The Death Knell

Chapter 60: Cleaning

   “Well, it’s all yours. I can get some jewelry or gold when I leave.”

   It’s just pocket money anyway, it’s a psychological comfort.

   “Your sword is broken.” Cindy looked behind him, only one of the two knives that were on his back was left.

   “Broken, inferior product.” Su Ming shrugged, and watched Briss and Barry’s movements with his cigarettes: “Wait for me to break an exhaust pipe in the waste car pile.”

   Cindy feels right, because she also likes to use local materials. Steel pipes, bricks, and kitchen knives are all killers in the hands of the weapon master.

   “Next, we should deal with Owl Court, right?”

   “We have already met, and killed a koala priest. Although it is a cat…the number of priests is unknown, but there will never be too many.”

   Su Ming put the smoke into the rain, but in an instant, the fire was extinguished.

   Cindy also dropped the cigarette butt, watching it drift away with the current, and the last hint of smoke dissipated quickly: “Do you have any ideas? The Owl Court is tightly hidden. For so many years, Gotham has only their legends.”

“That’s because all the people who have seen Sharp Claws are dead, but it just so happens that I know where they are hiding, and there are even a few leaders’ names. There are probably 11 families involved.” Su Ming rubbed his temples and put them on Got his own helmet.

   Among the richest people in Gotham, those with gangster backgrounds, such as the Penguins, silence them, and then remove the mayor and the speaker. If you kill all the remaining rich people, you won’t be able to kill a few wrongly.

   Yes, the Owl Court has been hiding in the dark. They go out around the clock and gather in secret, thinking that no one will find out.

   But like other birds, they like to build nests.

  As the owls who secretly supervise Gotham, will their nests be crude? It is impossible to think about it. They are owl courts, but they are even more human. Their instincts drive them to eat better, live better, and have more entertainment.

   These all need money.

   Money is the key to sustaining a secret organization. Apart from serving Barbatos secretly, they only have this hobby.

  Su Ming is not a policeman, nor is he Batman. He doesn’t need evidence to do things. Now that the world crisis is heading, even if you kill a few wrongly, you should be dedicating yourself to the world…

   After Su Ming murmured and taught Cindy how to distinguish, Cindy also understood, isn’t it the best way to distinguish by money?

In Gotham City, there is no decent company except for the company that is the only one of Weien. It can be said that the security company with the red hood and the iceberg restaurant of the Penguin are the only ones with a long history. The family is completely destroyed.

   As long as there is a 30% chance, in this world, there is a reason to kill.

   “Brice won’t agree, hehe.” Cindy said to Su Ming with a smirk, “You are going to clear the old Gotham family.”

   “She won’t know, I’ll hold her, let Barry take us to Egypt, Gotham City, you do it.” Su Ming had a plan, even if the Flash is fast, he can’t appear in two places at the same time.

   As long as Su Ming explains that the base camp of the priests is in Egypt, then Barry must follow, because he is a means of transportation. Briss will definitely go, because Su Ming intends to expose the Owl Court killing her parents.

   The description in the DC comics is very chaotic. Some worlds are bought by gangsters to kill, and some worlds are bought by owl court to kill. Su Ming can’t figure out what the earth minus 11 is.

   Things that happen in the dark are often vague.

   If the evidence points to the gang, it may be planted by the Owl Court. If it points to the court, it is possible that the top ten gangster families have planted them, or even no one at all, but some neurotic instigation from outside…

   Since this is the case, let’s count it all, and one person and half the responsibility.

   Parents were killed face to face, it was Briss’s nightmare. She didn’t know who killed her parents, because the assassin was just a street gangster, the main messenger behind the scenes, and she is still hiding in the dark.

   As long as Su Ming reveals the details of the owl here, Briss will definitely follow her to Egypt. What she wants is not revenge, but to face her fear.

   Barry has only two arms, holding Briss and Su Ming at the same time, Cindy can just stay and carry out the cleaning plan.

“This is a big job. Killing these people. I guess there won’t be much business in Gotham in the future.” Cindy shrugged, put on his helmet, and began to check the weapons: “But let’s just do it. , If they invite Barbatos, everyone will have no future.”

“Very well, you can contact Barbara and ask her to provide a list of the richest people in Gotham City for 50 years, choosing the one with a long family history.” Su Ming whispered, his speech was a bit intermittent, because his mind was again Auditory hallucinations began to appear, as if someone in memory was talking to Slade.

Cindy nodded. When Barry and Su Ming went in to deal with the cat, Briss and Cindy also watched Gordon and the others leave for the TV station. She still remembered that Su Ming said that Barbara’s computer skills are very good, so she specially asked for her. Barra’s phone number.

I don’t know what Barbara thinks. Maybe it’s because I think that in the event of something that cannot be solved, I will need power in the dark in the future; or I just want to contact Su Ming, UU Reading So I gave her the phone number.

“In short, there are massacres that have not been missed by the killing mistakes. I understand. When you push them away, I will do it.” Cindy’s head shook, and she didn’t know what her expression was, but she agreed easily. Come down.

“There is another clue. People in the Bowles family are all owls. If you can pry open their mouths, you can get the list, but…” Su Ming looked at the street and talked to Briss. Barry, with another voice in his ears, he can only try to keep his attention on Cindy: “The owl’s beak is very hard.”

“Haha, is the Powers family? The most luxurious hotel in Gotham City is theirs. The hotel has a height of 45 floors and has a wooden gym, bowling alley, swimming pool, and a platform on the roof for a Zeppelin airship.” Cindy let out a happy laugh, as if thinking of something happy: “I have never been there to play, I will go once today. If I can interrogate anything in 30 seconds, it is better, otherwise I will send them off. One family goes to the rooftop.”

   “It’s best to pretend to be an accident. When Briss comes back, we can have leeway.” Su Ming nodded slightly in agreement: “Also, be careful of the claws.”

   “I know, I remembered their weaknesses when you fought her.” Cindy nodded.

“Normal sharp claws are okay. Be careful with zero sharp claws. She is special, and she has no abilities.” He looked down at the stagnant water on the ground. Now the position is higher and you can see them facing the river. The same flowing on the road, the auditory hallucinations gradually disappeared: “If you encounter a priest wearing a bird skull mask, you must not use a knife or gun. You must use something containing promethium to kill it.”

   “Understood, they are here.”

   Cindy looked up, Barbara and Barry were walking towards this side.

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