The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 24: Protect the teacher of the magical biology class

   On Sunday morning, Jon did not get up early as usual.

   He didn’t leave the dormitory until around nine o’clock, after most of the Hogwarts freshmen got up from the bed.

   I went to the restaurant to have some breakfast, and at the same time heard from a distance on the Slytherin table, Draco Malfoy was bragging about how he taught a Gryffindor:

“I didn’t pull out my wand at the time because I guessed that stupid Weasley couldn’t hurt me. As expected, guess what? He knocked himself down with a spell and threw a lot of slugs. Hahahaha…”

   Except for Gryffindor, the students of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw all looked at him with an expression of disgust, but Malfoy didn’t notice it.

   Jon didn’t stay in the restaurant for long. After breakfast, he returned to the Hufflepuff common room and picked up the glass cage containing two South African red spiders.

  Walking out of the castle, a ghost floated past him, making him avoid it in a hurry.

   “Good morning, Jon!” The ghost greeted him kindly.

   “Hello, monk!” Jon respectfully bowed to the fat monk’s ghost, and the fat monk also responded.

   “I want to go to Professor Sprout’s office…”

“So you are looking for Pomona, her office is in a low cabin next to Greenhouse No. 1… Hurry up, I remember she stays in the office every Sunday!” The fat monk smiled Said.

   “Thank you, monk.”

   The fat monk can be said to be the friendliest ghost in all the academies. Less than a week after school started, Jon had asked him the way three times, and he patiently and carefully pointed out the direction to himself every time.


  Professor Sprout was not in her office. Jon looked for several greenhouses nearby and found that she was in the third greenhouse.

   She is wearing a pair of pink fluffy earmuffs on her head, trying to pluck a green and purple seedling in the greenhouse.

   Jon stepped back quickly, then covered his ears.

  Professor Sprout quickly handled the seedling and walked out of the greenhouse with dragon leather gloves.

   “Jon?” Professor Sprout took off his earmuffs and shouted in surprise.

   “It’s a mandela grass, is it professor?” Jon said with a smile, “I just blocked my ears!”

“It’s wise, otherwise you might be in a coma for a few hours.” Professor Sprout smiled and gave him a thumbs up: “If it was in class, I would definitely give Hufflepuff extra points. ……is there anything?”

   “That…professor… is my pet, it seems a bit bad lately!” Jon said as he took out the glass cage containing the spider.

“Pet?” Professor Sprout shook his head: “I’m sorry…but I am a teacher who studies herbal medicine…for this question, you should ask Keitelburn, the teacher of the conservation of magical creatures. professor.”

   “But, professor, I’m a freshman…we don’t have a course taught by Kettleburn…” Jon hesitated.

   “So, you don’t know Professor Kettleborn, do you?” Professor Sprout patted Jon on the shoulder: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to Sivanos now.”


  Professor Pomona-Sprout is arguably the kindest and best teacher at Hogwarts, especially for the students of Hufflepuff.

   is another teacher, it is impossible to take a first-year freshman on a trip for such a small matter.

   Following Professor Sprout’s footsteps, he came to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

   Hagrid’s hut cannot be seen within the field of vision, so it should be on the other side of the Forbidden Forest.

   A thatched cottage is located here, Professor Sprout raised her magic wand and knocked gently on the door.

   “What’s the matter?” An old voice came from inside the house.

   “Sivanos, it’s me…I have a student who needs your help!” Professor Sprout shouted.

   “Pomona…good morning, Pomona…” A gray-haired old man limped out of the hut.

Jon suddenly realized why Hogwarts would change Hagrid to be the teacher of the magical creatures class in another year… This professor Kettleborn is indeed very old, his beard and hair are already flowers. It’s white; moreover, one of his hands and one foot are all wooden prostheses.

   “Is that you?” Professor Keitelburn glanced up and down at Jon: “Why does it look strange?”

   “Professor, I am Hufflepuff’s first-year freshman!” Jon replied quickly.

“What is the first-year surname… Hufflepuff…” Professor Keitelburn’s eyes suddenly softened: “Once upon a time, I was also a Hufflepuff first-year freshman… more than 80 years have passed. It’s…”

   “Sivanos, Jon’s pet has something wrong, I want you to help him see it!” Professor Sprout took the initiative to help Jon say the purpose of this trip.

   “Ok…that’s okay!” Professor Keitelburn looked at UU reading www. uukanshu. Com moved to the glass cage Jon was holding in his arms.

   “Two spiders, very ordinary spiders, you actually treat them as pets… I think you will become good friends with Hagrid…” Professor Keitelburn murmured:

   “Be careful, Pomona, there is a Grindillo in the tank behind you, don’t let him go!”

   “And Mr. Hart, don’t kick the teapot by your feet, there is a bird and snake in there…”

   “They are very healthy, there is almost no problem!” Professor Keitelburn made a direct judgment.

“But why do they keep knocking on the cage, hoping to escape… It has been like this since last night, they have never been so disobedient before.” Jon had already organized the language and was calm and relaxed. Said.

   “This is indeed a problem…” Professor Keitelburn frowned: “Ordinary spiders are so excited, this is something I have never seen before!”

   “Could it be… fear?” Jon asked in a low voice.

   “Fear?” Professor Keitelburn bent down and looked more closely: “It does look a bit like…”

   “But it’s impossible!” He said categorically.

   “Why?” Professor Sprout was the one who was questioning this time.

“Only one kind of extremely evil magical creature can make spiders feel fear… But that kind of evil creature has been extinct in Britain for almost 400 years, and the Ministry of Magic strictly prohibits it from entering the British Isles, so it cannot be in Hogg Appeared around Watts!” Professor Keitelburn returned the cage to Jon while speaking.

   “Maybe you didn’t feed them enough, Mr. Hart… I will prescribe some excitement potion for you, you give them a try!”

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