The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 15: The kitchen and the responsive house (part 1)

   At 6 o’clock the next morning, Jon Hart woke up from his sleep.

   got up and looked around. He is now in the boys’ dormitory in Hufflepuff.

   Hufflepuff’s dormitory is in the form of a single room. Everyone has their own compartment… Although each compartment is very small from the outside, the space inside is surprisingly spacious.

   The suitcase has been carried in, and the glass cage containing two South African red spiders has been placed on the window sill.

Jon walked over, took out a few dead breadworms from the small box next to the cage, and threw them into the glass cage… He didn’t really care about the health of these two spider “pets”, as long as they could persist until around Halloween That’s it!

   After a simple wash and put on Hogwarts black robe, he came to Hufflepuff’s common room.

   There is no one here now, after all, it is around six in the morning. The warm sunlight shines through the window on the plant specimens placed in the lounge, which are all placed here by Hufflepuff’s Dean Professor Sprout!

   Jon didn’t intend to stay in the common room. He passed through the circular underground tunnel, got out of the barrel, and returned to the underground corridor of Hogwarts.

   Hogwarts school rules prohibit wandering around the school at night… Jon also does not have a stealth cloak or a live spot map, so he can explore the school at night calmly.

   But this does not prevent him from getting up at six o’clock in the morning and strolling around the same quiet campus. It does not violate the school rules and the light will be brighter.

   Jon’s first stop, he chose the… kitchen next to the Hufflepuff common room.

   He wants to have breakfast first, but at this point, the restaurant must not be open.

   “Gabriel said yesterday that the kitchen is in this corridor…”

   Jon said to himself while watching his surroundings.

   Soon, he found it, a portrait of a silver bowl full of fruits.

   Jon stretched out a finger and gently scratched the big green pear; the pear squirmed, chuckling, and suddenly turned into a big green doorknob.

   Passing through this door, what you see is a room almost the same size as the restaurant. There are many shiny copper pots and basins on the surrounding stone wall, and there is a large brick fireplace at the other end of the room.

   “Sir… hello… sir…” A little thing rushed towards him quickly: “Excuse me, please!”

   A ugly “little monster”, a house elf…It has two big ears like bats and a pair of protruding green eyes the size of a tennis ball. Even with some psychological preparation, Jon was almost taken aback.

“Hello!” Jon adjusted his emotions a little, and then reached out a hand to the house elf: “I am Jon Hart, a student of Hufflepuff, I can come here to ask you for a copy Breakfast?”

   “Hufflepuff!” The house elf suddenly screamed: “Welcome…very welcome… my honor…”

   screamed, and it held Jon’s **** with both hands in fear.

   Immediately, six house elves hurried up from behind him, holding a large silver tray with a large glass of milk, a cup, and a large plate of biscuits.

   “Thank you, thank you very much… it is not so practical!” Jon said sternly, “By the way, I don’t know your name yet.”

   “My name is Klein, sir…” The house elf said, wiping tears, “It is our honor to be able to serve the students of Hufflepuff!”

   More and more house elves gathered around and stuffed bread, butter cakes and pies into Jon’s hands.

   “Enough, enough, not so much!” As he said, Jon turned his eyes back to Klein: “Wait, why do you want to emphasize Hufflepuff?”

“A thousand years ago, the life of our house elves was very miserable… Mrs. Helga-Hufflepuff brought our ancestors to work in the Hogwarts kitchen to ensure that we have work to do and will not be abused. We live better than the house elves everywhere…” Klein said with a choked voice.

   “Protecting Hufflepuff is the mission of every Hogwarts house elf…”


   Ten minutes later, under the gaze of more than a hundred house elves, Jon left the kitchen with a bag full of food in his robe.

   It seems that I chose Hufflepuff correctly, at least I can eat and drink in school in the future!

And he also seems to understand why Hufflepuff’s common room is not equipped with any magic to repel intruders, and the common room and dormitory of Hufflepuff are almost a thousand years old. Have been broken into by strangers…Because the house elves have been monitoring the entrance of the Hufflepuff common room, any illegal intruders will be driven away by them!

   He did not go back to Hufflepuff’s common room, nor was he in a hurry to go to class. It was only half past six now… and walked upstairs to the castle.

   The stairs at Hogwarts are complicated, but fortunately, you can ask the portraits for directions, and most of the portraits are also happy to show him the way… Around the stairs, Jon climbed to the eighth floor of the castle.

   After more than ten minutes, he found the wall opposite the tapestry where the giant stick beat Barnabas on the eighth floor of Hogwarts Castle.

   Along this wall, he walked back and forth three times, and a brightly polished door appeared on the wall!

   The door of the Bing House appeared in front of Jon… Reaching out his hand, turning the brass handle, he pushed the door open.

   A dining table appeared in the house with a whole set of tableware.

   “Wow, it’s amazing!” Jon took out the biscuits, cakes and bread stuffed in his robe and put them on the plate; then he picked up the cutlery and began to enjoy his breakfast.

   “Perhaps I should test, what can the “House of Request” offer the most?” Jon thought to himself.

  From the largest range, narrow it down a little bit…

   Jon stood up.

“I need a strategic missile silo, and an intercontinental strategic missile with a nuclear warhead!” He said silently in his heart: “It doesn’t need too much power. Dongfeng 5, Baiyang M or Minuteman 3 models can be used. Make do with it!”

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