The Death Knell

Chapter 62: set off

   “Go on.”

   Briss walked out of the cabinet on the side. She had put on her pajamas, took off the Batgirl uniform, and began to check all kinds of information this month in front of the huge computer.

  Su Ming summed up what she could tell her: “At the beginning of the creation of the multiverse, two brothers were born in the chaos. They are responsible for supervising the order of the universe…”

   Barry clapped his hands, smiled and raised a finger: “Ah, surveillance and counter surveillance, I know.”

Su Ming nodded to him, indicating that he was right: “Besides, they actually have a brother, the world forge, who lives in the forge of the world forever and uses the fire inside to forge a steady stream of new worlds. Placed in the multiverse.”

   “I don’t understand, but I think your message is temporarily credible.” Briss has some bruises on her body. She is treating the wound, spraying an unknown chemical agent on it.

“The brighter ones of these worlds are placed in the bright universe, and the darker ones are placed in the dark universe, like two sides of a plate. This plate is called the blood domain.” Su Ming did not look at her white thighs. Instead, he continued his topic.

   “The World Founder is Barbatos?” Barry rubbed his temple. He didn’t know this information. He felt distraught now.

   “…He is not, he is actually the helper of the world forge, responsible for picking up the garbage back to the world melting pot.


   Barry looked at Su Ming with the same expression as you were teasing me. Although the expressions of Cindy and Briss were not so dramatic, their eyes almost revealed this meaning.

   What about the **** of darkness? What about the Destroyer of the World?

   Su Ming glanced at Barry angeredly, and when he saw that you were going to school and going to school, Barbatos’s job that sounds ordinary, just think about it and you’ll understand that ordinary people can do it?

   Its work includes traveling through the multiverse, the destruction and recovery of the single universe, and absorbing all the dark energy and people’s negative emotions. This is a multiverse-level boss.

“The casting process of the world caster is a bit like ironing, you know, the kind of sparks splashing in the molten iron.” Su Ming rubbed his eyes, took Barry’s towel and wiped the blood on his hands: “These splashes The sparks that come out are unformed universes after cooling, and Barbatos’ original mission was to turn these unformed universes into fragments and bring them back to the world melting pot for recasting. He can drag the entire single universe. Now It is even more ready to drag 52 universes into the darkness. This is not as simple as picking up trash in your imagination.”

   “Then now?” Barry asked again.

“The world caster was killed by Barbatos, and Barbatos set his own door. It wanted to extinguish the fire and put all the worlds under his rule, because the world of the bright multiverse is a bit taller, like a fruit on the front of a plate. , He couldn’t reach it, so he wanted to drill a hole in the bottom of the plate to let the fruit leak out.”

   Su Ming wiped the white towel with traces of blood and mud, like an unknown pattern, and then dropped the towel.

   Briss narrowed her eyes, thought about it, and said, “Sounds like a lunatic.”

“These 52 fruits cannot be put together with the other 52 stuck to the bottom of the plate, otherwise everyone will disappear, even Barbatos will disappear, and the multiverse will become annihilation.” Su Ming responded to her words. Rubbing his temples, he doesn’t know if the multiverse will restart in this way, but the restart may not have anything to do with himself as an outsider. He is extra, and it may be like a soap bubble. not see.

   Everyone was digesting this information. Cindy had heard Su Ming’s explanation before, and she seemed a little idle, she knew that Su Ming had a plan.

Briss folded her **** and thought quietly. After a while, she slightly opened her lips with black lipstick, and said in a low voice: “Originally, Barry and I got the Fountain of Lazarus from the Shadow Dancer League. For the sea queen, as long as she does not die, and I do not participate in the war between the Amazon and the seabed, the world situation may ease a lot. But at present, if the Owl Court keeps tossing, this method will only postpone destruction.”

“Originally, if you were the only two of you, it was understandable to buy more time, but once the world caught Barbatos’s attention, it was basically hard to escape. I have a plan to cut off their ability to contact Barbatos. Mix under the eyelids.”

  Su Ming said what he had said to Cindy again as planned, but he concealed that Cindy was going to assassinate in Gotham. Sure enough, as he expected, after knowing that the death of his parents might also be involved in the owl, Briss was suspicious of this possibility.

“The base camp of the owl priests is also in Egypt, because they are descendants of the bird tribe, and there is their foundation.” Su Ming finally threw out such a sentence without saying more. He knew what Brith would do. select.

“Do you know where they are?” Briss clenched her fingers and made a chuckle. She was not eager to avenge her parents. This hatred had become something else in countless actions in the dark. thing.

   The fear she wanted to put on her by the murderer returned thousands of times.

   “Well, they are in the temple of Sete.” Su Ming took the opportunity to throw out his proposal.

“Yeah, Seth’s Temple, how did I forget this? How did it happen…” Barry kept patting his head, he suspected that the supernatural power caused him to lose some of his memories. This feeling is very bad.

   Speed ​​power sometimes makes people lose time, sometimes lack some memory, almost all speed people have been trapped by speed power.

   Briss looked at Barry with an inquiring gaze, and then at Su Ming. She knew that the death knell had another purpose, but Su Minghao looked at her without guilty, with only firmness in her single eye.

   “We will set off after dinner.”

   Briss finally gave up the exploration, as long as she went to Egypt with Su Ming, she would understand. Su Ming smiled and quietly made a gesture to Cindy with his hand behind him:

   “Very good, I am looking forward to Alfred’s cooking skills.”

   “Thanks for the compliment, then I can serve.”

   It turned out that Alfred was pushing the dining car out of the elevator at this time. He was ready for the second supper. It was not what Brith and Barry had left before, but made a new table.

   “Don’t serve the dishes in order, let’s put them all.” Then there is something, but there is no time to enjoy the aristocratic dinner, Briss motioned to the butler to put the dishes on the workbench.

   “Miss, if you all eat in the bat cave in the future, our restaurant will be useless.” The butler decisively served the dishes, and at the same time did not forget to say something about Briss.


   After eating, Su Ming’s headache and temple violent sensation disappeared temporarily. Slade’s memory was neatly presented in his mind, and he was completely accepted or recalled, and his whole person was much relaxed.

   After drinking a few glasses of wine to accompany the meal, he prepared for the next action.

   put on the armor again, and asked Ah Fu to find him a wide sword. It was just a decorative sword for medieval armor in the mansion, but it was a bladed sword. Briss put on her bat suit again, and Barry also put on a red tights.

   Before Briss could speak, Su Ming said to Barry first: “Barry, take Briss and me to Egypt.”

  Barry glanced at Briss, Briss agreed, so he hooked one of them with one hand, swiftly activated, and the three of them disappeared instantly. Cindy shook his squeezed out the cigarette in the ashtray, put on his helmet again, and started to check the ammunition and weapons: “Then Butler Penniworth, I should go too I’m working, let me borrow a car here.”

   “I will be with you and help you drive. I hear some of your conversations.” Alfred took off his apron and said politely.

   Cindy paused: “My plan with Sue is much more ‘direct’ than Bris’’s plan.”

Alfred quickly put the plate on the dining car, his tone of voice was still steady: “Yes, I think Miss, she thought of it when she hired you, but Mr. Allen recognized you very much. He said that you will fight for the world. “

   “Hehe, it’s just self-protection. It’s better to make money, not to mention that someone has to do it if you don’t have money, unless we all want to become mud on the bottom of the sea.”

   Cindy laughed, Su Ming and she are not noble people, and their purpose is simple, just to live.

“I used to be a government agent. I have killed many people for the government. I understand that sometimes we must use’direct’ means.” Alfred smiled, and there was no way that the gray-haired old man was once a government executioner. One member: “But I have left my job a long time ago. This time I am only driving you. I don’t care about how your mercenaries do business, but I always make sure that the lady’s money is worth the money.”

Cindy shrugged. She knew it was a kind of supervision. Briss really noticed something… It’s unrealistic for the butler to watch herself. Briss probably just wanted to restrict herself a little. Behavior, don’t overdo it.

   It’s easy to get rid of, but if someone who is familiar with the road is willing to drive, he or she can test the bottom line of Batgirl…

   “Then follow, but it’s best not to get in the way.”

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