The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 25: The Eve of Halloween (Part 1)

   At Hogwarts, time flies quickly.

   As the weather gets colder, October is coming… The damp chill seems to have filled the entire castle, and a cold began to spread between students and teachers.

   Mrs. Pomfrey specially asked Professor Snape to prepare a refreshing agent. After taking this medicine, the whole head would be on fire and steam out; but the cold would heal soon.

   Jon has been feeding two South African red spiders with the tranquillizing potion that Professor Keitelburn gave him.

   Their condition seems to be much better, although it is not clear that it is the effect of the potion, or the basilisk has stopped activities at Hogwarts during this period.


   In fact, after the first Sunday, Jon Hart rarely acts alone in the Hogwarts castle.

   Every morning and evening, I followed a group of Hufflepuff first-year students in and out of the common room.

   Basilisk can’t attack people in the castle in broad daylight, right? It’s even more impossible to get into the two barrels at the entrance of the Hufflepuff common room?

   The kitchen is rarely visited again, basically once a week or two… Fortunately, Klein and other house elves would eagerly stuff his pockets with snacks and eat for a week is more than enough.

   The time to practice mantras in the room of responsiveness has also been greatly shortened. Generally, he will go there only at noon and when there is no class.

The practice of the Eye Disease Mantra is progressing pretty well. Now he can easily smash the eyes of the active dummy with a single spell, but he doesn’t know how effective the actual combat is; Occlumency has encountered a lot of trouble, as if there is no progress, strictly speaking. He said that he didn’t know how far he had practiced Occlumency. After all, there was no active dummy that could release the “mindful mind” in the room of responsiveness.

   The normal course continues.

The transfiguration class is still the same, his performance is not very impressive; the best grade is Ginny Weasley, she can now turn the teapot into a mouse, and Professor McGonagall can say that she is full of praise. .

   Jon has been avoiding getting too close to Miss Weasley, maybe the other party would think his name is John Hat.

   Colin Crevey and Miss Weasley have a very good relationship. They often whisper together during class; Jon couldn’t help but mourn the short Gryffindor boy in his heart.

   The results of the curse class are similar to those of the transfiguration class, the middle and upper class results; Professor Flitwick recently taught them to use the “floating curse”, and it took Jon about a week to successfully display it.

The performance of the herbal medicine class is quite good. Professor Sprout admires him very much…but the first-year students can’t really take the practical course. Professor Sprout only teaches them how to distinguish between shrunken figs and boat-shaped aconites, and Lead them to get to know dangerous plants like Devil’s Net and Mandela grass.

Not to mention the potions class. In each class, the potions he and Astoria configured were so successful that teachers who were so mean and eccentric to the level of Snape could not help but praise He several times.

   “You may be the only non-Slytherin student who has been praised by Professor Snape!” Hufflepuff’s prefect Gabrielle Truman said excitedly to him after hearing the news.

   “Definitely not… at least the second one…” Jon thought in his heart.

   The Defense Against the Dark Arts class is still a farce, and Professor Lockhart asks the students to read aloud the contents of his book in turn.

   At the climax, he will invite a beautiful Ravenclaw girl named Melinda-Bobbin to perform with him.


   was almost in the blink of an eye, and October gradually came to an end.

   Jon knew very well that the peaceful life at Hogwarts could not last long.

“The Forgotten Potion may be the deepest potion you need to learn in the first grade!” On the last day of October, in the potions classroom, Professor Snape’s cold voice spread throughout every corner of the classroom: “Honesty Say, I don’t have any confidence in you to configure it successfully now, I just hope you don’t fail too stupid!”

   While talking, with a loud bang, Madeleine Yaxley’s cauldron exploded.

   “Idiot!” Snape roared and swept away the potion splashed on the ground with his wand.

   “Didn’t I remind you that you should add hellebore first, and then add the feathers of the Absolute Bird? I really don’t know how you were sorted into my college!”

   Regardless of the crying Madeleine, he turned his eyes to the first row.

   Looking at the muddy mixture of Jon and Astoria in the cauldron, he smiled contemptuously: “It seems that Mr. Hart and Miss Greengrass do not succeed every time!”

   “No…Professor!” Astoria gathered up the courage, looked up and said, “We haven’t added licorice.”

While she was speaking, Jon had already poured a small bottle of dark green liquid into the crucible… I saw rapid and drastic changes in the crucible, and the muddy mixture began to dissolve little by little. There was only pure emerald green liquid in the whole pot.

   “It’s…not bad…” Snape said dryly, and then walked away.

   Astoria quickly got up and went to the last row to comfort the crying Madeleine.

   Jon quickly packed his things, and while it was still dark, he rushed to the responsive room.


   opened the thick copy of “Advanced Potion” that seemed to be moldy. He felt that he was now able to try some of the potions.

   And it is necessary to try it. After all, according to the original work, the protagonist trio should go to the library to borrow the book in a few days, so they have to return the book in these two days.

   He turned to the page describing “compound decoction”:

   The above illustration shows a few people who are becoming other people. The expressions on their faces are extremely painful.

   Lacewing insects, leeches, lily grass and two ear grass… These materials are easy to get, and they are in the students’ storage cabinets.

   There are also powdered double-horned beast horns, an African tree snake skin fragments… these two materials are beyond his reach.

   However, I have already figured out the way. Find the owl at the school, write a letter to the potion shop in Diagon Alley and buy a little… I hope the price is not too expensive.

   But dragon liver is worth seventeen xicos. Is it possible that snake skin is more expensive than dragon liver?

  Liuyeweed should be picked on the day of the full moon, and lacewing insects have to be boiled for 20 days…

   As long as you are lucky, you should be able to bring the finished compound decoction back to Southampton before the Christmas holiday…

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