, because things are now at a deadlock.

In the cartoons that Su Ming has ever read, there is no such thing as Briss Wain missing. The picture of the cartoon is just that she is hiding in a hidden base, watching the scene of the sea queen landing to negotiate peace through the big screen. Then she concluded that the so-called negotiation was just a cover, and went to ambush Queen Arthur, causing a series of chain reactions.

   But Cindy has been to the Bat Cave, not there, where will this secret base be?

   didn’t have any clues, they all said that the three caves of the cunning rabbit, but the bat girl is much more cunning than the rabbit.

   If Briss jumped out by herself, it would be too late. Su Ming didn’t know how Briss got to Arthur in the army of millions and killed her smoothly.

   In other words, even if he knows that Atlantis will attack Paradise Island, but he doesn’t know when and what form it will be, he can only stop Batgirl in Gotham with the most certainty.

   His prophetic foresight is also limited. The scenes in the comics are too general to be a clue at all.

  Harry then remembered that she had a death knell to deal with, she got up, her hair messed up and shouted:

“I don’t know where the bat is, you found the wrong place!…Uh, wait, why are there two death knells?” Hallie lowered her head and rubbed her eyes and looked up again, but there were still two, which made her The small mouth opened wide: “I either drank too little or drank too much…Sorry, I forgot that Ms. J asked me to find a bat. She will hate me!”

   As if waking up suddenly, Halle remembered what she was waiting for these days, not eating, drinking and having fun waiting for the end, not waiting for the chaotic human drama, but waiting for bats to come to her.

   “emmm…have the bat ever come…”

   She held her chin, tilted her head and tried to remember, but these days are so fun, when she spins on the dance floor like a small top, how can she even notice whether Batgirl has come?

   “Hey, don’t you tell me to remind me.” Thinking for a long time to no avail, Hallie raised her hand and slapped the man on the sofa as if angry.

   “You never told me about it, how can I remind you?”

   The person on the sofa sounds dumbfounded, but in terms of her voice and accent, she should be a very hot beauty, even speaking with charm and sweetness.

   Cindy leaned in Su Ming’s ear and whispered: “If the situation is not good, please prepare to withdraw. This time I did not bring the herbicide.”

   However, the person on the sofa jumped up as if being electrocuted, and turned around with Harry’s arms around, staring at the two people at the door blankly.

   Now Su Ming could see the other party’s dress clearly, to be precise, she didn’t wear anything except leaves. Cyan leaves and vines cover her important parts. This half-show gesture is like nature only wears her underwear.

   Slender arms, slender thighs, flat lower abdomen, smooth back, all exposed to the air. The purple and moist eyeshadow and lip gloss, the red wavy hair that is naturally scattered and decorated with flowers, all these make her always full of seduction.

   is Ivy, the poison ivy girl, a good friend of Halle, a famous botanist, an avid environmentalist, and a big trouble in Gotham City.

   said she is an environmentalist, rather than a plant protectionist. She doesn’t care how dirty the air is, as long as it doesn’t affect the photosynthesis of plants; she doesn’t care how dirty the water is, as long as it doesn’t affect her watering flowers. In short, even if Gotham has a nuclear bomb, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t affect her precious plants.

Unlike other mental patients, Poison Ivy can be said to be a real superpower. She can create, spawn and direct any plant to serve her, such as summoning huge vines to smash buildings and let the flowers spread deadly poisonous gas in the city. , Or parasitize tiny deadly spores in others.

In addition, she is very smart, has multiple doctorates, and all of her body fluids are poisonous, with different effects. It can control other people’s minds, make people crazy, and even make people die in sweet dreams. in.

   She has been transformed by plants and toxins, and has become a person with rapid regeneration ability. Even if she is fatally wounded, she can sprout again by burying her in the soil and pouring some water.

   In the world of comics, the Superman in the parallel world will even be under her control. Currently known to be immune to this mind control venom, there are only Batman in the New 52 world in many worlds.

Batman’s firm will keeps him from being manipulated, but his mortal body is not immune to other toxins. Many times in the comics, Batman is poisoned by various poison ivy, and his life is dying. It depends on the housekeeper. Xia and Robin made an antidote to save them.

   Without preparation, Cindy would feel bad about a real superpower like Plant Girl suddenly, so it’s better to leave soon.

   And the herbicide Cindy just talked about was like pointing at the monk and shouting a bald donkey, hitting his face to the door of the house.

   “How was it heard?” Cindy was a little startled, and slowly moved his hand to the weapon.

   “All the lighting effects here, the lamps around us, are controlled by vines, and Poison Ivy can rely on them to transmit subtle vibration waves and hear whatever we say.”

  Su Ming didn’t touch the weapon, but stood in front of Cindy. While opening his palm to Poison Ivy and Hallie to indicate that he was not hostile, UU read www.uukā and explained to Cindy.

   “The other death knell is right, the sound is also a kind of vibration.”

   The Poison Ivy girl relaxed a little, and a few snake-like vines retracted on her body. If possible, she didn’t want to fight the death knell, let alone two.

   “Our employer is also Ms. J, so everyone has the same purpose of looking for bats. Why sit down and eat something together?”

   In fact, Su Ming and Cindy now have nothing to do with the jester’s mission to find bats, but to save the earth minus 11, but there is no need to talk to Hallie and others.

   His brain swiftly turned, and then he took off his helmet.

Because Halle is not her opponent in frontal combat, the threat is only from the Plant Ivy. However, none of her attack methods can be defensive by a helmet. It is better to take it off to recognize people with their true colors, to divert their attention, and to ease it. Now the situation is tense.

  Because this is Earth minus 11, the male super villain is probably the only one himself.



   As expected, after he showed his true colors, Halle and the Plant Ivy both yelled out.

   “Hmph.” Cindy snorted coldly, took off his helmet, and walked to Su Ming. Except for their different genders and looks, they were completely carved out of the same mold.

   The same blind eye, the same armor and weapons, the same aesthetic level.

   is different except for the style of doing things.

   Halle puffed and sat on the sofa, looking at Cindy and Su Ming, her big eyes full of curiosity:

   “Well, now we are interested in your stories instead. As for looking for bats, if you can’t find them, you can’t find them. I can’t use plasticine to pinch one and send it to Ms. J?”

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