The Death Knell

Chapter 61: Hitchhiking

The rain soaked the uniforms of the four people, and the surroundings were completely pitch black. They just stood in the gusty wind. Finally, Briss spoke up. She looked at Su Ming with blue eyes under the mask, as if looking for His inner thoughts.

   “Barry speaks highly of you, but I still can’t believe you.”

   “Don’t believe it, just give it.”

Su Ming’s current situation is good and bad. Although receiving memories is a bit uncomfortable, it makes him doubt his identity, but it does not affect his thinking. Of course, he knows that she will not trust anyone, let alone the death knell. Cindy is now, and she has limited estimates of how much she believes in Barry.

   Cindy used to be very in place for the implementation of the contract, and the completion rate after accepting the task was 100%. This data can give Briss peace of mind. For a smart person like Batwoman, if Su Ming doesn’t want money to help, she will instead think about it, just collect money and do things to guide her thinking.

   Sure enough, after Su Ming finished this, Briss’s expression eased a lot. In fact, she is a very insecure person, but she is confident in her own wealth.

   Since the death knell wants money, it’s easy to say.

   “Yes, I will give you a check, and fill in whatever you want below 30 million.”

   “Too little, Cindy and I are 30 million each, and we only need cash or gold.”

   This price is completely open to the lion. The death knell of the main world once helped fight the evil version of the Justice League of Earth 3-the crime syndicate, and Lex Luthor gave him 2.5 million.

   However, the more bargaining now, the more stable Brith’s heart will be, because she knows what the world is facing and she has no more choices.

Briss looked at Su Ming, her lips pressed tightly, and the rain fell from the gap between the two. It took her a long while to speak: “You seem to be deliberately guiding me to feel at ease, but you don’t understand me at all…but , 30 million per person, a deal.”

   The rich are the rich, 30 million is like 3 dollars.

   Briss did not talk nonsense. She pulled her cloak and walked to the side of the road. In the distance, two lights were coming quickly, like a ghost fire in the night. Su Ming nodded to Cindy, and Cindy walked over. Although full of calculations, everyone has the same goal.

   “Get in the car.”

   It turned out that the light was a pitch-black Batmobile, which was remotely controlled by Ah Fu at home and sent the car directly here. As we all know, the Batmobile has only one seat. Briss got into the cab first, and the black cloak was stained with water to draw a beautiful arc.

   “Where are we going?” Barry asked her, putting his hand on his eyes and looking into the distance, of course it was all rain.

   “Go home first. Some things need to be discussed, and I need to make some preparations.” Briss answered him without looking up, constantly flicking various switches and buttons in the cockpit, like flying an airplane.

   “Then I will take the two of them to wait for you first?” Barry pointed to the two death knells and wiped the rain off his face.

Briss pressed a few buttons in the cab, the huge trunk of the Batmobile opened, and four seats slowly stretched out: “The trunk is used to **** prisoners and transport the wounded, you sit in, we Act together.”

  Is the prisoner escorted…So it’s actually a cage, Su Ming squinted at Briss under Su Ming’s helmet, and then at Barry.

   He got into the trunk generously and sat down. The seat slowly retracted. He found that the trunk was not only spacious, but also light. On both sides of the seat are also fixed drinks and emergency food, a few first-aid kits.

   took the biscuits off and handed them to Barry, who immediately ate them.

   Running fast will consume a lot of physical energy, so very few people on the top can get fat, and once they use the super power, they will be hungry almost all day.


   The vehicle was moving very fast. Su Ming could hear the sound of the air rubbing against the body of the car. Barry was chatting with the two while eating, yelling and looking very happy, and kept talking about his previous things.

Cindy’s impression of him was greatly changed, and he didn’t worry about **** the Speedmaster. The two of them were chatting on the way, talking about the differences between the two worlds, while Su Ming silently sorted out his memories. , Tapping his pistol with his fingers unconsciously.

   When the trunk opened again, they had returned to the Bat Cave.

At this time, the bat cave is completely new. Not only the instruments that were damaged before, but also the tables and chairs have been replaced with new ones. The remains of the mechanical dinosaurs are gone. , Light can be seen.

   I really don’t know how Ah Fu manages and does magic alone?

“Well, you brought us here, not for dinner? Let’s talk about anything, we have limited time now.” Su Ming said to Briss, because she seemed to press the phone in a leisurely manner , Let Ah Fu prepare for the second supper.

   Briss took off her helmet, shook her long black hair, and then began to take off her gloves:

   “I don’t know how your situation is, but there are a lot of things that happened today. I need to review Gotham’s surveillance and news this month.”

  Su Ming and Cindy looked at each other, took off their helmets, and then looked at Barry next to him. He even took off his uniform. He seemed to have taken a shower, changed his clothes, and put on slippers…

“Why do you think of searching for the pyramids?” Su Ming asked because the eagle and the eagle have been reincarnation. In the main world they were once Egyptian pharaohs and queens. We want to be in the pyramids Find N metal. “Barry was sitting in a chair, wiping his hair with a towel.

   “Although N metal can be used, it is still a little short of dealing with Barbatos.”

  Su Ming said the knowledge in the comics. In the comics, Batman’s son severely injured a Robin Hound of the Laughing Bat with the N metal arrow of the green arrow, so they believed that N metal could destroy Barbatos.

   What a pity, how much dark energy is in a Robin Hound? Barbatos was originally a god, and was not in the same order as the crazy Robin.

   “Yes, you said that N metal was wrong before in the research institute, but Green Arrow clearly saw N metal seriously injured a mad Robin.” Barry pulled off the towel and looked at Su Ming with a puzzled look.

Su Ming was not in a hurry, took off his gloves and the weapon behind his back, put it on the table, and sat down slowly: “Yes, N metal is a substance that can manifest dark energy, and promethium is a substance that can absorb different kinds of energy. , But they are not powerful enough, they can only deal with ordinary dark creatures, but they can’t destroy Barbatos.”

   “Then what do we need?” Barry asked eagerly.

   “X Metal.”

   “Where? What is that?” Barry scratched his head for a while, he had never heard of this.

“It is the material used to forge many worlds. You can think of it as the original matter of the universe.” Su Ming said his own speculation. After all, the comics cover up and do not explain at all: “They are somewhere in the dark multiverse. , A place called the melting pot of the world, from which Barbatos also came.”

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