The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 16: The kitchen and the responsive house (part 2)

   The whole cabin suddenly began to vibrate violently…

   The dining table in front of him suddenly disappeared, and even the breakfast that Jon hadn’t finished with him disappeared with him.

   The violent shaking stopped after half a minute, and Jon almost thought it was an earthquake.

   However, the expected nuclear bomb silos and nuclear missiles did not appear… In fact, after the violent shaking, the whole hut was empty and nothing happened!

   This disappointed Jon.

   It seems that the House of Requirement should be doing its best, but it has no such ability!

“Change to a lower level…” Jon cleared his throat: “Then come for a multiple rocket launcher that can cover the entire Hogwarts (including the Forbidden Forest) within 30 seconds, Guardian or Any tornado level is fine!”

   The violent vibration appeared again, just when Jon almost fell to the ground; fortunately, a pillar suddenly appeared in front of him so that he could hug and maintain his balance.

   There is a responsive house performance, and nothing more.

   The expected rocket launcher still did not appear!

   “I’m Cao, isn’t this all right…”

   “Then a lower level… a Type 59 main battle tank!”

   “Still not working?”

   “The 35mm Type 87 grenade launcher…this shouldn’t be difficult…”

   “Replace…AK-47 assault rifle?”

   “The 92 semi-automatic pistol?”

   “A bayonet?”


   “Fuck, you can’t even make a bayonet?” Jon couldn’t sit still.

   At first, he thought it was the responsive house that did not respond for a while, and deliberately repeated “a bayonet” several times… The result was the same as before. After the violent shaking, the whole house was empty.

   “Are you worthy of asking yourself to be responsive?” Jon cast a helpless look at the wall on the side: “You can’t even change a bayonet or a pistol!”

   There were a few unpleasant calls suddenly on the wall… to be precise, it was a bit like crying.

   Then, a table appeared in front of Jon. A bottle of Scotch whisky and a wine glass appeared on the table out of thin air… The bottle was poured into the glass full of ale, and then the glass flew in front of Jon.

   “I, Cao, this room is fine!” After taking the glass of wine, Jon couldn’t help blinking his eyelids: “It will be sad and apologizing…Isn’t it banning fineness after 1949?”

   Just when he thought of this, Jon realized one thing!

   Hogwarts was established in 993 AD, that is, before 999; if there were no accidents, the House of Request should have been built at that time!

   “Give me a set of Crusader armor and a Tang sword!” He said with a serious face.

   This time, Bingying gave an accurate response.

   A set of heavy armor and a sharp long knife… appeared in front of Jon almost instantly.

The armor is very heavy, and Jon is very difficult to lift it up. Although it is certainly not able to block bullets, ordinary arrows may not be able to penetrate it; the long knife is also extremely sharp, and the hilt is engraved with four “Tianbao Five Years” in Shanghai. Chinese character.

   Throwing the armor and Tang knife aside, Jon knew that his guess should be correct.

  The House of Requirement was built almost at the same time as Hogwarts. Its creator was probably one of the four founders of Hogwarts, or even more. Like the Sorting Hat, the powerful magic gives the House of All Requests a certain amount of wisdom, but its scope of wisdom and ability is consistent with its founder…

   Therefore, anything that transcends the times, even a bayonet with a simple structure, cannot be provided by the House of Request!

   Jon used another method to verify this.

He asked for a few books on “Defense against the Dark Arts” from the House of Requests, and the books appeared immediately: “Curses and Anti-Curses”, “Common Dark Arts and Their Defense Guidelines”, “Guidelines for Self-Protection Magic”…… Be careful I checked the publication dates of these books, and without exception, they were published before the 9th and 10th centuries.

   It seems that these Defense Against the Dark Arts books are of little significance… Jon also put them aside. The magic of a thousand years ago, I don’t know how many generations it has developed, and it must be very different from the present… Lack of effectiveness, and blind learning will definitely take many detours.

   waved his hand, the armor, Tang Knife, and books disappeared.

   was replaced by a row of sight glasses and secret detectors, and a large demon mirror…a large number of dark magic defense devices, although they may not be able to play a real role.

   There are also huge silk cushions and a few movable dummy.

   raised the bamboo wand, he began to practice the petrification spell here…

   The only offensive spell that I can use at this stage, although the lethality is not high, I have to practice more proficiently…In this way, I can have a certain resistance ability when I encounter an enemy.


When    left the responsive house, it was already eight o’clock.

   The morning class at Hogwarts is at 8:30, and the first class after school starts is Professor Minerva McGonagall’s transformation class. Hufflepuff and Gryffindor attend together.

  The deformation class classroom is on the seventh floor of Hogwarts Castle. It only took a few minutes before Jon arrived here.

   The door of the classroom was opened, and there was no one inside. It seems that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff’s first-year freshmen are still having breakfast in the dining room…

   In addition to the podium, there is a tabby cat standing.

   Jon didn’t dare to neglect, walked to the podium respectfully and bowed deeply to the cat:

   “Professor McGonagall.”

   The tabby cat glanced at Jon, nodded, but did not change into a human form.

   Jon found a seat in the front row, UU read and opened his own “Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration” by Emery Swich.

   looked around aimlessly (the content of this book has long been memorized by him), while observing the tabby cat on the podium from the corner of his eye.

Animagus is indeed a powerful magic. Professor McGonagall has become this tabby cat, not only in its appearance as a cat, but also in its physiological habits. It can be said that she has certain cats. Animal instinct.

   But this magic, in Jon’s view, seems to have little meaning.

After all, the transformation of Animagus is limited to non-magical creatures, and the transformation of magical creatures (such as phoenix, fire dragon, eagle-headed horse-winged beasts, etc.) will bring unpredictable consequences…So it is said that becoming an animal, not only cannot be used Any increase in your combat power will instead make you a wizard who can biubiubiu into an ordinary animal that can only use claws and teeth.

More importantly, ordinary polymorphism can also turn a wizard into an animal in a short time, although the effect is not as good as that of Animagus; but if you only need to become an animal detection, it seems to be enough… and the types are variable , Unlike Animagus, stick to one animal.

   Not to mention that it takes several years to become Animagus, and after a few years, there is still a high chance of failure, and there is still a great danger. There were only seven Animagus registered in the entire 20th century, plus the unregistered ones, it is estimated that there are only about twenty. It can be said that for ordinary wizards, it is a very difficult magic.

   To put it simply, it is difficult for Animagus to learn without a plug-in, the actual effect is small, and it is basically useless except for the installation of B.

   To put it mildly, the pay and the benefit are not proportional…

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