The Death Knell

Chapter 7: It doesn't matter if you die

  Su Ming looked at Ivy. She was also stunned by her male identity. She didn’t know what she was thinking for a while, so he passed the Plant Ivy, went straight to the sofa, and sat down.

The sofa here is a bit dirty, there are a lot of dark red agglomerations, and the dark stains left after the wine dries up. These traces are more like a nightclub under the colored lights, sitting on it, black and yellow The armor doesn’t match its color.

   “Then let’s exchange information, how did the jester tell you about finding a bat? Then I will tell you about me.”

   He looked at Hallie, hoping to get some specific news.

   And Halle also looked at him. No man had ever dared to be so close to her, which made her a little curious, but when the question came out, she immediately changed her expression, as if she was about to cry:

   “Oh, that would be a long story…”

Hallie agreed with him, and then, regardless of whether Su Mingda was going to listen, she began to talk about her relationship with the jester in a steady tone, and the jester first saw it years ago. After the bat, she never forgets things.

In short, in these stories of her, the innocent and kind little Hallie also wants to play with them, but she is always bullied by bad bats. As a good friend of Hallie, Ms. J doesn’t care at all. She even wants to play with bats alone, don’t ha Lily.

   This makes Hallie confused and wronged, but she is a strong woman, so she clenched her teeth again and again.


Su Ming discovered that, as expected, Halle has her own little abacus. If she hasn’t seen so many DC comics and movies, she has a deep understanding of Halle Quinn, besides being a famous lunatic, but also a torture expert and psychologist. He would definitely feel that he was talking to some princess from a Disney fairy tale.

Pure, beautiful, kind, strong, optimistic, and smart, anyway, she and the jester are the two most perfect women in the world, and Batwoman is a perverted stalker hanging upside down under the eaves, not only very Insidious, always squinting at the jester, and his eyes are always squinted.

   In her narration, there is almost zero useful news. Apart from letting Su Ming know the process of getting acquainted with the jester in the minus 11 universe, all other things are Halle’s memories and opinions on things.

   She is not only telling the story, but also constantly trying to find synesthesia in the conversation, that is, Su Ming and her have the same opinion or knowledge, and want to piece together his personality analysis.

  Under Halle’s crazy appearance, she has never lacked wisdom. The dual identities of psychiatrist and psychosis were gathered in her body, and she got double happiness.

“Okay, let me insert a sentence first. You don’t need to try it. I am the death knell from a parallel universe, so my brain is also much faster than normal people. Psychological profiling or suggestive hypnosis is not effective for me, so you can save Save it.”

   When Su Ming saw Hallie, he planned to tell him the story of her and the jester going to play with the Penguin, and interrupted her quickly. Time has passed too long, and Hallie’s story seems to have no end at all.

   He moved his stiff neck, turned his head and looked back, and found that Cindy and Ivy didn’t know what they were sitting on the other sofa. The two were drinking and listening with gusto.

   Well, it seems that even in the feminist world, the habit of women who love gossip still exists.

“Oh, it turns out to be a person in a parallel world.” Hallie changed the subject without a trace, and gave up her previous psychological tactics: “It’s kind of boring…I thought you and her were wearing couple clothes. Kind of relationship.”

   Talking, Hallie still held out her little finger with an ambiguous expression, tickled in the air, indicating that it was that.

   “You don’t seem to be surprised to hear about the parallel universe. Did the last Syndicate invasion be a sensation?”

   Su Ming did not pick up her stubbornness at all. Whether it was acknowledgment or denial, the previous topic would be taken away by Hallie, led by a lunatic, and he would never get the answer he wanted.

“Yeah, it was a great show for us, hehe.” Hallie leaped lightly, spinning a circle in the air, posing like a ballerina in a curtain call posture: “Although the main battlefield is Metropolis, but the explosion of fire, tusk, and Gotham can see it clearly, so beautiful, I can seem to hear the desperate screams of the residents there.”

   Cindy was going to spread her hands at this time, meaning: look, she is a lunatic.

   Su Ming remained calm, and suddenly came out: “Then you should be very happy even if you know that the world is going to be destroyed now?”

   “Well, that’s right.” Halle smiled and nodded, like a pupil who was praised by the teacher: “Why do you think we are celebrating here?”

   Su Ming smiled in his heart, the plan was okay, and as expected, she drew words from Hallie, she knew that the earth would be destroyed.

   “Wait, you asked me to celebrate this?” Ivy stood up suddenly, looked at Hallie with incredible eyes, wishing to open her ass.

   “Huh? Didn’t I tell you? Little Pudding told me that the world is going to be destroyed, and we are all going to die.”

   Harry tilted her head and looked at Ivy puzzledly. Did she really forget to say it?

   “You just said that there is no one at home, and asked me to accompany you. The result is that the world is destroyed? The earth is gone, how do you let my plants survive?”

   Ivy is very dissatisfied, she can ignore her life or death, but the plants have to survive. Halle hurried over distressedly, smiled and touched Ivy’s smooth back, soothing her like a cat:

   “Oh, we are all going to die anyway. After you die, you can’t see the plants die, so you don’t have to be sad, right?”

   Such crazy talk obviously did not provide any comfort, Ivy just squinted at her.

   Su Ming asked at this time: “Don’t you have any spaceships? It’s also good to survive in outer space.”

  In many DC worlds, there are not only spaceships, but also aliens. The Justice League space station is also called the ‘Watchtower’, and it is in geosynchronous orbit.

   As a result, his question caused the three women to ask:

   “What is a spaceship?” X3

Although the tone and pitch of    are different, it is obvious that there is no such thing in their cognition.

   “emmm… is a ship that can take people to break through the atmosphere and live outside the earth.”

   Su Ming explained forcibly.

   Cindy and Ivy’s eyes became weird when they saw him, but Hallie seemed to have seen a friend, their eyes lit up and looked at him with satisfaction.

   “I knew that boats can fly, hehehe, I’m not crazy!”

   is regarded as a like-minded person by a guy who is obviously a lunatic, what does this mean?

   It turns out that in this Amazon-ruled world, everything still follows their paradise island. They believe in the power of the gods. As for science, that is just a lie to fool the common people.

   The earth is the center of the universe, why leave the earth? And as long as you practice hard, you can fly with your own ability.

  Can science make you immortal? Can science keep you young forever? Divine power can be used for things that science cannot do.

   So in this world, there are no airplanes, so I really want to fly… What about the magic flying carpet?

For Su Ming, this news is toothache. No wonder the earth was finally destroyed by the tsunami. All this is in the calculations of Barbatos. He must have spotted that there is no aircraft here, for Labris Throw into the darkness and use this world as a catalyst.

  Su Ming and the others are now trying to cut off the fuse that ignites the explosive package, but they have no clue at the moment. Briss, who is the key, doesn’t know where to go, and all plans are for nothing.

   “No, I can’t sit still, the earth is ruined, and the plants can’t survive. I have to do something.”

   Ivy did not indulge in Halle’s sweet words, and greeted the ‘beautiful and warm death’ with her, she decided to struggle a bit.

   “By the way, you said you came from a parallel world, can you go back? It’s okay to take me and the plants to hide.”

   “Good idea, but unfortunately I can’t go back.”

   Su Ming happily said that if he could run, he had persuaded Cindy to run together. If the earth is negative 11, it would be a problem for him? The problem now is that he can’t get on and off on this sinking ship.

   Ivy’s hope was dispelled, she thought about it again, she turned to look at Hallie, who was playing with her hair idly, as if everyone said things had nothing to do with her.

   “By the way, did the jester tell you how this destruction happened?”

   “I didn’t say, anyway, she said it very seriously, then this thing should be true.”

   I don’t know how Hallie was serious in the jester’s messy letter. In short, she knew the earth pill, but she didn’t know how it was done.

“Probably because of the war? The terrorists on the bottom of the sea have been at war with the Amazon Council for a long time.” Ivy leaned on Hallie. As the world’s most famous environmental terrorist, she was a little unable to boost her energy and said weakly: ” This kind of war is not something we can stop. The use of weapons of mass destruction will ruin the world, and the jester should have foreseen this.”

Hallie touched her head with satisfaction, picked up a leaf on Ivy’s hair and fiddled with it, and tried to put it on her head, but no matter how it was matched, it was not very coordinated. There was no natural beauty at all, but rather like A leaf fell on his head.

   “Probably so, whatever it is, I am actually curious about what it feels like to die, I want to experience it.”

   Seeing that the two of them started to frolic again, Su Ming shook his head.

   “You play, let’s go first, and by the way, it is the flood that destroyed the world.”

   After finishing, he took Cindy and took a bag of potato chips from the table. Shi Shiran left. They will wake up from alcohol tomorrow, maybe they can be more serious when dealing with the broken limbs downstairs.

   Cindy grabbed his helmet and was torn away for a few steps. He could hear the whispers of Halle and Ivy behind him.

   “The Flood, is it the Apocalypse?” Ivy asked.

   “Yeah, Noah’s rafting one.” Hallie answered vaguely.

   “It’s the Ark, little fool.” Ivy.

   “Hmph, I’m not stupid, bite you.” Halle.

The two jogged and made a mess on the sofa. Halle didn’t care about life or death, but Ivy relaxed after knowing that it would be a flood. Strictly speaking, seaweed and kelp are also plants, as long as there are plants. , Then it doesn’t matter if she is dead.

   Cindy sighed, and returned to the corridor with Su Ming. The music behind her was still so noisy, she was a little helpless:

   “What should we do now? There is really no clue.”

   Su Ming took out the rope and tied it to the pipe on the side, tried the sturdiness, pulled the rope and jumped out of the window. The cold rain once again cooled his blood.

   The feasting environment just now is actually just Halle’s hypnotism for herself, and the threat of death is always entangled in their heads.

   The car was destroyed, and the two of them could only talk while walking.

   “You said you’ve been to the Batcave, did you go to the Wayne Mansion?” Su Ming asked Cindy, looking around, trying to find some transportation.

   “Of course, not only her, but her old housekeeper is also gone.”

   “Could it be kidnapped?”

   “No, the security measures are still intact. All the rooms are very tidy and there are no signs of fighting. She left voluntarily and brought the housekeeper.”

   “In her bat cave, there is a system to monitor the whole Gotham, have you tried it?”

   “Then we need her two eyes and one palm to activate the system.”

   The two of them walked a long way forward, and they were about to get out of the circus, and there was still no good way. At this moment, Su Ming discovered the vehicle.

   It was a bunch of unicycles, piled up randomly on the wall in the rain, and the cold metal was shiny.

   This should be the property of the circus. Their owners are probably the lunatics who were killed by Su Ming when they came. It is not far from the encounter site.

   No matter which clown gang is in the world, these people like to do tricks when killing people, such as riding a unicycle and shooting apples at the crowd. UU reading www.uukānshu. com

   “Do you know how to ride this thing?” Su Ming pulled one car in one hand and pulled two from the metal pile.

   Cindy took it and tried it. At first, it was a little shaken, but soon it was no problem. With death knell’s physical fitness and brain balance, it only takes ten seconds to learn to ride a unicycle.

   Su Ming quickly discovered this. Not only did he move very smoothly, but even if he was given a few small **** now, he could still play throwing tricks while riding.

   Driven by the extraordinary power of the two, the wheelbarrow is not much slower than the car. The only drawback is that there is no windshield, and the heavy rain poured directly on them.

   The skin can feel the coldness of the armor. The thick promethium metal is always so reliable, but the black and yellow armor is constantly absorbing his temperature, as if he was planning to change him from the heart to a cold person.

   “Now can you talk about your destination? If you are right, you should not know our way here.” Cindy walked side by side with him, reminding him at this time.

“Uh, you are right.” Of course, Su Ming doesn’t know the road of Gotham. He can’t even tell where Batgirl’s home and company are: “We have now learned that Brigitte and Alfred De ran away, indicating that he has plans to take away his relatives and friends, but among these people, one of them will definitely not go with him.”

   “You mean…” Cindy nodded slightly, the red one-eye on the mask shining under the street lamp.

Su Ming affirmed her conjecture, looked at the cowering black figures in the alley by the side of the road, and took out a gun to frighten them: “Let’s go find him now, and then make a big news to force the bat to come out and save people. “

   “Hehe, I like this plan. The previous actions were too small men. Here, come with me.”

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