The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 10: On the Hogwarts Express train (below)

   “Sister?” Astoria stood up feeling helpless.

Standing outside the door was a twelve or thirteen-year-old girl with blond curly hair, which looked a little like Astoria; but Astoria had a childish face that made people feel very soft, but she Gives a very Lingli expression.

   Daphne Greengrass looked like an angry hen, and glanced at Jon, who was sitting across from Astoria. Seeing Jon’s shirt and jeans with a disdainful expression on his face, he turned his gaze to Astoria.

   “Where did you go, do you know how long I have been looking for you?” she demanded harshly.

   “Sister…I…” The girl who was questioned seemed a little pale: “When I first entered the platform, I lost you…”

   “Then you should go to the conductor or the flight attendant!” Daphne Greengrass was condescending: “Instead of looking for a carriage.”

   While talking, she glanced at Jon warily.


   “You can’t run around, I think my mother has told you many times… She begged Professor Dumbledore to…” Daphne said halfway, and gave Jon a third look and didn’t say any more.


Jon on the side of    has entered the theater mode.

   Although he has a good view of Astoria Greengrass, Daphne Greengrass attitude makes him a little unhappy.

   But after all, it’s hard for an upright official to judge housework. Being an outsider, it’s hard to manage matters between their sisters. Therefore, he is at ease as a spectator.

   “Quickly, pack your things and follow me!” Daphne ordered, “There is still a place in my private room.”

   Astoria glanced at Jon a little apologetically, and then nodded stiffly with her pale face.

   “Okay, sister…”

   She began to put the things on the seat back into the suitcase.

   When she was about to cover the opened bottle of Coca-Cola, but hadn’t drunk it, and put it in the box.

   “Astoria! Don’t take the dirty stuff that Muggles use!” Daphne Greengrass screamed.

   Even though Jon’s performance was very good, he couldn’t help frowning at this time.

   Astoria’s face seemed to become paler.

   “Okay, sister!” But she didn’t seem to dare to disobey her sister’s order and put the Coke back in place.


   There was a sudden sound of messy footsteps outside the door, and the compartment door was opened again.

   “Are there any seats available here? The other places are full!” A girl’s voice came from the door.

   The girl seemed to notice Astoria who was carrying a suitcase and preparing to go out: “Hey, are you going to go? Can I take the place where you were just now?”

   This is a very beautiful little girl, she has a soft reddish brown hair and a pair of brown pupils. More importantly, she does not look strange at all.

   “Mom!” Jon, who was still in theater mode just now, was almost taken aback.

   This is probably the last person he wants to see on the train: Ginny Weasley.

   She was probably looking for Harry and Ron before, so she has no seats yet; but she didn’t know that Harry and Ron had already driven to school in a speeding car.

   Traveling on the train with Ginny Weasley who has been possessed by Voldemort?

   This is too scary, you know, it’s only a quarter past eleven, and there is still almost half a day of journey.

   What if you get acquainted with her, and when people are happy, they change the first target of the basilisk to themselves?

   Not to mention that Voldemort himself is a master of pantheon who can cast spells without a wand. If you inadvertently show the opponent a follow-up story, then TM will be over.

   Jon took measures at the first time. In any case, he had to let Astoria stay and at least persuade Ginny Weasley to leave.

   Almost in the blink of an eye, he rushed up and pressed Astoria’s suitcase.

“That…Miss Greengrass…” He turned his back to Ginny as much as possible to prevent her from noticing himself: “I think there is nothing wrong with Astoria staying in this private room, as if she has What discomfort, I think I can take care of her…”

   “You…” Daphne Greengrass looked at Jon’s expression and became even more disgusted.

   “Jon…I…” Astoria’s pale face appeared a little rosy.

   Ginny Weasley seemed to think there should be no place for this compartment, and turned and left… Jon couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

   “Sister…I think I can stay and take care of myself…” Astoria whispered, this may be one of the few things she meant to disobey her sister in her life.

   “What did you say?” Daphne Greengrass couldn’t believe her ears.

   She grabbed Astoria Greengrass’s hand fiercely, and then yelled at Jon:

   “I… definitely… won’t… let my sister stay in a cubicle with a mudblood!”

   After speaking, she forcibly took Astoria’s hand and walked away.


   Jon felt his hand, UU reading trembling slightly.

   There is rarely such a strong emotion… so angry!

   The last time this happened was when he attended an academic conference in Marseille in his previous life. A German called him “chink”. At that time, he rushed in angrily and punched the opponent severely…

   If it were not for the instructor and the initiator of the meeting, the relationship was good. If this matter was suppressed, he might be punished by the school after returning to China.

   The mood now is almost exactly the same as it was then.

   Jon’s first thought was to take out the magic wand and give the opponent a petrification spell… It’s a pity that the wand was placed in the suitcase. When it was taken out, Daphne probably had already left.

   With a sullen face, he returned to his seat. Although he successfully got rid of Ginny Weasley, he had no sense of accomplishment at all.

   I made two rough gestures on the table with my finger. It is September 1st. The latitude of the Scottish Highlands is about 56-57 degrees north latitude, the longitude is about 3 degrees west longitude, and the time zone is Greenwich (0).

   is so simple:

  Sunset time=(180+time zone*15-longitude+(tan(10547π/81000*cos(2π*(date+9)/365))*tan(latitude*π/180))*180/π)/15

   A simple calculation, the sunset time in the Scottish Highlands is about 19:13:40.

   According to the original description, the train will not arrive at Hogwarts until after dark.

   It’s just over 400 miles, and it takes more than eight hours to drive. It’s really slow… Just that little distance, pull the Harmony over, maybe it can catch up with Hogwarts lunch.

   Jon set the alarm clock to 19:10, then lay on the seat, falling asleep.

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