The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 19: Potions teacher (middle)

   “I’m sorry, Professor!” Jon lowered his head and said softly.

He knew he was in trouble now… Severus Snape was arguably the most difficult teacher to deal with in Hogwarts, and there was nothing to eat if he offended him; not to mention the potions class that he was most interested in. He didn’t want to give up this course at all.

“Then what reason do you have, Mr. Hart?” Snape sarcastically said, “For example, before this class of mine, you fought off an invasion of Hogwarts by the Dark Lord, so that you were late. Up?”

   The Slytherin students burst into laughter.

   Jon was hesitating, whether to tell the reason for being late…Because he was worried, telling the reason would make Snape feel that he was making excuses and was even more angry, so that he was punished more severely.

“Professor Snape!” A Hufflepuff student stood up in the back row and yelled, “Jon was called by Professor Sprout after the herbal medicine class just ended, so he was late… …”

   It was Zacharys Smith who spoke.

   Jon glanced at him gratefully… Excusing this kind of thing, letting others help you say it to you, may be a completely different result.

   “Shut up, Smith!” Snape said coldly, “I should have reminded you that you need to raise your hand before speaking in my class! Hufflepuff deducts five points.”

   Zacharias’s flushed face seemed to come up to fight Snape; fortunately, Steven Lucas, who was beside him, stopped him.

   Snape’s indifferent gaze shifted to Jon again: “I will confirm this with Pomona!”

   Then he snorted and motioned for Jon to come in.

   Jon quickly walked into the classroom holding the cauldron.

   The potions class requires a group of two students… The students from Hufflepuff and Slytherin, paired in pairs within their respective colleges, sat clearly on both sides of the classroom.

In addition to the Slytherin snake and Gryffindor’s lion cubs, they also look down on Hufflepuff’s little badger, and they can also talk to Ravenclaw’s little eagle… Hufflepuff The strange students, naturally, would not be friendly to Slytherin.

  The contradictions between these colleges have been passed on to the first-year freshmen after the opening banquet.

   But the number of students in this class of these two colleges happened to be odd.

   Hufflepuff’s first-year freshmen are already paired up, and there is no space; in the last row of Slytherin, there is a tall, clumsy-looking girl sitting alone.

   Jon was a little bit impressed with her, it seemed that he was the last person in the sorting ceremony, Madeleine Yaxley?

   seems to be another dead second generation.

  No choice, he was suddenly stopped by Snape when he was about to walk over.

“Stop, Mr. Hart!” I only heard Snape say calmly: “Miss Selwyn, you go and make a pair with Miss Yaxley; Mr. Hart, you sit in the place where Miss Selwyn was just now. “

The Slytherin girl named Selwyn looked a little ugly to clean up her cauldron, and then went to the last row… Jon had to take his own things and sat where she was before, a group of Slytherins. front.

   His partner, who happens to be an acquaintance:

   Astoria Greengrass.


   The potions classroom was calm again.

   Astoria didn’t talk to him. In fact, no one dared to whisper in this class of Snape.

   Jon took out the “Magic Potion and Potion” written by Arseny Giger, opened it to the first page, the expression on his face did not relax at all… He didn’t feel that his trouble was over.

as expected……

   “Hart!” Snape said suddenly, “Tell me what you will get if you mix scurvy, lovage and sneeze together?”

   “Confusion potion, professor!” Jon, who had been prepared for a long time, stood up and replied calmly: “This potion will make people irritable and reckless after taking it.”

   is a pretty good answer.

  If it was another teacher, I’m afraid that because of this answer, he would give Hufflepuff at least five points… but Severus Snape’s face did not change.

   “What is the main role of salamander blood in potions?” Snape continued, “Or, what do we usually use it for?”

   “Enhancement potion, professor!” Jon continued to answer: “The salamander blood is the main component of the enhancement potion, and it has the effect of enhancing the effects of other potions.”

   “The next question… If I want you to find me some Baixian, where would you find it?”

   “The main origins of Baixian are China, the United States and Mexico… So first I have to buy a ticket to East Asia or North America.”

   A few Hufflepuff students laughed, but as Snape glared at them, they immediately stopped laughing. UU reading

   “White fresh generally grows on hilly soil slopes, flat shrubs, grass or sparse forests…”

   Snape pressed his lips tightly and stared at Jon.

   And the Hufflepuff students around him, and even many Slytherin students, looked at him with surprise and even admiration… Obviously, they had never touched these questions and answers.

   “So, what will I get if I add narcissus root powder to the wormwood infusion?” Snape asked the next question.

   This time, Jon frowned, and after thinking for half a minute, he spoke:

   “I’m sorry…I don’t think I know, Professor!”

   Snape glanced at his mouth. He waved his hand and motioned to Jon to sit down.

   “The combination of narcissus root powder and wormwood can be formulated into a very potent sleeping pill, which is just a drink of life and death water!” Snape said coldly:

“An excellent Auror, Gideon Prewitt died because of this potion. One of his’friends’ sent him a bottle of licorice, and then secretly put it under his glass. Daffodil root powder… When the effects of the medicine began, six Death Eaters came to the door and killed him and his brother… If poor Gideon was a little more serious in the potions class, even if he was facing twelve A Death Eater, he can also Apparate and leave in time!”

   When he said this, a scornful smile appeared on the corner of Snape’s mouth.

   But he did not continue to question Jon, did not deduct points for Hufflepuff, and of course did not add points.

   This gave Jon a sigh of relief.

   “Why don’t you write all this down?” Turning around, Snape let out a roar, shocking all the students.

   Then there was a rustle of quill and parchment in the classroom.

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