The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 23: Spider's mutation

   When returning to the Hufflepuff common room, Jon Hart held three very thick books in his hands.

“Jon, Professor Sprout just sent a few specimens. Would you like to take a look?” Hufflepuff’s second-year student Ernie McMillan was lying on the window and saw him coming back. Shouted.

   “Thank you, Ernie…I’ll see it later!” Jon declined his invitation and went straight back to his dormitory.

  He wrapped the three books in a newspaper…Although Hufflepuff’s dormitory is a single piece, it is not ruled out that other students will enter his dormitory for some reason and discover the existence of these books.

   After all, the covers of several books look hideous and conspicuous.

On the cover of the first book, there is the face of an ugly witch. The witch’s eyes are cold and hollow, like a dark tunnel, without bottom… and the name of the book is “Close Your Brain” .

   This is the only book on “Occlumency” he can find in the library for a few days.

“Occlumency” is a kind of magic that resists the infiltration of external spirits. It can seal the brain to resist the invasion and influence of thoughts. The iconic spell is “contemplation”… This is what Jon feels that he most urgently needs There is not one of the spells to learn.

Because of the existence of the “Catholic” spell, whether in front of the white wizard headed by Dumbledore or in front of the white wizard headed by Voldemort; his thoughts are as transparent as glass, which can be seen through by them, and there is nowhere to escape. From.

As a traveler who knows the historical events of the next six years, it is extremely necessary to protect his identity and secrets from being discovered…Now he is a small character, and Dumbledore has not noticed himself; but in the future, What if I caught Dumbledore’s attention?

   So he needs to learn and master Occlumency, before Dumbledore notices his existence.

   Then, he turned his gaze to the second book.

On the cover of the second book, a distorted, **** skull is drawn… the tongue on it is twisted together, the tears under the eyes become blood stains, and the nose is completely opened… underneath it Because of its age, the title of the book is a bit unclear.

   To be honest, this hideous scene made Jon a little nauseous, and he quickly wrapped the cover in newspaper.

   The spells in this book are very disgusting…It contains many tormenting spells. Although they are not black magic, they are extremely harmful to people; they are still placed in the forbidden book area…

   Tongue-twisting curse, ear-turning curse, skinning curse, etc.; the names of these spells all sound a little bit piercing.

   Most of Jon has no interest in these spells, except for one:

   “Eye Curse!”

Judging from the record on “Where are the magical creatures”: “The skin of the basilisk is likely to have the characteristics of armor like dragon skin, and it can reflect the spells hitting it. Only its eyes and mouth are the only weak defenses. Link.”

   So the Eye Disease Curse is the only spell Jon can think of that can cause damage to the basilisk.

   And the eyes of the basilisk are its deadliest weapon. If you can blind its eyes with the eye curse in battle, it will undoubtedly damage its strength…

   This spell is also the spell Jon is preparing to practice mainly during this time.

   As for the third book.

   Its cover is also disgusting: a witch’s head has many arms, and there is a person on it that seems to be turned inside out…

   Its name is written below the illustration: “Powerful Potion”.

   “Powerful Potion” contains many dangerous, controversial, and mysterious potions; therefore, the Hogwarts Library stores this book in the restricted book area.

   Borrowing this book is purely for interest, anyway, as long as it is returned to the library before Halloween, it should not have any impact on the plot.


   “Jon, go to fight Quidditch?” Zacharys-Smith knocked on the door of his dormitory once and asked in a loud voice.

   “No, thanks!” Jon, who was lying on the bed with a thick book in his hand, turned him down.

“Quidditch? You can fly more skillfully…” Zacharias murmured, knocking on the door of a dormitory next door: “Ernie, let’s go fight Quidditch now. !”

Jon spent the afternoon in his room reading these books borrowed from the forbidden area, and he didn’t even bother to eat lunch and dinner…Anyway, there are many cakes and biscuits from the kitchen in the dormitory. Hufflepuff’s students don’t starve themselves.

   Occlumency is more complicated than he imagined. No wonder the savior Harry has “hardened” for more than half a year without even controlling a bit of fur. I don’t know when and how long he will be able to come out of the mountain and achieve success.

The eye disease curse has brought him a little surprise, because it is one of the few curses that does not depend on I will not encounter much obstacles in learning by myself…but the overall spell release is quite complicated , Also need to concentrate on practicing for a period of time.

As for “Powerful Potion”, he just looked for the content of compound decoction and veritaserum. The configuration process of the two potions is incredibly tedious, making Jon feel that he should take one or two first. Snape’s potions class, familiarize yourself with the configuration process, and then think about it.


   Unknowingly, Saturday passed all day.

   glanced at his watch, it was almost twelve o’clock in the evening.

   “Time flies so fast!” Jon muttered, while preparing to go to bed.

   Suddenly, a strange noise came from the window of the dormitory.

   Jon frowned and walked over.

   The sound came from the cages of the two South African red spiders.

   The two spiders crackled their heads and feet and knocked the glass, looking very anxious.

   It can be seen that they are very scared…for something wandering in the castle, they are very scared.

   “When the spider feels the existence of the basilisk, it will be afraid, and will try to escape, because the basilisk is their natural enemy…” Jon has long remembered the phrase described for the basilisk in “Where are the Fantastic Beasts”.

   “It seems that the door of the secret room has been opened by Ginny Weasley…” Jon’s face was solemn, and he thought to himself: “The real story is about to begin.

   It’s only the Saturday of the first week of school.

   I found out an old dress that was no longer worn, and covered the glass cage of two South African red spiders…Do not let their sounds disturb me.

   Jon lay on the bed, and fell asleep when he closed his eyes.

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