The Eternal Heavenly Dao System of Ten Thousand Realms

Chapter 1640: Nuwa is wrong

Wa Palace.

Xiao Tian arrived in a hurry.

“Sister smashed, what a swelling!”

“Xiao Tian, ​​come on!”

With joy on Nuwa’s face, she grabbed Xiao Tian’s arm with her delicate hand, and headed to the studio where the pinch handle was done.

By hiding the visible reincarnation eyes of others, Xiao Tian could only see Nu Wa’s studio, a Q version of Xiao Tian’s figure figure, tossing everywhere.

“I’m going! What’s the situation! How did you make it live?”

Xiao Tian was a little confused.

Nuwa smiled and explained with a smile: “This is how things are. Ever since I created the human race, I have planned to create a new race, but I can’t get away from the human race sample, so I am very dissatisfied until recently. Fantastically, the powder polished with chaos stone, the nine-day breath of earth and my holy blood, plus the 99 years of baptism on my Road of Good Fortune, gave birth to spirituality.”

Xiao Tian said speechlessly: “But isn’t this alive figure still in human form? Although it’s a bit of a Q version, and this kid appears in the outside world, what do you let Xiaoye do for me? You won’t do it under my name. What a bad thing.”

“Xiao Tian, ​​don’t you think he is cute?”


Seeing the Q version of Xiao Tian jumping up and down, Xiao Tian has a black line. What good is this cute thing? Being stupid and mischievous, completely detrimental to his reputation.

“Lovely.” Xiao Tian said against his will.

Nu Wa laughed and shouted to the living body.

“Xiao Xiaoxiao, come here.”

In Xiao Tiantian, ten thousand beasts and horses galloped past.

“This kid can’t speak?”

Nuwa kneaded and started the living body and explained: “At present, I only have basic spirituality. I can understand what I mean. I am very good. I believe that it will be like a normal creature in the future, and it has a good foot. Maybe, once I succeed, I will have an army of hands-on hands in the future.”

“Awesome!” Xiao Tian said helplessly: “In the future, this kid, it’s better not to let it go, lest people doubt what’s wrong with you.”

Nu Wa said in a huff: “What nonsense? A normal person can tell that this is not a child at all. Only people with ulterior motives can think.”

“Gan!” The corners of Xiao Tian’s mouth twitched. Why did these words mean otherwise.

Xiao Tian is very innocent, he is very pure, alright.

“Sister, you let me come, this is it?”

“Of course it’s not.” Nu Wa slapped her hands. She smashed her hands and said with a serious expression: “My boy and your boy have gone to the land, before I asked my brother to give Lingzhu a calculation, Lingzhuzi There will be a catastrophe of life and death, and a great opportunity. My brother reminded me vaguely that it is difficult for Lingzhu to escape this calamity.”

“So I asked you to find a way.”

Xiao Tian raised his brows. Could the spirit beads of this world be or could not escape the life of becoming a real master of Taoist Taiyi?

But not necessarily! The amount of calamity is irreversible in the general situation, and can be changed in the minor situation. It is irreversible because the heaven is operating secretly, unless it is more powerful than the heaven.

“That’s it?”

Listening to Xiao Tian’s disdainful tone, Nuwa frowned and said, “Isn’t this serious? You can count the robbery.”

“Hurt, what’s wrong with the amount of robbery? Fuxi doesn’t say there is still a big chance, just watch it get better.”

“This is what I’m afraid of. You think Lingzhu is under my command, and the quasi-sage will be no problem in the future. Since it is a big opportunity, the variables are really complicated, and both Lingzhu and your Xiaoli It was on a gourd vine. My brother calculated that the fate of the seven brothers and sisters was approaching in this calamity.” Nuwa sighed.

The fate of seven gourd brothers and sisters is near? Xiao Tian couldn’t help thinking of the seven gourd babies becoming a super huge gourd baby.

“Hey, there is a play to watch.”

Beiju Luzhou, Qitian Palace, Xiao Tian’s Heavenly Dao body alone defeated the sky, and met an unexpected guest.

“Friends of Taoism, in Xia Bodhi.”

Heavenly Taoist Dugu Defeating Heaven is looking at this Bodhi Taoist. Among the myths on the past life, earth and ball, Bodhi is the master of Monkey King. He lives in the three-star cave of Xingyue on Fangcun Mountain in the overseas fairy mountain. The power.

There are many versions of Bodhi’s identity. Some believe that it is an ancestor who is not inferior to the Sanqing. Others believe that it was one of the three corpses of the Western religion before the prologue of the Westward Journey began. One of the protagonists of Xitian learning.

“Tsk tusk, this Bodhi is not the three corpses of Zhunti.” Dugu Baitian quietly captured the picture by hiding the super advanced enhanced version of the reincarnation eye and reincarnation pure eye that others can see, and feedback to the deity of Hunyuan Daluo Jinxian Xiao Tian.

Based on the analysis of the deity, a conclusion is drawn!

“Friends of Taoism came to my land, why?”

Dugu Baitian thought in his heart, could this person be Hongjun’s secret arrangement in order to escape from heaven? The cultivation base of this Bodhi is not low, and the quasi-sage is late.

At the beginning, the Zixiao Palace preached, 3000 disciples, many great abilities, but some great abilities were hidden everywhere in the prehistoric world, and did not go to listen to Dao Zu Hongjun’s preaching.

Some secret realms are protected and shielded by the natural forces of heaven and earth. In fact, they are the three clears, introductions, and quasi mentions of the saints of heaven. It is also difficult for Nuwa to see how many quasi-sage powers are in the wilderness.

Bodhi did not smile, and took out a piece of dead wood.

When Dugu Baitian glanced at it, his brow furrowed. This thing was extraordinary, it was lightning strikes.

Lightning wood is the essence of the wood left by the sky thunder bombarding the trees, and the one in Bodhi’s hand is left by the chaotic destruction **** thunder bombing Jianmu.

At the beginning of the great wilderness, there were world trees to build trees, and some chaotic congenital gods and demons invaded the great wilderness, triggering a war with the intention of destroying the world opened by Pangu.

Bodhi revealed his identity and was one of the three thousand innate gods and demons of Chaos.

However, today’s Bodhi Taoists have completely abandoned the heels of innate gods and demons, and settled in the background of prehistoric creatures.

“Friends, what do you mean?”

The Bodhi Taoist whispered: “Friends of Taoism, why should you and I conceal? Now that the tribulation is coming, why are the Taoists showing up in high profile.”

Dugu Beitian heard what he meant, and this Bodhi came to persuade him to escape from the world and avoid excessive calamity.

“Friends of Daoist, you avoid your calamity, I will pass mine.”

Bodhi frowned and said: “Friends of Taoism, don’t underestimate the calamity. Although you have sealed Luohu and have the power to reach the sky, the times have changed. The saint is strong, and I will wait for it to hide.”

“Friends of Taoism, don’t say much, the concept is different.”

“Since this is the case, fellow Taoists cherish this thing. I hope to preserve it. It can be used in times of crisis, and it can survive a catastrophe.” Bodhi left the tree struck by lightning and left Qitian Palace.

Dugu defeated and felt happy within the day, this Bodhi was really a good hand.

“I want to contaminate cause and effect with this seat, and test the reality of this seat.”

Dugu Beitian put away this lightning strike wood, which is a good thing, there are some special arrangements of Bodhi on it, with a great moving magical power, once triggered, it can move things around.

As soon as the Bodhisattva walked ahead of time, the voice of the prehistoric heaven sounded in the palace.

“Do you accept this kind of bad stuff too?” I couldn’t hear the misty voices of men and women coming into Dugubaitian’s ears.

“Why, not convinced? This seat is going to take a bath, you quickly get out of it, don’t peek.”

“Huh! I hope you don’t be your great maintainer, don’t make small moves in private!”

“Ooo, God, are you making it clear that you are going to die?” Dugu Baitian’s mouth was disdainful, and he undressed directly in the palace.

“Look at it, let you see it! Take a shower.”

“Ding! Go to the prehistoric world with anger! Get the prehistoric world achievement point*1!”

“Ding! Do you consume the Heavenly Dao achievement points in exchange for the Heavenly Dao Will Experience Card?”


Dugu Baitian’s eyes were bright. This is a good thing. After that, he can straighten his chest and back, and have the confidence to fight against the predominant way.

Jin’ao Island, the place where the main road of the Tongtian Church is located.

Zhunti concealed his breath, staring at the Jin Ao Island formation.

Suddenly, one person left the island, his eyes brightened.

“It’s the big disciple of Tongtian, Duobao. It’s interesting. This kid is highly regarded by Tongtian. It is said that there are a lot of Lingbao. It would be great if he could be taken into the West to teach.”

Zhunti secretly followed the Taobao Taoist.

This time the Taobao Taoist was ordered to go to the song and give gifts to Emperor Xin.

Outside the palace, Duobao descended from the sky.

At the same time, several fairy lights also landed.

“Who is my Dao? It turned out to be Duobao from the third master’s school. The body that I ate was plump, shiny and moist. It’s a pity that this Dao robe is made of good materials.”

Duobao furrowed his brows and followed the sound to see that he was a middle-aged man dressed in a mysterious and celestial style.

He recognized the other party, who was the true monarch of Qingxu, one of the twelve golden immortals, who was under the sect of Yuanshi Tianzun, the second senior brother.

“Qing Xu, are you looking for a fight?” Duo Bao was not at all shocked, his eyes staring coldly.

After all, Duobao is Tongtian’s number one disciple, and he has obtained many magic weapons, and his talent is also very good. Now it is the beginning of Quasi-Sage.

“Duobao, what do you want to do!” Guang Chengzi’s eyes are cold. As the peak of the Golden Immortal of Da Luo, although the magic weapon in his hand is not as good as Duobao, they are all good ones.

“Huh, Wang Wang’s birthday, I will let you go today.” Duobao shook his face.

“Duobao! You are too arrogant!” Guang Chengzi didn’t know that Duobao stepped into the realm of quasi-sage, and directly sacrificed the Fantian Seal and blasted.

Fan Tianyin is the top innate spiritual treasure bestowed by Yuanshi Tianzun. It is powerful. Those who are bombarded by Baoyin will be imprisoned by the primordial spirit, but the brain will be cracked, the primordial spirit will collapse, and the body will die.

“Look for a fight!”

The Taobao Taoists are not afraid, more than 30 innate spiritual treasures are all out, and the brilliance is colorful, and the terrifying coercion directly covers the five Daluo Jinxian, making the prestige of the Fantian seal firmly nailed in midair.

“Quasi, quasi!” Guang Chengzi was shocked.

“Huh!” Duobao was smug in his heart, his eyes were contemptuous, and he glanced at Guang Chengzi and others and said, “If it weren’t for this song, I must teach you well.”

“Don’t, you guys go on, it’s okay.” A voice came out, making the five big Luo Jinxian, Duobao stunned, and Zhunti who was hiding in the dark was also stunned.

King Zhou Di Xin, I don’t know when he will appear!

Zhunti was shocked in his heart, “Damn! This King Zhou has actually become a quasi-sage, when did he come, and it’s careless! This sage is too underestimated!”

Seeing King Zhou appeared, Duobao, Guangchengzi and others all put away their positions and greeted them kindly.

As the protagonist of the measurement, they have been instructed by their master to respect King Zhou.

“Several great immortals, go ahead, I am planning to renovate this square, so you can clean it up.” King Zhou smiled.

Dubao, Guang Chengzi couldn’t help being choked.

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