The Death Knell

Chapter 8: Gotham Law

   Gotham’s night seems to be the same forever. In the downtown buildings, high-end restaurants and nightclubs will never lack guests. They squandered a lot of money in exchange for physical or spiritual happiness. For example, eating a dinner that can spend half of the poor’s savings, or playing with a young woman.

   And in the alleys not far from these buildings, people’s screams and gunfire will be heard from time to time. In the dark, sin is always the rule.

  Any criminal behavior can be seen in Gotham, no matter how incredible the crime itself or the perpetrator is, you can see it in Gotham. This is the living museum of modern crime history.

   Chaos and order are entangled, and the black and white world is farther away, surrounded by gray areas.

   Gotham’s night will never change, at least it won’t get better.

   Working here for thirty years, James Gordon understands this deeply.

   He started as a small murder detective, and became a sergeant until today, as the chief, as a man, he struggled.

Not only because there is some discrimination against men in the workplace in this world, but also because everyone knows that he is an upright person, and the truly innocent people in the city are so few that they are more or less related to things in the dark. Implicated.

The mayor is a frequent visitor of the Penguin Iceberg Restaurant, the senator is selling Arkham’s medicines to Scarecrow, the judge is an old boss with a double-faced woman, and the black mask is attached to the Gotham Institute, blatantly in the city It uses chemical factories to cover the production of drugs.

   In a city like this, he can become a police chief and has not been killed yet, he sometimes thinks this is a miracle.

   But reason always reminds him that this is not the case. This is not a miracle, but because there is always a shadow in the dark behind him.

   That shadow came and went without a trace in the dark, jealous like hatred.

   Things that the law cannot control, or things that the police cannot do, she will take over. People who tried to kill Gordon in the past are not uncommon, but there will always be a woman in a bat uniform to help them dispel their thoughts.


  Yes, anyone who has darkness in her heart will be afraid of the bat in the dark. She is meticulous, strong and ubiquitous, never soft.

   When Gordon was still the captain, the Batgirl first appeared. At first, Gordon rejected the masked vigilante.

You can’t just tell you that you’re a good person, I’ll let you go and beat people with your face covered in the city, I always want to see if what you do is really effective for public security, not for the city Becomes more chaotic.

   The Gotham of that era is far from what it is now. Gangster families dominated by the underworld boss Falcone are scattered throughout the city, and even half of the police station is black police.

  Drugs, smuggling, arms, slaves, they do whatever they make money, and officials have woven them into umbrellas.

   Gordon tried to catch these gangsters, but there was always resistance. At this time, Batwoman helped him. She used violence to obtain evidence, knocked down the officials who colluded with the gang, and allowed Gordon to use the law to punish them.

   And in the end, when Gordon and Falcone finally battled, the bat destroyed Falcone’s self-confidence, completely destroyed the underworld giant, and let the sun descend on Gotham.

   Since then, Gordon’s attitude towards Batgirl has changed to a blind eye.

   Her behavior is indeed good for Gotham, it is good for the people, as for dressing up like a bat… Maybe it’s a personal hobby?

   Thinking of the days at that time, Gordon inevitably smiled……..

“Captain Gordon, I heard that the criminal who robbed the bank last night was knocked down by a weird woman wearing a bat costume. What do the police think about this?” The reporters frantically surrounded the police station gate, where it was the captain. Gordon is escorting the prisoner from the police car.

   “Absurd! Absolutely absurd! Gotham has never had any weird people in bat tights.” Gordon said righteously.

   “But we have videos and evidence.” The reporters did not give up and said they all have real hammers.

   “The forgeries are all forgeries. On behalf of the Gotham City Police Department, I express serious concern about this and strongly condemn it!” Gordon said immediately.

But after the prisoners are locked up, he will go to the utility room on the rooftop and secretly call the Batgirl to complain, what happened to you this time, can you avoid the surveillance and do it next time? Class words.


   Batgirl was good at talking in those days, and her behavior was relatively restrained.

But as time passed, Gotham had a Batwoman incident, and it was spread out. This attracted her likes. Unfortunately, these masked people are all bad guys and crazy, which also made Gotham’s The public security situation deteriorated rapidly.

   After that, in Gotham, if someone reports to the police, it will not be a trivial matter such as a bank robbery or a thief at home, but a big incident that wants to drag the entire city to **** at every turn.

   For example, a madman hid a nuclear warhead in the city center and wanted to practice with Batgirl, or someone kidnapped hundreds of hostages in a building, and wanted to play a guessing game with Batgirl.

   Fortunately, Batgirl finally solved these problems, but inevitably, her opponents also appeared in the city. They felt that it was the bat that attracted the villains from all over the world to Gotham.

   And the bat didn’t intend to explain anything about this, it still went its own way, and the methods were more cruel.

   Gordon also became the chief at that time, and he immediately ordered a bat light to be set up on the roof of the police station and no longer covered it. Whenever the bat light is on, it means that he has something to discuss with the batwoman, and there is a new madman in the city, and the batwoman needs to solve it.

Yes, since then, the criminals who reappeared are no longer the police can deal with. You must rely on Batwoman. The role of the police is to wait for Gordon’s order to clean up the criminals left by Batwoman afterwards. At that time, criminals were often unconscious or disabled.

   Fortunately, at that time, Gotham was dangerous, but at least people weren’t what they are today. At least then, people still had good expectations in their hearts.

   Until Batgirl’s biggest opponent arrives.

   No one knows where she came from. She has long green hair and a pale face. She always has an exaggerated smile on her face. She also likes to carve this smile on other people’s faces with a knife.

   She did a few big things, told people how crazy she was, and also told people that being crazy is a great thing.

   No longer have to worry about death, no more worry about hunger and poverty, just laugh happily every day!

   She planted the crazy seeds deeply in the hearts of the Gotham people, and patiently, snickered and waited for them to sprout, from time to time, she would do something to pull the seedlings to promote, just for more fun.

   She was entangled with the Batgirl, caught countless times, and escaped countless times, as if the city had become their stage, she just wanted all the attention of the bat to be on her.

Until half a year ago, the jester thought of a new game and planned to invite Gordon to act as a prop. As a result, some troubles occurred during the kidnapping. Gordon’s daughter, Barbara, was hit by a bullet in the lumbar spine and became paraplegic. , The rest of my life can only be spent in a wheelchair.

   At the end of the matter, the jester was caught by the bat again. Gordon wanted to kill her to avenge her daughter, but Batwoman blocked the gun and told him not to be fooled by the jester, not to be madly dominated, and not to lose principle.

   Gordon finally put down his gun and chose to act in accordance with the law, and the law does not judge mental illness, and will only be imprisoned in Arkham for treatment…

   But who can cure a jester? The doctor who used to treat her was influenced by her and became the Harley Quinn of today. Not only did she help the jester escape from prison, she also created the monster of the double-faced woman.

   Since then, Arkham has stopped arranging doctors for jesters.

   This time the jester seemed to be tired too. She stayed in Arkham honestly, and there was no movement for a long time.

   According to past experience, if the jester is caught, the Harley Quinn will calm down completely as if she lost her soul. So neither Batgirl nor Gordon cared too much about not catching Halle last time. It would be better. If they were locked in Arkham at the same time, something would happen.

   About half a month before Su Ming arrived…

As usual, Gordon woke up from the nightmare, shook his head, and fumbled for his glasses to put on. He found that he was not tied to the roller coaster of the playground by a jester. He didn’t have to face the crazy scene, but was on himself. The bed at home.

   The cold sweat soaked the sheets, the unclosed windows heard whirring sounds, and the curtains were lifted high by the wind.

   The electronic alarm clock on the bedside told him that it was only four o’clock in the middle of the night, and he hadn’t just lay down for two hours. In the end, Barbara fell in a pool of blood in his dream, while the jester kept laughing wildly.

   Gordon’s first wife divorced him, bid farewell to Gotham and his daughter, no more news. The second wife was a policeman and was killed by jesters to save the babies.

   In addition to jesters, they also often appear in Gordon’s nightmares. Now only the daughters who depend on each other are left, and they are also disabled by the jesters.

   Gordon has more reasons to go crazy than anyone, but he doesn’t. He still insists on justice and the law.

   He took the gun from under the pillow, first closed the open windows tightly, and then carefully inspected each room to prevent bad people from getting in. Finally, he came to Barbara’s door.

   opened the door gently, and by the moonlight, he saw his daughter sleeping well in the bed, so he relaxed, and after sticking the pistol in his waist, he went to the kitchen to find some water.

   There are not many things in the refrigerator. When Barbara was still healthy, her daughter was doing housework at home. Gordon was too busy to go shopping in the supermarket.

   searched for a long time, only found half a carton of milk, which should not have expired yet, so it can moisturize the throat a little.

   Just as he closed the refrigerator door while drinking milk, suddenly a person appeared behind the refrigerator door, and he was so scared that he almost threw out the bottle.

   “Next time you go to bed, you’d better close the window first.”

“Puff…damn it! Batgirl, can’t you make a noise? It always appears so suddenly, it will scare me to death!” Gordon squirted out the milk in his mouth, and Batgirl was agile She drew away, she didn’t get a drop on her cloak.

   “Because… I’m Batgirl!” The caller replied blankly, his voice obviously changed by the voice changer.

“I know who you are, who you really are, I just leave it alone!” Gordon went to the rag angrily, planning to clean the ground: “It’s four in the middle of the night, and all the lunatics are locked up, you Can’t you let me sleep well? You have nothing else to do at night?”

  Batgirl completely ignored these words. Everyone knew that Briss Wain was a rich and worthless rich girl. She lived a life of drunken gold fans every night, but that was just a disguise.

   She directly started talking about the business: “I must leave Gotham for a few days. If I stay, it will be a threat to everyone.”

   “Oh? What kind of lunatic is this time? I’ll call the bureau.” Gordon sighed, dropped the rag in his hand, and went to look for his phone.

   “I don’t know, I’m still looking for clues.”

   Batwoman shook her head and hid in the dark. The bat cloak allowed her to completely blend in the shadows, but Gordon, who was familiar with her, could guess her current appearance.

   “Then how do you know it’s dangerous?” Gordon was surprised.

“Someone told me that in some ways, he is very credible.” Batgirl seemed to be touching something in her pocket, but she didn’t show it to Gordon: “You and Barbara also immediately Go with me, otherwise those lunatics will use you to force me out.”

   Gordon was silent. After a while, he shook his head: “No, I am the police chief of Gotham. I will never leave. No matter who it is, I want to make trouble in Gotham unless I die.”

“Are you sure? Although I don’t know the specific situation, what I understand at the moment is definitely far more dangerous than before.” Briss discouraged: “Maybe you can take a month off, and we will take Barbara by the way. Find a doctor worldwide.”

“No, I won’t leave. You take Barbara. I stay here.” Gordon insisted. Once Batwoman leaves, if he leaves again, Gotham will be over. Maybe overnight, His thirty years of hard work will be in vain: “Even if they kill me, you must not come back UU reading”

   “I won’t leave either. My father can stay, and as a woman I don’t have to run away.”

It turned out to be Barbara. After being beaten by a jester and disabled, although her life is worry-free, the pain in her waist often makes it difficult for her to fall asleep. In addition, she is always nervous and will wake up if there is trouble. This time she heard it in the kitchen. The two talked, so they came out of the room in a wheelchair.

   “Barbara, you can think about it, maybe…” Briss said to her.

   “No, even the jesters didn’t kill me, and others are even worse. I will stay here with my dad. I think the police station’s communication room is safer and can give full play to my computer expertise.”

  Barbara rejected her kindness, saying that she would also live and die with Gotham.

   Briss hesitated, seeing the two of them so determined, even she wanted to stay. But the mysterious person told her that if she continues to stay in Gotham, not only this city, but the entire earth will be in danger, and she must leave.

   With a cloak, she left Gordon’s house and went to meet Alfred where she was waiting.

   Gordon cried for a while holding Barbara, strengthened his confidence, and solemnly said to the darkness:

   “We won’t leave, Batwoman, do what you are supposed to do, I…wait, she left again? Why can’t you listen to me every time?!”

   Gordon was helpless. This time, Batgirl was the same as in the past hundreds of times. After she suddenly appeared, she suddenly disappeared. He had never heard a farewell word.

   “Because Batwoman is like this, can you send me back to the room, Dad?” Barbara covered her mouth and smiled.

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