The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 14: Helga-Hufflepuff

   gradually fades with the singing…

“Music!” Albus Dumbledore stood up and said the closing words of the banquet: “It’s more charming than everything we did here! It’s bedtime now, and everyone goes back to the dorm. Go ahead.”

   “First-year freshman, come with me!” Hufflepuff’s prefect Gabrielle Truman raised his hand high and motioned the first-year Hufflepuff to approach him.

  From Gryffindor to Slytherin, college after college, students filed out…

   looked at the crowd and the length of the table. Jon found that the students of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin were almost the same, but the number of students in Hufflepuff was almost double theirs.

   They followed Gabriel, through the noisy crowd, out of the restaurant, and up the marble staircase.

“Congratulations! At the same time, I warmly welcome you to Hufflepuff College.” Gabrielle introduced to the Hufflepuff freshmen as he walked: “Our emblem is a badger, which is often underestimated. Animals, because they are calm before being attacked, but once provoked, they can fight against animals that are much larger than themselves, including wolves.”

   “Hufflepuff’s common room is located on the basement floor, on the same corridor as the kitchen.” Gabriel led the way through a corridor, ignoring the person on the portrait pointing as they passed.

   Jon felt they were in the basement of Hogwarts Castle.

“The front is your potions classroom. Going right from there and passing through a stone wall is the Slytherin common room… I swear I’ve never sneaked into the Slytherin common room! “While speaking, Gabriel blinked.

   “Maybe you need to give way, Hufflepuff first-year students!” A cold voice came from behind them.

   “Good evening, Miss Farley!” Gabriel motioned to the Hufflepuff freshmen to step aside, but he fell to the end of the line alone: ​​”And…the Slytherin freshmen!”

   Slytherin’s prefect Gemma Farley is taking Slytherin’s first-year students and meeting them on a narrow road.

   “Let’s let it go!” Gabriel suggested.

   “I agree!” Farley nodded.

   Two teams, one to the left and the other to the right… Slytherin’s team turned to the right, while Hufflepuff’s team continued to advance.

   Astoria Greengrass was behind Farley, she almost passed Jon, but neither looked up.

   “Don’t be afraid of Slytherin, badgers will never be afraid of snakes!” Gabriel smiled, “Where did I just say it!”

   “Oh yes, the kitchen is further ahead!” Gabriel led them through a corridor again: “The entrance to the lounge is hidden in a pile of barrels in the right corner of the kitchen corridor…This is it!”

“Just like me, hit the bottom of the two big barrels in the middle of the second row with the rhythm of’Hurga-Hufflepuff’, and the lids will automatically rotate open… The academy that rejects the intruder’s magic, if the wrong lid is knocked, or the rhythm of knocking is wrong; hehe, illegal intruders will be doused with vinegar.”

   While talking, Gabriel got into one of the big barrels.

   Jon and the rest of the Hufflepuff freshmen looked at each other, and then they all got in.

   They walked slowly along the passage, passed through an underground tunnel as round as oak barrels, and then arrived at a round, low-roofed room with a touch of earthy fragrance. There were many upholstered sofas and chairs in the room.

   They arrived at Hufflepuff’s common room.

“If it’s daytime, it will be sunny here, and you can even see swaying grass and dandelions through the round windows.” Gabriel opened a round arch in the room: “Now, I will take you to your dormitory. Look!”

   The other Hufflepuff first-year freshmen have followed Gabriel’s pace.

   Jon stopped, and stopped by the burning fireplace… There was a portrait of a witch on the fireplace.

   There is a small line under the portrait:

  ”Helga-Hufflepuff (964-1032) is recognized as one of the greatest witches in the history of British magic

   She was born in the valley of Wales in 964 AD

   Participated in the creation of Hogwarts in 993, and advocated that all children with the potential to be a wizard should enter Hogwarts to study

   998-1032 served as the second principal of Hogwarts.

   Hufflepuff’s greatest achievement is the discovery of more than 200 specific uses of herbs

  In addition, she has made outstanding contributions to the protection of food curse and house elves.”

The portrait of Helga-Hufflepuff is only 20 or 30 years old. It is very beautiful, and gives a feeling of gentleness and kindness. She stood gracefully in front of the newly built Hogwarts Castle at the time, looking at her. Far away. UU reading www.

   Jon bends down solemnly and bows deeply to the founder of Hufflepuff College and Hogwarts in the portrait.

There are so many new students at Hogwarts every year, Gryffindor has selected brave and fearless students, Slytherin has selected students with pure blood and ambitious, Ravenclaw has transferred wise and shrewd students… …

  So what about Hufflepuff, did she just pick out the honest and hardworking students?

   No, she didn’t… She included all the remaining students who were not selected by other colleges into her college, regardless of whether they met Hufflepuff’s admissions standards!

Imagine that a young wizard received a letter from Hogwarts and came here happily in a boat… Then the sorting hat told him that he was neither brave nor fearless, nor blood ambition, nor wise and shrewd, let alone Integrity and diligence; he was not selected by any academy, and all that awaits him is a way home by using the Forgotten Charm and rowing back home.

   What a cruel thing that would be!

Helga-Hufflepuff stopped him and told him that he could come to her academy; even in him, he could not find any merit… But as long as he was a wizard, even the crappy and stupid wizard, As long as a wizard is enough, he has the qualifications to receive education at Hogwarts.

Jon remembered the number of Hufflepuff students in the restaurant almost twice as many other colleges… If it weren’t for Helga, half of them would be cruelly eliminated on the first day of school. Drop it…

   After bowing, Jon raised his head… and then found Helga Hufflepuff on the portrait and blinked at him.

   He also smiled at the portrait, and then walked to the round arch opened by Gabriel.

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