The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 21: Guidro-Lockhart

   The first week of life at Hogwarts went on like this.

   Strictly speaking, Hogwarts is indeed a very good school of magic. The teachers of several important courses are all adult wizards with superb spells and powerful skills (except for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class); the daily diet and daily life of the students are provided quite well, and life is very comfortable here; the Hogwarts library is also One of the largest libraries in Europe, with nearly 10,000 volumes of various books…

   is probably the complicated and troublesome staircase, which makes people feel a bit dissatisfied.

   There are a total of one hundred and forty-two stairs at Hogwarts. Some of them are wide and big; some are narrow and small, and swaying; some go to different places every Friday; some of them will suddenly disappear when a step is halfway up, you have to remember where they are Should jump over…

   But these stairs are also understandable things… After all, Hogwarts was originally positioned as not only a school, but also a fortress.

Before the tenth century AD, the Muggles (ordinary people) were very afraid of magic and persecuted wizards wantonly (witch hunt)… and those young wizards who had not received systematic education were not equipped to fight Muggles. Not to mention the magical races such as fairies, giants, and werewolves, who also looked forward to the wizards and waited for opportunities to launch attacks.

So Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin built this castle together as a school for teaching young wizards It is also a fortress to protect young wizards from persecution.

   Countless secret passages and complicated stairs are just to prevent Hogwarts from being invaded one day, and play a role in protecting young wizards and blocking foreign enemies.

   It’s a pity that I don’t have a live map (in the hands of the Weasley brothers), and the basilisk is going to night at Hogwarts…otherwise Jon really wants to explore the secrets of this school.

It is not easy to explore Hogwarts. Although the administrator Argus Filch is a dumb gun, he has a better understanding of Hogwarts Secret Path than most students, not to mention that he still has one. The extremely clever cat “Mrs. Loris”…thinking about something that violates school rules in front of them, but it is very dangerous.


Except for the four main courses (three classes per week) of transfiguration class, spell class, herbal medicine class and potion class, every Wednesday night, Jon and the others will follow Professor Aurora Sinista and observe with a telescope Starry sky, learn the names of different stars and the trajectories of planets.


   The history of magic takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The teacher of this class is a ghost: Professor Bins. His voice during class sounded monotonous and boring, which made people drowsy…

   However, Professor Bins’s knowledge of the history of magic is almost astonishing. Jon once asked him a few questions about the International Secrecy Law (1689) in class, and he answered it without any thought…

   From his classical clothes, Jon even suspected that he might be a figure living in the same era with the four founders.


   The flight class on Thursday morning is the last class Jon wants to take. This class is taken by the two colleges of Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

   After the first flight lesson, Jon realized one thing deeply that his talent for Quidditch was almost zero.

In the first flight lesson, it took him about ten minutes to let the flying broomstick fly into his hands… and during the flight, if it wasn’t for Mrs. Hooch’s eyesight and quick hands, he would almost go to the Hogwarts castle. Make an intimate contact.

Zacharias-Smith is the best grader in the flight class. Starting from Thursday noon, he will spend half an hour in the restaurant every time he brags about how wonderful the feeling of flying is, and he will definitely do it in the second grade. Replaced Cedric Diggory as Hufflepuff’s seeker.

   Jon’s flight class score is almost the last few in the class, which should be the worst of all his courses.

   The only thing that is gratifying is that Astoria’s performance in flight lessons is similar to him. After riding a flying broomstick, he is also a chocobo.

   Chocobo returns to Chocobo, but this does not affect Jon’s complaint about Quidditch rules.

   The other players were exhausted, and scored 10 points at a time. The seeker caught a Snitch and got 150 points directly, and the game ended by the way… How do you play this? The other players worked desperately for a long time, and the opposite seeker opened the game and ended the game directly. Although it is normal for the players in all positions on the court to be unequal, the gap is so big that it is too miserable.

   More importantly, 10 points and 150 points are not all multiples of 10. Will Quidditch score in single digits for 100 years? Then why add a 0 instead of 1 and 15 points directly. Obsessive-compulsive disorder means that you can’t afford it.

   But it’s quite normal. The Seeker’s position is tailored for the Savior:

You don’t need to fight close to other players, so you don’t need a strong body. A thin body can also be competent; a person is the soul of a team, and the whole team has to revolve around you. You have problems with broomsticks or walking balls. Now, the two batsmen don’t care if others come to be your bodyguards; by the way, personal heroism bursts into the table, one **** brings seven pits easily, even if the teammates are all orphans, they can easily help the team win…


   As for the funniest course at Hogwarts, it is undoubtedly the Defense Against the Dark Arts course taught by Professor Guidro Lockhart.

   Strictly speaking, the Defense Against the Dark Arts class is the main course that needs to be taken three times a week… But Professor Lockhart completely made these three classes a joke.

Probably during the first class for the second-grade students, Lockhart suffered a loss for the Cornwall Pokemon…Wait until the first-grade students had the first class of Defense Against the Dark Arts on Wednesday morning~www There is no more practical content anymore.

   Lockhart just took out a stack of test papers in the dumbfounded gaze of the first-year freshmen:

1. What color does Guidro Lockhart like best?

2. What is Guidro Lockhart’s secret ambition?

  3. What do you think is Guidro Lockhart’s greatest achievement so far?

  4. What type of woman does Guidro Lockhart like best?

   and so on, three sides of the paper…

  The last question is: 54. When is Guidro Lockhart’s birthday? What is his ideal birthday present?

  While writing the test papers, Jon expressed deep sympathy for the senior students who need to take the OWLs and NEWT exams in this year of Hogwarts. Perhaps their scores in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class will be terribly high.

   After half an hour, Lockhart collected all the test papers and began to read them one by one in front of everyone.

   “It’s beautiful, Mr. Hart! You actually remember that my favorite color is lilac.” Lockhart said excitedly: “This paper can score 100 points…Hufflepuff adds five points!”

   “Is this OK?” Zacharias next to Jon gave him a skeptical look.

   “Are you also a loyal fan of Professor Lockhart?” a Hufflepuff girl whose Jon still can’t be named, asked with an idiot.

   “Uh…what…” Jon shrugged.

   Skip to read Lockhart’s “books” and remember the narcissistic personal information he expressed in them… It doesn’t take much time.

   Besides, Lockhart is not useless, Jon already has plans in his heart.

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