The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 22: Forbidden Book Zone

   Hogwarts Library is said to be one of the largest libraries in Europe.

   tens of thousands of books, hundreds of bookshelves, and countless narrow passages, the scale is somewhat daunting.

   On Saturday morning, Jon Hart appeared in the library… In the free time of the morning and noon these days, he would try his best to come to the library to search for the books he needed.

   Different from the full-filled library in the previous university, there are not many students in this huge library, only about twenty people, and they are all old faces.

   After all, the learning atmosphere at Hogwarts is really not good.

As soon as Jon entered the library, he saw Hufflepuff’s second-year student Justin Finley. He was pointing at what he was saying to a girl with brown curly hair, who was also followed by a red-haired girl. , Follow-up boy.

   The girl with brown curly hair heard Justin say a few words, and then walked towards Jon.

   “Ahem… hello…” She lightly said, “Are you Jon, Jon Hart?”

   “Uh…yes…” Jon nodded and put on a surprised expression: “May I ask you?”

   “I’m Hermione, Hermione Granger, Wendell is my father.” The girl said while organizing her language, “I think you should have heard my name…”

   “Oh, you are Dr. Granger’s daughter?” Jon interrupted Hermione with a suddenly realized expression.

   “Yes…” Hermione nodded.

   “It’s a lucky meeting!” Jon enthusiastically held Hermione’s hand: “It’s a shame that I didn’t see you in Diagon Alley back then…”

“I’m sorry too.” Hermione smiled reluctantly, and then asked: “How did you spend your time at school this week… Mainly I don’t know where Hufflepuff’s lounge is. It has been after the sorting ceremony. I can’t find you… Yesterday, Justin said you would come to the library every morning, so I am here to wait for you…”

   “It’s okay!” Jon shook his head, and then looked excited: “Hogwarts is amazing. I swear I have lived for more than ten years and I have never seen such an amazing magic…”

   sighed endlessly for several minutes, and Hermione echoed, while reminding him a few Hogwarts points.

   Until the red-haired boy coughed behind her, he reminded him in a low voice, “Hermione, let’s go, Harry’s Quidditch training is about to begin.”

   “Sorry, I have something to go!” Hermione smiled apologetically at Jon: “If you have any questions at Hogwarts, you can come to me…”


   Hermione and the red-haired boy hurriedly left.

When    left, the red-haired boy also gave Jon a strange look:

“Who is he?”

   “Uh… the son of a friend of my father… During the summer vacation, my father told me to take care of him after coming to school.”

   “Oh, really? How do I think he doesn’t need much care!”

   Waiting for the two of them to leave, Jon breathed a sigh of relief; with the relationship of his father, it was inevitable to know Hermione Granger. But thankfully, Hermione had no plans to introduce him to her two friends.


   “Jon, you actually know Gryffindor’s know-it-all!” Justin Finley walked over quickly and asked.

   “Hello, Justin…” Jon greeted him and said vaguely: “You know it!”

“Miss Hermione Granger is really amazing…” Justin didn’t get too entangled with this issue, but said with emotion, “Why was it also Muggle born? I feel like I have pursued my grades all my life. How about her?”


   While wandering around in the library, the two people chatted quietly:

“The first Quidditch game is about to be played. We are playing against Ravenclaw… Ravenclaw was the Quidditch Cup champion last year, but their former seeker Linna Heidi graduated. They found a new seeker, third-year freshman…I think she is definitely not Cedric’s opponent…”

   Jon led the way, unknowingly, led Justin to the restricted area of ​​the library.

   Listening to the familiar, familiar footsteps of cloth slippers behind him, Jon suddenly raised his tone and asked, “By the way, why do so many students dislike our administrator Argus Filch?”

   The footsteps of the cloth slippers behind him suddenly stopped.

   “Filch?” Justin shrugged, “It’s mainly the Weasley brothers of Gryffindor who have been preaching how bad he is. To be honest, I haven’t touched him much…”

“I think Mr. Filch is very nice!” Jon said with a smile, “Responsible…not letting us run around the school in dark, after all, what trouble might we encounter in dark, and we can’t find it.” Help; don’t let us go to places like the forbidden forest. Didn’t Professor Flitwick say at the opening banquet that there are very dangerous creatures in the forbidden forest?”

   “That’s true too!” Justin nodded thoughtfully.

“And I heard from the fat monk that the former administrator, Apollyon Pringle, would use caning to punish students; when Mr. Filch became an administrator, he abolished the caning and changed it to confinement… to be honest Well, I think he still cares about us deep in his heart…”

Abolition of caning is Dumbledore’s idea. The real Filch supports caning… But what does this have to do with Jon Hart? He just listened to a few rumors and had a basic understanding of Hogwarts. A freshman who knows nothing.


   The footsteps of the cloth slippers sounded again, and then the librarian Mrs. Irma Pins came over, holding a feather duster in her hand.

   “Oh, kids… this is the restricted area, I don’t think you should be here!” Mrs. Pins thought for a while, put down the feather duster in her hand, and said as pleasantly as possible.

   “Sorry, ma’am…” Justin apparently knew how terrifying the angry Mrs. Pince was, and fled in panic.

   Jon slowly dragged behind, watching the expression on the face of the librarian Irma Pins, which was completely different from the usual expression, he knew that his plan was basically successful.

Librarian Irma Pins and Hogwarts Castle keeper Argus Filch, they are both dumb guns, and most likely a couple… This is very hidden in Hogwarts Deep secret, but not to him.

   “Is there anything else, Mr. Hart?” Mrs. Pins asked with a smile.

   “Yes… Madam…” Jon mustered up his courage and said, “Actually, Professor Lockhart asked me to come to the restricted area to find some books!”

   “Professor Lockhart?” Mrs. Pins blinked first, then showed a respectful expression.

It’s only the first week, and Professor Gidro Lockhart has not fully revealed himself at Hogwarts; so his title of “friend of middle-aged women” is still alive, and Irma Pins is a dumb gun, He is a loyal admirer of Lockhart.

   “Do you have his permission to sign, Mr. Hart?” Mrs. Pins asked.

“Not yet… After all, Professor Lockhart hasn’t determined which books are needed. He just pointed me a general direction…” Jon said calmly, “So Mrs. Pins, I can Should I look for it in the banned book area? I swear I will only look at the title of the book, and will not open it rashly! When I find it, I will immediately take the list to Professor Lockhart to sign.”

   If it was another student, Mrs. Pins would tell him to get out when he heard that there was no permission to sign.

   But by coincidence, Jon Hart is one of the students she sees very pleasingly.

“Oh, I heard Miss Lovegood say that you are Professor Lockhart’s favorite student in Defense Against the Dark Arts class. I don’t think you are lying!” Mrs. Pins nodded and smiled: “I You are allowed to search here, but don’t open the books in the restricted area. There are many things in it that are dangerous for your first-year students.”

   “Okay, ma’am!”


   Approaching noon or around eleven, Jon hurried to the office of Professor Guidro Lockhart on the fourth floor, holding a note in his hand.

   He is lucky, Lockhart is in the office at this time.

   There are countless Lockhart’s photo frames hung on the wall in the office, illuminated by many candles; a few even have his signature on them; there are also a large stack of photos on the table…

   “Hello, Mr. Hart, what’s the matter?” Professor Lockhart looked at him with a smile on his face.

   Obviously, he remembered this student who had a good “score” in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

“Yes, professor; in fact, I finished reading your books this week and encountered some problems. For example, I didn’t understand the chronic-onset food you learned in “Swim with Ghouls”. Ghoul venom; and your method of resisting the mind control of the **** in “Vacation with the Dominatrix”; and the spell of “Wandering with the Werewolf” that you finally destroy the werewolf…” Jon asked calmly.

   Lockhart froze there, somewhat speechless. Some of Jon’s questions seem to be a bit super-class for him.

“Of course, I’m not here to ask you!” Jon said hastily as his eyes rolled around: “I think you can answer these simple questions easily, but you didn’t write them in the book. So I definitely want us to explore these issues ourselves…”

“Really!” Lockhart blinked: “No, I mean you are right, Mr. UU reading Hart… I really want you to explore the answers to these questions by yourself. , You really are my best student!”

“So I think–I want to borrow a few books from the library. I hope to learn some background knowledge from it.” Jon raised a note in his hand: “The problem is, these books are in the library’s restricted area. Inside, so I need a teacher to sign the slip.”

   Loha nodded: “Of course, I can’t stop a seeker from discussing the truth.”

   He took the note in Jon’s hand without hesitation, and then signed a big, slicked name.

  At the same time, I didn’t read the content on the note at all.

   “Thank you, professor!” Jon quickly took back the note.

   “You’re welcome, Jon…” Lockhart waved his hand grandiosely: “Study hard, you are likely to achieve something close to mine in the future!”

   “I’m honored, Professor!”


   After getting the signature permission, Jon didn’t bother to go to lunch, and ran to the library for the first time.

  Mrs. Pins is about to leave.

   “Why, what’s the matter?” She gave Jon a surprised look.

   “Yes, ma’am… I have found the book that Professor Lockhart needs and got his signature permission!”

  While talking, Jon passed the note over.

   “That’s right… It’s Gidro’s signature. I saw it in Witch Weekly…” Mrs. Pins blushed and carefully put the note into her chest pocket.

   “Come with me, Mr. Hart… I will take you to find these books now!”

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