The Death Knell

Chapter 9: Kidnapping

   Chief Gordon recalled his memory. At this time, he was driving back to the police station.

   It is a long journey from Arkham Island to the police station. Not only does it have to go through a few bridges and tunnels, but the city that passes through is not particularly safe. Among them, the double-faced woman and her men are the most mad.

Using the law as a weapon to deal with wicked people certainly has its weaknesses, that is, a double-faced woman who knows the law and understands the law, and can be said to be the best lawyer. Harvey Dante was the rising star of Gotham before going crazy, a famous youth prosecutor. official.

However, her wealth of legal knowledge in the past caused her to be released on parole soon even if she was caught by Batwoman. After all, Batman could not testify against her in court. There were only sporadic physical evidence without personal evidence. Then she committed a crime. Will not be recognized by the jury.

  Of course, money also plays a big role in it.

   Gordon has been on guard since Batwoman left, but nothing happened. Until last week, he received an alarm call from the citizens, saying that the circus was mobilized on a large scale, burning, killing and looting on the streets.

   He immediately sent police officers to maintain law and order, while he drove to Arkham. In the past, the circus showed such behavior, and often the jester came out again.

   But when he rushed to Arkham and saw the jester after a lot of guards, she was in her cell, surrounded by a napkin, sitting on the ground with a plastic knife and fork very gracefully and eating a roasted mouse.

   He had nothing to say with the jester, and after making sure that she was locked inside, he returned to the police station to continue dealing with the riots in the city.

Gordon is a veteran detective. This situation does not let him relax his vigilance. The behavior of the circus made him feel a little abnormal, so from that day on, he would go to Arkham every day, only to confirm it with his own eyes. Only if the minister is still inside can he be relieved.

  Although the bat lights on the roof of the police station are always on, it is only a deterrent to criminals. The bats have left, and Gotham is now unattended.

   Today’s visit time is over, he didn’t talk to the jester either, the whole process was just that he quietly separated the thick bullet-proof glass and watched her draw on the floor of the small room. After drawing a few strokes, she seemed to think of something, and then burst into a frantic laugh, followed by a few more strokes, and danced around the room.

   made him want to rush in and beat her up.

   Yes, he hates her, but the law can only do so much. He even thought of killing her countless times, but this conflicted with his lifelong belief. He is a policeman. He has sworn to guard the order and laws of the city. Mental illness is legally immune.

   Maybe one day the city council will recognize their danger and cancel the immunity of lunatics, and apply the death penalty in Gotham, and send those guys to the electric chair.

   He is looking forward to that day, his relatives, his friends have countless deaths in the hands of lunatics, he can leave the position of director, apply to be the executioner. But it will be a trial of law and justice, not his James Gordon lynching.

   In this respect, he and Batwoman have similar cognitions, but they are far from the death knell. For people like Cindy and Su Ming, revenge is never overnight.

   Although the law is formulated by parliamentary representatives to represent the wishes of the masses, the death knell does not like to be represented. What laws are not legal, can they be eaten?

   Gordon couldn’t wait to see what she drew. Today, when she left the police station, it was later than usual, because during the day someone called a ninja in the city and attacked someone.

   During one day and half a night, Gordon was pursuing the incident.

   It’s a pity that the rain is too heavy and there are no clues left. Even the police dog can’t smell anything.

It’s past 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. He should go back to the police station to pick up Barbara and go home. Maybe he can buy some doughnuts and hot dogs at the gas station for dinner for two people, but I don’t know. Fast food restaurants that I often pass by, will they open their doors in this weather?

   Driving in heavy rain is a strange feeling. I can’t see the scenery too far away, only the monotonous rain beating in my ears.

   Gordon turned on the radio, but quickly turned it off. The announcer of Gotham Radio in it had a sharp and excited voice, which reminded him of a madman and the person he had just met.

   Maybe someday I should check the announcer, I always feel that she is a member of the circus.

The lonely journey made Gordon inevitably have a lot of thoughts. He couldn’t help but feel distressed and worried when he thought of his daughter sitting in a wheelchair at a young age. Although she is still beautiful, so kind and lovely, the disabled are always in life when choosing a mate. Disadvantages and inconvenience.

   The heavy rain outside the car window was constantly tapping the glass of the car, and the sound of the surging rain was rising and falling like waves. Gordon was driving the car, and it was difficult to calm his heart.

   Batwoman said there might be a way to heal the spinal nerves, what is it?

   She said that danger is approaching, what is it?

   It was the circus a few days ago, and today it is the Shadow Dancer League. What are these guys planning?

   With a mind full of questions, Gordon squinted his eyes and tried his best to see the front through the windshield which was completely blurred by the heavy rain. He had to hurry up to pick up his daughter home, and the car could not get stuck in the water.

   However, at an intersection ahead, just around the corner, he was standing in the water on the side of the road and found a man in weird clothes lying on the side of the road.

   Although the sky was dim and the rain affected his vision, he was sure that he saw someone falling and the heavy rain was ruthlessly flooding her body.

   He lowered the speed of the car and observed the situation carefully. There were no suspicious persons, and the doors of the roadside buildings were closed. The residents of Gotham have long since passed the nosy stage, and there will never be anyone who will take care of the people who fall on the side of the road, because that may be blackmail or a trap.

   But in most cases, the people who fell on the side of the road are more likely to die. There are many causes of death.

   freezing to death, starving to death, murder, drug overdose, etc…

   Of course, this also gave birth to a career in Gotham, who specializes in picking up corpses. Last winter, he and Batgirl destroyed a perverted factory that uses dead human meat to make sausages. It is said that their products are specially supplied to high-end restaurants, and the supply exceeds demand.

Gordon didn’t want to delve into anyone in the city who had eaten it. He didn’t even dare to think that he might have eaten it without knowing it. After this incident, he would never eat sausage or stuffed meat. Up…

   He slowly stopped the car, unfastened his seat belt, tightened his windbreaker, and checked his pistol.

   As a police officer, even if he is already the chief, it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the people who fell on the side of the road. This is where his duty lies.

   The wind and rain have gotten worse. It was not like this when he left Arkham. Now, almost ten meters away, it is difficult to see things clearly. The strong wind hits the car door and it took him a lot of effort to get out.

   stepped into the water over his ankle, and the coldness of his whole body hit the bottom of his heart.

   “Huh…” The rain in the wind made Gordon unconsciously lower his head to avoid him, and his glasses were soaked suddenly, everything in his vision became distorted, as if he was looking at a haha ​​mirror.

   He deeply realized that he was old, his strength and physical stamina declined and he could even feel it. Although he was less than sixty years old, the various hidden injuries he had caused over the years made every joint pain in such rainy days.

   closed the car door, he blocked his glasses with one hand, and pressed the pistol in the waistcoat with the other, like an old man clutching his sore waist in a storm and moving forward slowly.

   was getting closer and closer. At this time, he could better see the man lying down on the roadside. It was a young woman, dressed in clothes made of animal skins, like a caveman.

   Gordon is not surprising, when you have a friend who dresses up as a bat every day and drives her bat-like car around the city. Her props are bat darts, bat belts, bat gloves, and bat cloaks.

   Then you can accept whatever fancy clothes you see. Gotham has never lacked weirdos. It’s just that some of these people just go to the Halloween party, and some are dangerous.

   Looking at the situation of this person on the roadside, Gordon estimated that she was the latter.

   “Madam! Are you still awake? This is James Gordon from the Gotham City Police Department.”

   After judging that the other party may be a dangerous person, the first thing is to shout, hoping that the other party can put away the tricks and stop pretending to be dead and leave immediately.

After    shouted, if the other party is still obsessed with it, then in certain dangerous situations, Gordon will also shoot.

   This is the law enforcement process of Gotham.

   The woman on the side of the road was motionless, unresponsive.

   Gordon got a little closer and observed carefully. The woman’s pale face indicated that she was dead, and the rain had soaked her slightly.

   There was a huge wound on the side of the body, which was cut open by a sharp weapon. This attack destroyed one-third of her internal organs and caused her to lose a lot of blood to death.

   This kind of death is very painful. The intense suffocation caused by ischemia will make the deceased flutter like a fish caught ashore for a long period of time.

According to the current situation, this is not the first scene where she was killed. She was moved here. There was no nearby mud in the nails of the deceased, and no scratches on the soles of her feet, indicating that the place where she died was a dry and flat environment. Her dress is probably the interior of a high-end club.

   But the heavy rain destroyed most of the evidence. He could only see so much. Her whole body appeared to be doomed, her gray eyes staring at the sky blankly.

   Gordon sighed, which meant that the police station had something to do again. Not only did Gotham commit crimes by lunatics, but ordinary people would also kill for various reasons.

   At present, the identity of the deceased cannot be determined, so I can only call the coroners over first. Gordon turned and staggered towards the car, intending to call in the car.

However, at this moment, the doors of the building in all directions suddenly opened, and a group of people gushed out of them. They were wearing black suits and old-fashioned soft felt hats, immediately surrounded Gordon, and countless submachine guns were aimed at them. he.

   “Chief Gordon, our boss invites you to be a guest.”

The woman headed by    had a false smile on her face, while several black vans drove out of the back of the building, and she motioned to Gordon to go up.

   Gordon took off his glasses and tried his best not to be affected by sight, but myopia is also a problem:

   “Who is your boss? Penguin girl? Black mask?”

  Only when they are the bosses of the underworld, their subordinates are so uncharacteristic. Although they have been kidnapped, but fortunately, they are not crazy, maybe they can…

“Oh? Director Gordon seems to have forgotten his old friends, but only remember new friends?” The woman smiled, but then barked her teeth and punched Gordon hard: “It’s okay, wait for the place. , You will naturally remember when you see the boss.”

   Gordon was knocked to the ground by this sudden attack, kneeling down in the muddy water on the side of the street, the corpse not far away was still the same, but now he felt that the corpse was looking at him.

   “She, did you kill the woman over there too?” Gordon clutched his stomach and lay on the ground, staring at the woman in black in front of him.

“Oh…” The black-clothed woman sighed and turned around to look at the heavy rain: “Are you still worried about a dead person? We already have another team to invite your daughter, you I should worry about whether she will end up with this corpse…take him away!”

   She ordered her hands loudly, and the rain fell down, still unable to stop her voice.

   So under the siege of a few stout women, Gordon was put on a black van, the cars started one after another, and then everyone disappeared on the street.

   Only Gordon’s car and the body of the woman in animal skins were left in place, gradually being covered by the rain curtain.

…………………………………………. …………………………………………. ……….

   At this time, Su Ming and Cindy were still riding hard in the wind and rain. The death knell’s abnormal body made him feel no fatigue even in the storm. They had already ridden about 30 kilometers, which only took more than ten minutes.

   The wheelbarrow with a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, probably only the death knell or other modified people can ride at this speed. If it hadn’t been raining today, he felt that the wheelbarrow’s bearings would have been smoking.

From the thick rain, you can see a tall building not far away, and you can vaguely see the beautiful dome, that is, the Gotham City Court, opposite the court, across a small street park, It’s the Gotham City Police Department.

   There are no pedestrians on the street. This is the central city area. It is a place with dense government offices and a relatively safe place.

  In normal days, there are always people who like to take their family to this park to sit and sit, or people who work around come here for lunch or something.

   It’s a different matter in the middle of the night. Even if the police station is opposite, there will still be people trading drugs in the park.

   Su Ming feels that he is as cold as the outside environment. The outside world is only a few degrees. This is the case on rainy nights in spring. Every gap in the armor was filled with water, and the strong wind quickly took away the heat.

   Cindy is still leading the way a few steps away, and it should be cold now.

   “I knew the rain was getting heavier outside, we should have a few drinks at Halle’s place before coming out, at least it will be warmer.” Su Ming touched the wine in his backpack, which was stolen from the Weien Building.

   Cindy stepped on the wheelbarrow and sighed: “Sure enough, our thoughts are the same. I don’t just want to drink now, but I better have another hot dog or something.”

   “There should be vending machines in the police station. We will drop one in a while. Do you have a microwave oven in the world?”

   “Of course there is a microwave oven, home appliances?”

  Su Ming really doesn’t know what’s going on in this world. There are all electrical and communication equipment that should be there, but there is no aircraft, as if this science and technology tree has been forgotten.

   But the two are already planning what to eat when they arrive at the police station. As for the police inside, to the two death knells, they are like children with toy guns in their hands. You don’t need to kill the police, as long as you stun them all and kidnap Gordon. In the recent chaos in the city, according to his conscientious character, he will definitely work overtime at the police station at this time.

  Su Ming’s plan is like this. After kidnapping Gordon, he attacked the TV station and used Gordon’s safety as a bargaining chip on TV to allow Batwoman to appear.

   Will Briss not save Gordon when he is killed? Impossible, even if the earth is minus 11, before the destruction of Gotham, Briss is no different from Batman in other parallel universes.

   Even because she is the only superhero in this world, she has a more sense of responsibility. In the end, her family was destroyed and her sense of responsibility completely turned into a sense of guilt and crushed her.

   “Wait, do you hear gunshots over there?”

   Through the wind and rain, Su Ming vaguely heard a movement in the direction of the police station. There was no thunder in the rain this time, so the continuous roar was an explosion or shooting.

   Cindy took off the helmet and listened, her blonde hair was instantly wet by the rain, and her expression became serious.

   “That’s right, and the grenade exploded just now, inside the police station.”

   The two realized that things had changed, and they accelerated their pace.

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