The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 12: Sorting ceremony

   “Welcome to Hogwarts!” Unlike Hagrid, when Professor Minerva McGonagall said this, the expression on her face was extremely serious, without any smile.

  The little wizards in the first grade can obviously also feel that this old professor is not easy to deal with, they all quieted down and did not dare to whisper.

   “The opening banquet is about to begin, but before you go to the restaurant, you must first determine which college you enter each…” Professor McGonagall briefly introduced the sorting ceremony and the college cup!

   “When I’m ready over there, I’ll come back to pick you up!” Professor McGonagall was about to leave, and casually asked: “While waiting, please keep quiet…Are there any questions?”

   Jon raised his hand high.

   “What’s the matter, Mr. Hart?” Obviously Professor McGonagall still has a little impression of the little wizard who kicked her.

   “Uh, professor!” Jon lighted his throat. He was sure that with Professor McGonagall’s justice, he would not be angry with him because of his unintentional mistake a month ago.

“I was on the train before, I met a second-year Hogwarts student who called me a’mudblood’… To be honest, I don’t quite understand what this term means, but from her time Judging from his expression, it does not seem to be a friendly word!”

   The expression on Jon’s face was calm, as if he really didn’t know what “mudblood” meant.

“Who, she dare…” Professor McGonagall suddenly changed his expression: “Dare to say such an insulting word at Hogwarts. Hogwarts has been working hard for the past thousand years. To eliminate the prejudice between pure-blood wizards and Muggle-born wizards…”

   “She seems to have said her name… it seems to be… Greengrass!”

“Greengrass?” Professor McGonagall’s face returned to calm: “Mr. Hart, that is a vicious curse, a slanderous name, forget her words, no one dares to call it like that at Hogwarts. you guys……”

   While talking, she glanced at the crowd with sharp eyes.

   Then, she left the room.

   Jon faintly heard Professor McGonagall’s roar from the hall:

   “Daphne Greengrass, you go to my office now… Wait for me on the marble staircase outside the hall, in the room next to the corridor!”

   “Felius, can you please call Severus for me?”


   But Jon didn’t attract too much attention from the first-year students.

   Because of their attention, they are mainly focused on the upcoming “sorting ceremony”.

   After all, Hogwarts’s “sorting intimidation” of first-year students is a fine tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Originally, Astoria should also discuss with this group of first-grade wizards eagerly whether the “sorting ceremony” should overturn a giant monster or release ten spells… But now, she is standing in a trance. There.

   “Why are you doing this, sister… Daphne… she will be expelled…”

   “She asked for this.” Jon said calmly, “And I don’t think Hogwarts will expel a student for a curse.”

   “She really didn’t mean anything…”

   “I think you should go and explain to Professor McGonagall better.”


   Astoria decided to turn around and decided not to ignore him.

   Jon didn’t have any thoughts of licking in the past, he saw a wall in front of him, and suddenly twenty ghosts popped out. These pearly white, translucent ghosts glided across the room, whispering to each other.

   “Ah…” Several timid girls screamed in fright.

   “It’s a freshman again!” A chubby monk’s ghost smiled at them and said, “I think you are probably going to be tested, right?”

   haven’t allowed them to answer…

   “Now move forward.” A shrill voice came from the surrounding walls: “The sorting ceremony is about to begin.”

   “In a single line!” Professor McGonagall returned and said.

   There was a small noise in the crowd, and under the guidance of Professor McGonagall, they finally lined up in a row.

   Jon is in front of Astoria… But Astoria made up his mind not to look back. They kept two or three yards away.

   The little wizards walked out of the room one by one, walked through a narrow corridor, and came to the hall of Hogwarts.

   Such a magnificent hall, on the podium is a long table on which sits all kinds of teachers…

   They were at the long table on the rostrum, following the instructions of Professor McGonagall, with their backs to the teachers.

   In front of them are four long tables placed sideways, and hundreds of old Hogwarts students are applauding eagerly.

   The “ceiling” above his head, the stars flickered, and it was extremely lifelike…Even if he had some psychological preparation, Jon had to express a sigh in his heart.

   Professor McGonagall put a four-legged stool in front of them…and then put a top wizard hat on the stool.

   This should be the former Godric Gryffindor hat, now the sorting hat!

   The Sorting Hat spoke, and with its hoarse voice, began to sing its own songs.

   That soul singer-like singing really makes people want to cover their ears.

   After a few minutes of suffering, the Sorting Hat finally finished the performance…

   Professor McGonagall walked a few steps forward, UU reading www. holds a roll of parchment in his hand.

   “Whoever I call by name now puts on a hat, sits on the stool, and waits for the sorting.” She said, “Sean Avery!”

   A tall boy with freckles stumbled out of the crowd and put on his hat.


   The table on the far right burst into violent applause; and the table on the far left heard a faint boo.

   The tall boy trot over in relief.

   The name Avery seems a bit familiar… It seems to be the name of a Death Eater, but it looks like a dead second generation?

   “Theresa Baker!”


   This time, the second table on the left clapped hands and applauded. Several Ravenclaw students were shaking hands with Teresa.

   Colin Creevey became Gryffindor’s first freshman. The farthest dining table on the left burst into cheers, and Jon saw the Weasley brothers celebrating there.


   “Astoria Greengrass!”

   Astoria walked over and put the hat on his head.

   “Slytherin!” shouted the hat almost just touching her hair.

   may be because of her sister. Judging from her expression, she doesn’t seem to be very happy.

   When seeing Draco Malfoy giving up his seat to Astoria, Jon couldn’t help but let out a cold snort.

   “Jon Hart!” The Sorting Hat shouted his name immediately.

   Jon stood up, feeling as if the eyes of the entire hall were focused on him.

   lowered his head slightly, he walked over and put on the sorting hat.

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