The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 18: Potions teacher (part 1)

   After the curse get out of class, on the way to the restaurant, Jon has been thinking about this.

The wizards of the Harry Potter world are not essentially the scholar-type wizards in the DND worldview, but the wizards who are born with the ability to cast spells… It is still an old problem before, the release of the spells of the wizards depends on their emotions !

   This is also the biggest flaw of Jon Hart as a wizard.

As a scholar with more than ten years of scientific research experience, a good young man who has received more than twenty years of materialist education, and a mature man with a mental age close to forty years old… Rational thinking has long been ingrained and it is difficult to change The facts!

   Therefore, Jon has no way to change his emotions arbitrarily and let his emotions dominate his mind like his classmates who think like white paper.

   Unless a powerful wizard casts an oblivion spell on him…

   But that is something he cannot allow!

80%-90% of magic, including but not limited to polymorphism, spells, black magic, and defense… all rely heavily on the emotions of the wizard. In these magics, Jon suspects that he needs to spend twice the energy of other people to obtain The same result.

   Fortunately, his outstanding memory can shorten the gap a little bit and prevent him from falling behind too much.

   The remaining 10%-20% of magic does not depend on emotions. These seemingly rigid spells are Jon’s advantage.

For example, if a qualified dark magic defense teacher sees Jon Hart using the petrified spell… he may be able to confirm that Mr. Hart’s control and understanding of the petrified spell is even better than most sixth and seventh graders. student.

   Jon suddenly remembered that during the sorting ceremony yesterday, the Sorting Hat wanted to assign him to Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw…

   At first, he thought it was the sorting hat that made a mistake. In fact, the real reason was that he did not have enough talent in the wizarding category, nor did he have the qualifications to become a true “Ravenclaw”.

   “What a shocking fact!”


   When eating at noon.

   Heloise Midgen and Zacharias Smith came in… They were both Hufflepuff’s first-year freshmen like Jon.

   Heloise is a girl with pimples on her face, which looks a bit tempting to stay away from; while Zacharias is a tall and thin boy with a raised nose.

   “Jon, your performance in the transfiguration class is great, you are the only Hufflepuff student who has changed the match…” Heloise said with envy.

   “Uh… it’s just that I read the book a few more times…” Jon curled his lips.

   “Professor McGonagall is too partial…why she only gives Ginny Weasley points, not you…” Zacharias opened his big mouth and shouted.

   Jon hurriedly motioned to him to shut up, and then changed the subject…Fortunately, it did not attract the attention of other students.

   Zacharias grabbed a chicken leg and put it in his mouth: “By the way, do you know Ron Weasley? The Harry Potter attendant!”

   “Um…fellow…what happened to him?”

   “While eating this morning, his mother sent him a yelling letter, hahaha, we were all laughing to death at the time.”

   “It turns out that Weasley and Harry Potter came to school in a flying car yesterday!” Heloise whispered, “Sounds very cool…”

   While eating, he listened to the two classmates bragging.

   “Right, what class is this afternoon?” Jon asked casually after putting down the tableware.

“Herbalism, together with Ravenclaw, Professor Sprout taught us… She is the dean of our Hufflepuff, but I have not seen her yet!” Zacharias’ mouth was filled with food , Speaks a bit slurred.

   Heloise added: “Hannah told me that Professor Sprout was very good to us…”


   At two o’clock in the afternoon, Jon walked out of the castle, crossed the vegetable field, and came to the Hogwarts greenhouse.

  Professor Sprout’s arm was covered with many bandages, and at the same time, Jon saw from a distance that many branches of the beating willow in the distance were tightly bound by bandages.

“Two naughty students wounded a very precious beating willow. I have been treating it all morning!” Professor Sprout’s voice was very gentle, she was a short and fat witch , Wearing patched clothes with a lot of dirt on it:

   “I hope you don’t do this kind of thing in the future!”

   “Okay… come with me now and go to the First Greenhouse!” She took the lead, and the first-year students of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw followed her.

   Jon did not look like he imagined. UU reading saw Mandrakes… probably that kind of plant has a certain degree of danger and is not suitable for these freshmen.

  Professor Sprout led them to get to know eighteen kinds of mushrooms. It took Jon only fifteen minutes to recognize them all, and successfully divided them into two categories based on toxic and non-toxic standards.

   “Good job, Mr. Hart!” Professor Sprout praised him with a smile and gave Hufflepuff five points.

   When get out of class was over, she also gave Jon a precious specimen of matsutake, which has a high potency value.


   The last class on the first day of school gave Jon a little trouble.

   This last class is Professor Severus Snape’s potions class, which Hufflepuff and Slytherin took together.

As Professor Sprout went to get the matsutake specimen and put it in the common room of Hufflepuff, there was a lot of time delay… When he hurried to the potions classroom, he was already three Minutes away.

   “…even prevent death-but there must be one thing, that is, you are not the kind of idiots I often encounter.” Snape’s trademark greasy voice came from the door.

   “I’m sorry, Professor!” Jon bit his head and pushed the door in.

   “Jon Hart?” Snape glanced at the roster in his hand, then gave him a cold look.

   Snape’s eyes, cold and hollow, remind you of two dark tunnels.

   “Yes, Professor.” Jon nodded.

“I was late for the first potions class at the beginning of school. I think this is the first time I have seen this in my more than ten years of teaching career!” Snape said contemptuously: “Even I am proud of violating school rules. Mr. Potter, there has never been such a move!”

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