The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 27: Slytherin's Secret Chamber

   Halloween is a holiday, most students would choose to play around the school for a day, or take the dormitory to take a good rest.

   But on the morning of November 1st this year, Hufflepuff’s common room was crowded with students.

   The seats are a little bit not enough.

   They were whispering and discussing.

   “What the **** is the secret room, I heard it was opened?”

   “I seem to have heard my father mention the secret room, I thought he was trying to scare me to fall asleep earlier!”

   “The spell in Mrs. Loris is said to be extremely powerful black magic, and Professor Dumbledore can’t do anything about it.”

   “Who did you listen to, how can Professor Dumbledore be at a loss!”

   “The Weasley brothers of Gryffindor, their youngest brother went with Professor Dumbledore to check on Mrs. Loris.”

“I think that Ronald Weasley is suspicious…and Potter and Granger, why did their three Gryffindor students appear at the entrance of the basement? And the three of them and Filch Mr.’s relationship has always been very poor.”

   “Yes, that Luo Niao Weasley was confined by Mr. Filch in September?”


  From the freshmen in the first grade to the old students in the seventh grade, all kinds of opinions were expressed.

   Although it seems to be pulling further and further.

   There was a sudden noise from the arch, and then a chubby witch climbed up.

   “Professor…” The students hurriedly surrounded her: “Professor Sprout…”

   “What the **** is the secret room?” Hannah Abbot asked impatiently.

   “How’s Mrs. Loris?” Cedric Diggory asked with some concern.

   “That…professor…what is a dumb gun?” Justin Finley touched his head in a naive manner.

“It’s okay… let me answer one question by one!” Pomona Sprout’s eyes were bloodshot, as if she hadn’t slept all night… But after examining the petrified Mrs. Loris At the same time, after returning to the greenhouse to take care of the mandrake, she chose to come to Hufflepuff’s common room for the first time to comfort her students.

“Mrs. Loris is not life-threatening, she is just being petrified!” Professor Sprout said: “Mandrake can easily cure her… It just so happens that there is a batch of Mandela in our greenhouse. Growing!”

   The students cheered.

   “So the secret room, professor!” A sixth-grade girl asked quickly: “It’s just a prank, right? That Roll Weasley prank?”

   “Secret Chamber!” Professor Sprout’s voice became low: “That’s not a prank…”

“There is a legend, of course it is just a legend… Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin, the best of that era Of the four wizards who built Hogwarts together…”

“In the first few years, the founders worked harmoniously together, looking for young people who showed signs of magic, and brought them to the castle to train them… But slowly, there was a difference between them. Slytherin Thinking that magic education should be limited to pure magic families, he was unwilling to accept Muggle children, thinking they were unreliable. So they had a fierce quarrel, and finally Slytherin left the school.”

“So there is a weird legend about the secret room… The story says that Slytherin built a secret room in the castle, and the other founders knew nothing about it. Slytherin closed the secret room so that no one could Open it until his true heir comes to the school. Only that heir can open the secret room, release the horror inside, let it purify the school, and eliminate all those who are not worthy of learning magic!”

   While talking, Professor Sprout curled his lips.

   “This… is just a legend!” Heloise-Midgen said shudderingly.

“Before we thought this was a legend…” Professor Sprout said solemnly: “But then…50 years ago, when I was a second-year Hufflepuff student, the secret room opened once! “

   “What!” Many girls stepped back in shock.

“A Ravenclaw student died, terrible black magic, no one knows the cause of her death… Later Armando Dipeter also found out the’true murderer’, and we all thought it was over… …”

   “Ah…” Susan Bones screamed suddenly, as if she had seen something terrible, and then she ran forward several steps in fright.

Several girls next to    also screamed and fled, thinking it was the horrible monster in the secret room that came out and came to Hufflepuff’s common room.

   Professor Sprout frowned, she quickly discovered the culprit… Taking out the wand, she almost lazily shouted:

   “There are so many obstacles!”

   Two little guys running on the ground, preparing to escape from the Hufflepuff common room, UU reading was caught by her.

   “I’m sorry, Professor!” Jon Hart hugged the glass cage and ran over.

   “Jon, letting out your pets to scare classmates is not the right behavior!” Putting two South African red spiders into the glass cage, her voice was somewhat reproachful but not harsh.

   “I’m sorry, Professor…” Jon explained quickly: “But I really didn’t mean it… they escaped!”

“They were fed with the tranquility potion of Professor Keitelburn before, they were very quiet… But since last night, they suddenly became anxious again, and it didn’t help to feed the stability potion; I was accidentally just now. Opening a slit in the cage, the two of them jumped out… almost made them run away!”

   “Really!” Professor Sprout’s face gradually became serious after hearing such words.


   After half an hour, Jon went to the owl shed again.

   spent nineteen gallons and seven sikes. He bought five ounces of powder of double-horned horns and a whole African tree snake skin.

   The potion is really a money-burning thing; the two kinds of materials, Ququ, almost ruined his family.

   Fortunately, at Hogwarts, there is no necessary consumption content, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a nat.

   Back to the castle, when he entered the basement, he passed by the place where Mrs. Lorice was killed, the words still flashed so brightly on the stone wall.

   “The secret room was opened.”

   “Those who are enemies of the heirs, watch out!”

   Jon snorted coldly and touched the alarm clock of the rooster hidden in his robe… without stopping, he drove away.

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