The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 26: The Eve of Halloween (Part 2)

First went to the owl shed, Jon mailed a letter to the potions shops in Diagon Alley, asking if they had the horns of the double-horned beast and the skin fragments of the African tree snake, as well as the two medicinal materials. What are the prices.

   It took a lot of time, and when it got dark, he hurried back to the castle.

When    just walked to the corridor in front of the auditorium, he could smell the sweet and tempting smell of roasted pumpkin.

   “It smells so sweet!” Jon couldn’t help sniffing hard.

Entering the auditorium, there are lights and colorful lights, candlelight shining, and dazzling colors; a thousand bats are flying on the walls and ceilings, and another thousand are like clusters of low dark clouds, swarming brocades; many huge ones The pumpkin was carved into a lantern, and almost three people could sit inside.

  Similar to the banquet at the beginning of school, students from the four colleges were sitting densely on four long tables.

   “Jon, here!” Hannah Abbot waved at him eagerly.

   He quickly walked over and sat between her and Ernie McMillan.

   “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Jon!”

   “Yeah, long time no see.”

   As they greeted, all kinds of delicious food suddenly appeared on the golden plate in front of them.

   “It is said that Professor Dumbledore invited a skeleton band to perform later!” Ernie leaned in while chewing on a chicken leg.

   Jon was plucking the skin of a potato, and suddenly something flashed behind him, shocking him.

   is a moving skeleton. At such a close distance, even the ribs and interstitial bones can be seen clearly… It carried the bass in its hand, made a weird laugh, and then walked to the front desk.

   “Wow…” The whole hall screamed.

  Besides the bass player, there are drummers, guitarists, pianists and a lead singer. Without exception, they are not living people, but skeletons.

   “Welcome!” Dumbledore stood up first and applauded.

   Under his leadership, the teachers and students began to applaud together.

   The skeleton vocalist bowed one by one in four directions, and then the performance began:

  ” Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hogwarts.

  ”Please teach us the knowledge,

   “Whether we are the old people who are thankful…

   The first song they played was actually Hogwarts’ school song.


   The eager banquet lasted more than two hours.

The last song of    Skull and Bones seems to have a wonderful incitement to make everyone become passionate.

Ernie showed off excitedly at the banquet. There have been two Ministers of Magic in the history of the McMillan family; Hannah insisted on pulling Jon to show him Harry Potter in Gryffindor, but unfortunately In the end, it failed. Mr. Porter did not appear at the banquet again; the most excessive one was undoubtedly Zacharias. He said that Professor Sprout was about to appoint him as Hufflepuff’s seeker. That resounding The sound is enough to spread from the castle to Hagrid’s cabin…

   Jon didn’t seem to be affected by the singing much; when he first heard the singing, he did have a strong urge to show off, but that emotion was quickly suppressed by himself…

   You must know that even Cedric Diggory, a senior student in the fourth grade, is inevitably affected by this music; he boasted that a total of 46 girls had secretly written love letters to him since childhood.

   Is it the effect of Occlumency?

   It’s a pity that Jon couldn’t be sure. All the students were celebrating together, and he couldn’t even see where the teachers were.

   Finally, Professor Dumbledore waved his wand, and everyone in the hall recovered; the Skeletons also quietly left.

   “A great night, right?” Dumbledore said with a smile, “But now, everyone may have to go back to rest!”

   The students started to file out…many of them blushed.

   Hufflepuff and Slytherin students are going to be in the basement, and their crowds are mixed together.

   “Jon…” Astoria Greengrass pushed over.

   “What did you say after hearing that song?” Her face flushed.

   Jon saw that Daphne, Astoria’s sister, was on her body. After seeing herself, Daphne quickly left.

   “Well me…” Before Jon could figure out how to answer, the crowd in front of him stopped.

   Everyone squeezed into an intersection.

   “What’s the matter? Let me…” Hufflepuff’s prefect Gabrielle Truman and Slytherin prefect Gemma Farley began to try to get out of the crowd.

   squeezed forward as much as possible. Through the crowd, Jon saw something shining on the wall in front of him.

   is between the two windows, on the wall one foot above the ground… There seems to be some writing smeared there, which can be seen vaguely under the burning torch.

  The handwriting is bright red, which looks a little scary. The hustle and bustle and the chattering sound had disappeared, and all the students were quiet.

   “The secret room has been opened… you who are enemies of the heir, watch out.” Gabriel had already squeezed to the front, he read in a low voice.

   “What’s that thing? Hanging underneath?” a student pointed to a group of dark shadows under the sign and shouted.

   There is a pool of water on the ground. Above the water, on the torch holder, a cat hangs upside down… Mrs. Loris, the cat of the caretaker Filch.

   There are three other standing alone in the corridor, between the crowd and the slogan.

   “Harry…” I only heard Hannah whispering: “And Ron, Hermione… why are you here?”

   are three sophomores in Gryffindor… Except for potions class, they can’t pass by here!


   “What’s going on here? What’s going on?” Argus Filch, the administrator of Hogwarts Castle, seemed to be attracted by the sound here.

   Then, he saw Mrs. Loris, he stumbled back a few steps, and grabbed his face with his hands in horror.

   “My cat! My cat! What happened to Mrs. Loris?” he screamed.

   At this time, his protruding eyes saw Harry.

   “Potter, you!” he screamed, his voice extremely miserable: “You…you killed my cat…you killed her…”

   “No… I’m not… I don’t… don’t talk nonsense…” Harry Potter stammered as he stepped back.

   Seeing his panicked expression, Jon suspected that if he changed to a detective, he could basically hit the hammer directly.

   “You did it…” Filch spits all over: “You saw that letter in my office, you know I’m a dumb gun, so you…”

   “Wait a minute, Argus!” An old but determined voice came from behind the crowd.

   Albus Dumbledore arrived at the scene, and there were many teachers.

   The crowd quickly gave them a way, and he walked past Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and untied Mrs. Lorice from the torch holder.

   “Come with me, Argus.” Dumbledore’s voice was full of majesty and dignity: “And you, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger.”

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