The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 20: Potions teacher (part 2)

   Like Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape was able to keep order in the classroom without any effort.

   He spent half a class time instructing students in two classes to work in pairs and learn to configure the simplest magic potion for treating scabies.

   is said to be the simplest magic potion, but no matter the materials or steps, it seems quite cumbersome.

   Jon Hart and Astoria Greengrass are a group.

According to Snape’s orders, Jon took out various materials such as dried nettles, snake fangs, and porcupine thorns from the potions cabinet; Astoria raised the fire and set her The crucible was placed on it.

During their configuration, Snape dragged a long black cloak, turning around in the classroom like a big bat, observing their configuration steps… During the period, most of Hufflepuffs All of his students were severely criticized by him; even many Slytherin students could not avoid it.

   After returning to his seat, Jon’s movements were very quick. In fact, he was familiar with the simple movements of grinding, dissolving, and boiling.

   “Why do you want to grind the porcupine spines?” Astoria asked puzzledly: “The book says that the porcupine spines should be chopped up and added with the snake fangs!”

   “Fools should know that grinding into powder will dissolve more easily than broken pieces!” Jon shrugged and continued grinding.

   Astoria frowned, and continued to hit the small piece of snake fang with a hammer.

   “Help me roast the nettles in a pot for a while, so that the water can be roasted…Thank you!” Jon ordered while carefully mixing the porcupine sting powder and the crushed snake venom teeth.

   Astoria opened her mouth, but did not say anything, but did as Jon ordered.

During the period Snape passed by their location several times, stopped to observe their movements for several minutes, and even saw the small dish of porcupine spines crushed into powder… But he did not make the slightest interference, just squinted his eyes. Just glanced at Jon.

   When nettles, porcupine stings and snake fangs are added to the pot.

   “It needs to be boiled for five minutes.” Astoria glanced at the “Magic Potion and Potion” in her hand and reminded.

   Jon increased the flame a little while looking at his watch.

   After the mixed liquid started to turn yellow, he quickly reduced the flame to prevent the liquid from boiling excessively.

   “I hope you don’t mess up…” Astoria said nervously on the other side.

   Jon didn’t worry about it… Hogwarts’ potions textbooks were actually not authoritative and correct. Even simple things like squeezing or cutting beans, which are easy to make juice, will go wrong.

   But it is also normal. After all, the magical world in Britain has less than 10,000 wizards, which is equivalent to a set of textbooks written by teachers in a small town. It is quite normal that there are a lot of loopholes in it.

  In this way, instead of sticking to the rules, it would be better to make a small correction to the steps based on the experience of previous biochemical experiments.

   After all, even in the magical world, you still have to teach the Basic Law, right?

   After half an hour, Snape walked slowly between the tables, taking turns checking each crucible and their results.

When he saw the ugly blue mixture of Zacharias-Smith and Heloise-Midgen, he smiled ironically: “Do you think you can drink this potion, Smith Sir and Miss Midgen?”

   “As for this pot, its effect will not treat hemorrhoids, but will make the hemorrhoids worse!” He also commented on the works of Selwyn and Yaxley.

   Almost every student’s achievement was spotted by Snape, and then ridiculed it again until he reached the first row:

   After seeing the clear yellowish liquid in front of Jon and Astoria, Snape frowned.

   The expression on his face was strange, as if he was trying to find something wrong but couldn’t find it.

   “Good job…” He said dryly, “Miss Greengrass… Give Slytherin five points!”


“This is too much!” Just as Snape left the potions classroom, Zacharias rushed over angrily: “I have long heard that Snape is eccentric to Slytherin… but it is too much. Come on? Why do you only give points to Greengrass and not to Jon!”

   While talking, he gave Astoria a fierce look, thinking it was her fault.

   Astoria did not seem to have seen it, and quietly arranged the crucible there; and poured the potion she had just made with Jon into the crystal bottle.

Zacharias scolded Snape for about five minutes before leaving the potions classroom proudly; the other Hufflepuff and Slytherin students had already left…only Jon and Two Astoria.

   Astoria finally packed her things.

“I’ll talk to Professor Snape!” She said softly, “Tell him, today’s potion is basically yours alone… It has nothing to do with me… Let him return the score to Hufflepuff . UU reading”

   “It’s not necessary!” Jon smiled. He didn’t think that Snape’s character would deduct points for Slytherin and add points to other colleges by the way.

“It’s not because of me alone. Today’s potion is the result of our joint efforts. I think if there is another time, Professor Snape will give Hufflepuff extra points!” Believe it too much.

   Astoria seemed to believe a little bit, she nodded seriously.

   The two packed their things and walked out of the potions classroom.

   Whether Hufflepuff’s lounge or Slytherin’s lounge, it’s not far from here.

   Astoria stopped, seemed to hesitate.

   “What’s wrong?” Jon asked.

   “Professor Snape kept Daphne in confinement for a week.” Astoria said timidly: “He also ordered Daphne to apologize to you…Can I apologize for her instead?”

   One week of confinement, this punishment is more serious than I thought. It was almost the same level of punishment as Porter and Weasley who came to school in a speeding car.

   But it’s normal to think about it. For Severus Snape, his most disgusting word is undoubtedly “Mudblood”! After all, it was the pain of his life.

   Jon did not intend to continue the stalemate.

   “Of course!” He blinked: “You can tell Daphne, it’s all right!”

   “Thank you…” Astoria suddenly smiled and said quickly.

   “Let’s go!” Jon waved his hand: “I’m back to Hufflepuff’s lounge.”


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