The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 11: Arrive at Hogwarts


   With the scream of the alarm clock, Jon woke up from his sleep.

   It is 7:10 pm GMT, the sky has almost completely darkened, Jon quickly took out the Hogwarts black robe from the suitcase and passed it on to his body.

   “The train will arrive at Hogwarts in five minutes. Please leave your luggage in the car and we will send it to the school for you.” A voice echoed on the train.

   This is good news, I don’t need to carry such a heavy salute to school.

   The train slowed down and finally stopped.

   Jon squeezed to the exit, and the passengers pushed and shoved, rushing to the door, and squeezing onto a dark and small platform.

   “First graders! First graders come here!” A loud voice came from the front.

   Jon saw a big man who stood out in the crowd. His face was almost completely covered by unkempt long hair and thick tangled beard, but he could still see his black beetle-like eyes gleaming under the hair.

“I’m Hagrid, Ruber Hagrid, Hogwarts key keeper and hunting ground guard!” Above a crowd of thousands of people, the big bearded man showed a smile on his face. “Come on, come with me, are there any first-year students?

   “Be careful under your feet, okay! First-year freshmen come with me!”

  Although most of the first-year freshmen followed Hagrid, they kept a certain distance from him because of Hagrid’s huge body and fierce face.

   Jon followed Hagrid without any scruples. He knew very well that although Hagrid looked a bit fierce, in fact he was a downright good person.

   Next to Jon is a very weird girl. She has messy, waist-long white hair, very pale eyebrows and bulging eyes.

   “It’s a wonderful journey, isn’t it?” She sighed with intoxicated emotion.

   “Yes!” Jon nodded, although he didn’t know where the strange point was.

   They followed Hagrid, stumbling and stumbling, and seemed to be walking down a steep and narrow path.

   “Turning this turn, you will soon see Hogwarts for the first time.” Hagrid shouted back.

   At the end of the narrow path, a black lake suddenly unfolded, which made almost everyone exclaimed, even Jon, who was mentally prepared, was no exception.

   “There, it’s Hogwarts!” Hagrid shouted, pointing to the other side of the lake.

On the high hillside on the other side of the lake stands a towering castle. The top of the castle is lined with spires, and windows are gleaming under the stars.

   “Each boat cannot exceed four people!” Hagrid pointed to a group of boats moored on the shore and said loudly.

   Jon boarded one of the boats, as did the weird white-haired girl, and two strange little boys.

   “Are you all on the boat?” Hagrid shouted, taking a boat by himself. , “Well, go ahead!” A group of small boats immediately passed the mirror-like lake and sailed forward.

   This is probably a kind of ritual for Hogwarts’ new life, while rowing the oars, Jon thought to himself.

The four founders of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin came to Hogwarts by driving a small boat; therefore, every new student at Hogwarts must go again. Repeat this section of the road.

   The boat carried them through the ivy tents covering the cliffs to the secret open entrance.

   They seemed to come to the castle underground along a dark tunnel, and finally reached a place similar to an underground dock, and then climbed onto a ground of gravel and small pebbles.

   Under the light of Hagrid’s lantern, everyone climbed a section of stone steps and gathered in front of a huge oak door.

   Hagrid raised a worn-out pink umbrella and knocked three times on the castle gate.


   The door was quickly opened.

   “Welcome to Hogwarts!” Hagrid smiled and blinked at the little wizards behind him, and then he continued to drive ahead.

   In front of them, there is a stone wall with flaming torches around the stone wall; the ceiling is so high that the top is almost invisible; and the front is a luxurious marble staircase leading upstairs.

   “Jon!” A little hand pulled the robe behind Jon.

   “What’s the matter?” Hearing this familiar voice, Jon turned around and said calmly, “Miss Greengrass!”

  Under the shining of the torch, Astoria Greengrass’ face looked paler than during the day.

   Her hand seemed to tremble slightly when she heard the blunt call.

   Astoria whispered: “Daphne… she really is… She never deliberately called you Mudblood, UU reading she just…”

   “Just say you slipped your mouth?” Jon’s voice didn’t have the slightest sympathy: “Perhaps you call us like that every day at home. Today is only a momentary anger and accidentally slipped in front of people?”


   Astoria still wants to distinguish something.

   Hagrid yelled in front, interrupting the conversation between them:

   “Professor Snape, why are you here?”

   A middle-aged man with greasy black hair, a hooked nose, and sallow skin walked through a cabin on a slope.

   Jon suddenly felt Professor Severus Snape’s gaze, staring at him firmly, and quickly lowered his head.

   He just came through a door very close to his position, and he might even have heard the conversation between himself and Astoria.

Severus Snape stopped less than a yard from Jon and slowly said, “I heard Barrow say that an extremely precious beating willow seemed to have been injured by something. I am going to take a look!”

   “Okay!” Hagrid nodded, “I’m sending the freshmen to the sorting ceremony!”

   After speaking, Hagrid continued to move forward, and Jon quickly lowered his head to follow.

  I don’t know if it was an illusion, he felt Snape’s eyes staring at the back of his head until he left his sight.

   Hagrid took them to a small empty room. The little wizards rushed in, rubbing their shoulders and huddling together, staring nervously at everything around them.

   Professor Minerva McGonagall, wearing an emerald green robe, is waiting for them here.

   “First-year freshman, Professor McGonagall!” Hagrid said.

   “Thank you, Hagrid. Leave it to me now.”

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