The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 1: Heaven and hell

   For the residents of Hampshire, Southampton, and 86 Eastleigh Road, July 29 is obviously not an ordinary day.

   The early morning bell had just struck seven times, and the young Jon Hart had gotten out of bed.

   Throwing a “Nature” magazine aside, he ran out of the room and ran to the kitchen.

   “Mom, has any letter arrived?”

   Mrs. Judy Hart is the mistress of 86 Eastleigh Road, a petite blonde woman who is even slightly taller than her 11-year-old son.

   “I’m sorry, dear, it seems that it hasn’t arrived yet.” She was frying French fries in the kitchen, and then smiled at Jon: “Your father is waiting at the door.”

   Jon walked into the yard, and sure enough, Mr. Eric Hart was pacing at the door.

   “Eric, there is actually no need to be so nervous!” Jon whispered.

   “Nervous? I’m not nervous at all!” Mr. Hart glanced at his son, pretending to be calm and said: “The old professors at Windsor Palace should be honored, Eaton can have such a good freshman as you!”

   While talking, his feet kept stomping on the floor frequently.

   Eric Hart is a well-known local lawyer, and his wife Judy is an excellent costume designer. Both husband and wife are leaders in their respective fields. Their annual income is close to £200,000. Even in Southampton, a port city with a high level of consumption, a family of three can lead a decent life.

   But what makes them even more proud is their child Jon. In the eyes of Eric and Judy, there is no better child in the world than Jon.

Jon has been a very sensible child since he was a child… When the children of other families were crying and crying, he had begun to learn to speak with their parents seriously; when the children of other families were clamoring for all kinds of toys, he I have begun to read a lot of scientific journals that are somewhat obscure.

When he was five years old, in a street interview, he made an impromptu speech on the theme “The Falkland Islands (Malvinas) are an inseparable part of Great Britain since ancient times”, which was widely circulated and won Great praise.

   In the British SATs? (National Primary School Final Examination) a month ago, Jon scored full marks on all six test papers, which is second to none in Hampshire’s nearly a century of history.


   Jon Hart, he is a traverser.

In his previous life, he was a PhD student in a second-rate 211 biology department in China. His research interests were in microbiology and immunity. After an accidental car accident and loss of consciousness, he discovered that he had actually traveled to a middle class in the UK in the 1980s. The family became a baby.

Jon, who has read books for more than 20 years in his previous life, didn’t know the lottery numbers and knew nothing about finance… In fact, in the late twentieth century and early 21st century, the classes in the capitalist developed countries have basically solidified and the systems are quite similar Perfect; it is not realistic to want to make a fortune through speculation with a little memory of past life.

   There is no gold finger, but there seems to be a bit of welfare for crossing: After crossing, his memory is very good, almost reaching the level of unforgettable.

   Therefore, Jon decided to follow the line of his previous life, study hard, work hard in scientific research, and fight for the socialist modernization drive for a lifetime!

   As early as five years old, he made a detailed plan for the development of the next thirty years.

   has shown a bit of “prodigy” characteristics since childhood, and achieved good results in the British SATs? (National Primary School Final Test), and applied to enter top middle schools such as Sao Paulo, Modlin, and Eaton.

   Then, with the help of an excellent middle school platform, and performed well in the A-Level exam (British college entrance examination), he entered the microbiology department of Oxford or Cambridge.

   With the help of his outstanding memory in this life, Jon can clearly remember the research data and research results decades later in his previous life, which can help him avoid many detours on the road of scientific research.

At the university level, Jon will begin to show his “talent” in scientific research, conduct experiments to reveal the activation and inhibition of innate immune mechanisms and publish related papers. This shocking paper, during the period around the millennium, It will definitely cause a huge sensation in the microbial community, and Jon will also take this opportunity to get acquainted with big cows such as JohnRobertVane, JohnE.Sulston, NielsKajJerne (all the Nobel Prize winners in Physiology and Medicine from Oxford and Cambridge).

After    had a certain fame, he would ask the big cows for help. One or two years before graduating from university, he went to Harvard or MIT to study for graduate students.

  Master’s scientific research subject, Jon will choose to isolate and cultivate a SARS virus strain in the early stage of the outbreak of SARS in China, reveal the pathogenic mechanism of SARS virus, and try to develop related subunit vaccines as soon as possible.

During the course of Dr.   , he will shift his goal to cancer and study the method of negative immunomodulation to treat cancer…

Before graduating from a PhD student, he can publish 3-5 in the most authoritative journals in the world, such as Nature (“Nature”), Lancet (“Lancet”), and CA-CancerJClin (“Clinical Cancer Journal”). A fairly classic paper.

   With such outstanding results, he can easily become a professor at Harvard or MIT after graduating from a PhD student.

After   , he will continue to engage in research in these areas. If all scientific research progresses smoothly, with his contributions in microbiology and immunity, he will probably win the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine between 2015-2020.

After    is successful, he can find the opportunity to go to China, go to Tsinghua University or Peking University as a visiting professor, become a Chinese nationality, and start struggling for the socialist modernization all his life!


   The idea is beautiful, but first you have to face reality.

He first had to apply to a top middle school in the UK… To be fair, Eton College is not the best choice. After all, it is a traditional aristocratic middle school. In recent years, although it has begun to recruit students from civilians, but Very demanding.

   But this is the opinion of his father Eric. In Eric’s view, entering a noble middle school like Eton College can help Jon get to know many future big men and accumulate a lot of connections in advance.

   Honestly, Eric was right.

If the memory is correct, in the next few years, Prince William and Prince Harry (both Prince Charles and Princess Diana) will enter Eton College one after another, and the direct heir to the royal family, William, should be in the same term as Jon. student.

   Classmates with the future King of England? It seems to be a very interesting thing.

   But think about it, it is also a lifetime series; you must know that Prince William’s grandmother still maintained a strong vitality during the previous life of Jon’s journey, but she is a figure comparable to a great man!

   Jon was thinking boredly, and suddenly heard a click of the mailbox outside the door.

   “Oh… God… they are here!” Eric’s face was a little pale, and he stammered.

   “I’ll get the letter!”

   Jon opened the door of the yard. Three golden lions were painted on the mailbox, and a dead brown bear was stepped on his feet… This was posted by Eric more than half a year ago to celebrate a big event.

   There is also a tabby cat standing next to the mailbox, staring at the gate of No. 86 Eastleigh Road.

   “Go away!” Jon kicked the wild cat away, and then took out a stack of letters from the mailbox.

  While reading the letter, he returned home, and both Eric and Judy hurriedly came around.

   The first letter was a gas bill.

   The second letter is a postcard from Aunt Alia to Judy.

   The third envelope was for him, and Jon slowly tore open the envelope:

  ”Dear Mr. Hart:

  I am happy to inform you that after our discussion, we agree that you have enough talents and qualifications to study at Eton College and become one of the 247 freshmen of Eton College in 1992.

sincerely yours.

  Tony Rido (Principal of Eton College

   “Oh, my God!” Jon couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at this time.

   “How is it?” Eric and Judy asked hurriedly.

   “I’m admitted!” He smiled and passed the letter over.

   Eric and Judy took the letter, and after reading it carefully, the expressions on their faces changed from apprehension to surprise, and finally to ecstasy.

   “Jon… darling, I know you can do it!” Judy hugged her son, and then kissed him **** the cheek.

   “I will tell all my colleagues and tell them how good my son is…” Eric roared with joy in the yard.

   Then, the couple kissed passionately in the yard without any scruples.

   I have to say that it is an extremely honorable thing for a non-aristocrat-born student to be invited by a prestigious school like Eaton.

   Especially in the atmosphere of Ying’s “Happy Education”.

  I have been in elementary school for six years in this life. None of Jon’s teachers have asked him about his studies…All the teachers care about is: “Did you have a happy time in school?”

   Basically all the classmates grew up in this “happy” atmosphere.

   has a few exceptions.

   For example, a girl named Susan in the same grade, her father is an extremely wealthy banker in Southampton. After school at three o’clock every afternoon, when other students are happily carrying out extracurricular activities, Susan will reluctantly be picked up by her father’s Rolls Royce for the first time.

   In Susan’s words, every day she is forced by her father to learn piano and dancing; her father also hired three tutors to force her to study a lot of homework and assign endless homework.

  The students are very sympathetic to Susan…

   There was news a week ago that 11-year-old Susan scored more than 95 points on each of the SATs? exams, and was admitted to London St. Paul’s Women’s College the first time.

   Those students who sympathized with Susan had to go to the local public high school in Southampton and continue to enjoy their “happy education”.

  Eng’s Education emphasizes “happy education” in teaching, but it does not show mercy after being eliminated.

  SATs? (National Primary School Final Examination) is conducted for 11-year-old primary school graduates, and the passing rate in general years is only 30%-50%. The results of this test and the letter of recommendation determine what level of secondary school an 11-year-old elementary school graduate will attend. UU Reading www.uukanshu. com even determines their future destiny.

   For middle schools, there is a huge gap between prestigious schools and ordinary schools…

Well-known universities such as Cambridge and Oxford will not recognize the transcripts of ordinary public high schools at all, let alone the recommendation letters written by the principals of ordinary public high schools. No matter how good your grades are, it is difficult to get their recognition; and Eton College At a prestigious school like St. Paul’s Women’s College, as long as the graduates do not have too bad A-Level test scores, they are basically close to half of them easily entering Cambridge and Oxford, and the rest are at the pace of studying abroad…

   Seeing his parents celebrating in ecstasy, a smile appeared on Jon’s face.

   The initial goal of planning the route has been achieved, and now I have basically stepped into Cambridge and Oxford with one foot…

   He even started to think of scenes of his future experiments in the laboratory celebrating the success of his experiments, the scenes of publishing papers in his core journals, and even the scenes of himself on the Nobel Prize podium…

   The only regret is probably that Eton College is a boys’ school; in the next seven years, it will be difficult for me to get in touch with girls of the same age.

   While thinking wildly, Jon glanced at the last letter.

   Hampshire, Southampton, 86 Eastleigh Road, walking in the yard, Mr. Jon Hart.

  The envelope is made of heavy parchment paper, and the address is written in emerald green ink. No stamps are posted.

   Jon turned the envelope over with trembling hands, and saw a wax seal, a shield coat of arms, and a lion, an eagle, a badger and a snake surrounded by the capital “H” letter.

   “Oh my day!” Jon couldn’t help cursing in Chinese.

   At this moment, the bottom of his heart is like a thousand horses running by.

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