The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 17: Transfiguration class and spell class

   I silently criticized the Animagus spell from the bottom of my heart, and the surrounding first-year students of Hufflepuff and Gryffindor have arrived one after another.

   “Hello, Jon.”

   “Hello, Steven.”

   “Good morning, Jon.”

   “Good morning, Heloise.”

   and Hufflepuff’s classmates greeted one by one… but they didn’t know that the tabby cat on the podium was Professor McGonagall, talking and playing with each other unscrupulously.

   Steven Lucas also wanted to go to the podium to play a tabby cat, but Jon stopped him.

   Ginny Weasley also came, she also sat in the front row, sitting alone not far from Jon’s right hand.

   At half past eight, everyone in the class is here… Probably no one will be late for the first day or the first class.

   “Good morning, everyone!” Professor McGonagall’s voice suddenly came from the podium, shocking most students: “Please keep quiet!”

   The whole classroom was suddenly silent.

   “I’m Minerva McGonagall, your transfiguration class teacher…” Professor McGonagall briefly introduced himself.

“It is a very dangerous process to change one thing or a person into another thing!” Professor McGonagall’s voice is not high, but there is a strange persuasive power: “A student who is not careful enough Or someone else has become a pig, a sheep, or something worse, it has appeared many times in the history of Hogwarts!”

   “If you are lucky, this deformation is not permanent…” Professor McGonagall paused: “And if it is permanent, it will be a disaster!”

“Sixteen kinds of magical animals are known to have been produced by wizards’ failed transformations, including the infamous’five-legged monster’… In the history of Great Britain, at least three hundred wizards died of their failed transformations. There are close to nine hundred people who have been disabled because of their failed transformation skills and lifelong disabilities!”

   “I hope you won’t be one of them!” Professor McGonagall glanced at the crowd with deep meaning.

   The metamorphosis classroom became audible, and the young wizards looked at each other.

   “After you understand the dangers of polymorphism, I will show you the complexity and magic of polymorphism!”

   Professor McGonagall said while waving his magic wand.

   Almost instantly, the podium in front of her turned into a huge lion:

   “Wow!” The lion roared and jumped to Colin Crevey’s seat, and almost fell off the chair, the little Gryffindor boy in fright.

   Several classmates who approached it back again and again.

   Professor McGonagall waved his magic wand again.

I saw the lion walked two steps forward, and turned into a little dog badger again. It dashed around the desk… it even jumped onto Jon’s desk, leaving a claw on the desk. Printed.


   Finally, the Badger returned to Professor McGonagall and changed back to the podium again.

   The students who had just fallen into a panic about polymorphism were quickly attracted…want to learn how to do this right away.

“Of course… You can only learn to turn furniture into animals in the upper grades!” Professor McGonagall motioned to everyone to be quiet: “I will take you to start with the simplest, first learn how to turn matches into needles. !”

   She distributed a few matches to every student.

“Imagine the appearance of a needle in your mind… Keep that scene in your mind until it is finalized, without any slight changes… Now, let the match in front of your eyes coincide with the needle in your mind. …”

   “The spell is ‘Acus’! Note, the accent is behind… Now, raise your wands…”

   “Accus!” Jon raised his wand and shouted without hesitation.

   However, there seems to be no change in the match in front of me.

   “Very beautiful, Miss Weasley!” Professor McGonagall’s voice sounded on Jon’s right hand: “The first attempt was a great success. Gryffindor added one point!”

   The eyes of everyone in the class shifted to Ginny Weasley.

   The match in her hand has changed a little at the tail…

   “Could it be that Voldemort’s diary has the effect of a portable grandfather?” Jon touched his head when he glanced at his match that had not changed in any way.


   After a class, a total of four students changed the match, and Jon Hart was the fourth of them.

   He just made the tail of the match a little bit more pointed, while Ginny Weasley made the whole match appear as a needle… Professor McGonagall was pleased and gave her another point for Gryffindor.

This made Jon a little depressed, not because of his lack of popularity or bonus points… You must know that he has memorized the entire “Elementary Transformation Guide”, and most of the students did not learn it before school started. The textbook has been opened.

In fact, he has already understood the entire theory of the spell “Akus”… the fundamental reason for his failure to succeed, UU reading is that it is difficult for him to draw a picture of the needle in his mind, and to take it Overlap with matches.

   But there is no time to complain, because the spell lesson is about to begin.

   The curse class is located in the corridor on the left hand side of the fourth floor. When Jon followed the Hufflepuff crowd, he found that it was already full of Ravenclaw students.

   The short Professor Felius Flivi has to stand on a stack of books so that he can reach the desk… Before he starts the class, he takes out the roster and rolls his name.

   There are no big people like Harry Potter in this class, so he didn’t make a fuss.

   Like Professor McGonagall, Professor Flitwick also spent half of the class time, and they emphasized the importance of the curse class… and then demonstrated the Smashing Curse, Repairing Curse and Flying Curse in public.

   Then, Professor Flitwick taught them how to release a “hovering spell”, a spell that allows items to stay in the air for a few seconds.

   Furthermore, Flitwick claimed that if the majority of students in the class easily master this spell, they will be taught a more advanced, esoteric, and very useful “floating spell”!

   In half a class of practice, none of the students in the two colleges could successfully release the “hovering curse”, including Jon.

   Although Flitwick comforted them, the “Hovering Curse” requires a lot of practice. He has brought so many students, only a few students can successfully control it in the first class…

   But on the way to the restaurant, Jon was still very disappointed.

   Like in the Transfiguration class, he has already figured out all the theories of the “Hovering Curse” and even the advanced version of the “Floating Curse”, but it is difficult to put them into practice…

   The first morning at Hogwarts was obviously a bit bad for him!

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