The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 28: Quidditch match

   Since Mrs. Loris was attacked, the administrator of Hogwarts Castle Argus Filch has become depressed.

   He paced the place where Mrs. Loris was killed every day, looking at every passing student, especially the Slytherin student, with hostile eyes; he thought the murderer might come here again.

   In a sense, Filch’s intuition is correct.

   The location of the secret room is actually on the innermost side of the corridor behind the attack site. There is a bathroom (guàn) with the word “fault” written on the door.

   There is the toilet of the crying Myrtle, and Myrtle was the victim of the secret room incident fifty years ago.

   Every time he passes by here, Jon has a feeling of horror… as if behind this brass-colored gate, a basilisk will emerge at any time, give him a bite, or turn him into a stone.

   What’s more terrible is that this bathroom is located just like the mouth of the basement to the castle above… That is to say, he must pass through here every day when he leaves the Hufflepuff common room and on the way back.

   so that Jon is very cautious every time he passes by; if he doesn’t want to find a small group, he will never pass by.

   Hogwarts, a school history in the library was completely borrowed. Not every college will have such a good teacher as Professor Sprout. Moreover, the low-key nature of Hufflepuff students will not spread the news about the secret room.

In the potions class, he heard Astoria say that in Professor Snape’s private medicinal storage cabinet, two precious medicinal materials were stolen, and it is very likely that several students did it… Snape The matter is being investigated and vowed to expel the thief.

   is undoubtedly the work of the trio, Hermione Granger should start preparing the compound decoction.

   And Jon’s configuration progress is half a month faster than her. Twelve lacewing insects have been cooked for two weeks, and only need to cook for another week, you can add 1 ounce of crude antimony and 4 leeches without mouthparts.

Jon thinks that his talent in potions is not weaker than Hermione, and the environment of the responsive room is obviously better than the Myrtle bathroom. Although he has been studying for a year less, he is still very good at configuring the potion. confident.


   It’s another Saturday morning.

   Jon just woke up and habitually practiced Occlumency in bed.

   “Jon… wake up… wake up…”

   The violent knock on the door almost startled him.

   “Good morning, Zacharias!” he exclaimed angrily.

“Jon, hurry up… Quidditch game… At nine o’clock we play against Ravenclaw, then at eleven o’clock Gryffindor against Slytherin… We have to go and cheer for Hufflepuff… …” Panting hard and finishing speaking, Zacharias-Smith started running to another dormitory and called for someone to go.

   “So it’s the Quidditch game…” Jon lowered his voice and said to himself: “The next victim will appear soon.”

   slowly got up from the bed, then put on the yellow jacket and scarf he had prepared, and walked out of the common room.

   Then I found Hannah Abbott and Susan Burns, and passed by the location where Mrs. Lorice was attacked.

   just came to the Quidditch stadium, he found that the stadium was surrounded by yellow-black and blue-blue oceans. Hufflepuff students dressed in yellow and black, and Ravenclaw students dressed in blue and bronze.

   The supporters of the two academies separated on both sides of the Quidditch stadium, cheering and shouting.

  Ernie McMillan used a discarded rag to make a flag with a cheering dog badger painted on it. Ravenclaw did not show any weakness, the cyan and blue crowd formed the shape of an eagle.

   “Come on, Cedric, you are the best…” Hannah shouted.

   “Come on, Hufflepuff!”

Players from both teams have already entered the field. Jon saw Cedric Diggory walking at the forefront of the yellow and black teams. He didn’t know the rest of the Hufflepuff players, they should all be seniors. student.

   There is also a familiar one in Ravenclaw, Qiu-Zhang, a girl with an Asian face, the last of the blue team.

   The players of the two teams shook hands with each other, and then lined up around the referee Madam Hooch.

   Madam Hooch blew her silver whistle vigorously.

   Fifteen flying broomsticks rose from the ground, high up into the sky, and the game began.

“The start of the game… The Ghost Flying Ball was immediately snatched by Ravenclaw’s captain Roger Davis… He ran all the way, dodges the Wandering Ball, and swung past Kadwarad… Did you hit the goal directly? No no, Davis chose to pass the ball to Chambers, facing the empty goal directly…beautiful…Ravenclaw led 10:0!”

   When not commenting on Gryffindor or Slytherin games, Lee Jordan’s commentary is quite fair.

   Jon was a little drowsy in the cool breeze. To be honest, he was not interested in Quidditch at all… He was just forcibly pulled over by this group of students. And he didn’t want to be too uncomfortable, that was a bit inconspicuous.

   There was a one-sided situation on the court. Ravenclaw’s chasers scored again and again, and Ravenclaw’s cheerleaders cheered. On Hufflepuff’s side, the atmosphere gradually faded.

Lee Jordan continued to explain: “At 130:20, Ravenclaw deserves to be the champion of the last Quidditch Cup. They achieved an overwhelming advantage in just 20 minutes, and Hufflepuff could not fight back. ……and many more……”

   “Wait… Snitch! Golden Snitch! Cedric Diggory… he caught the Golden Snitch. Nice job, Diggory, the game is over! Hufflepuff completed the lore 170:130!”

   There was a burst of cheers on the court, and countless Hufflepuff students rushed into the court to celebrate this “hard-won” victory with the players… Professor Sprout was also celebrating with her students.

   Looking at the Ravenclaw players, fans, and Professor Flitwick with expressions on their faces like shit, Jon suddenly thought this game was a bit interesting!


   “Ladies and gentlemen, in twenty minutes, the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin game is about to begin…” Lee Jordan’s voice sounded again on the Quidditch pitch.

   Hufflepuff’s celebrating fans began to gradually walk out of the Quidditch stadium. Gryffindor’s cheerleaders, group after group came in.

Jon saw a small team: Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Colin Crevey with a camera and Ginny Weasley with his head down…he Hastily avoided this “dangerous” team.

   In the stands, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall, who were not present in the last game, also came to watch the game.

   Suddenly, Jon realized something very important:

  In the next hour or so, the Salvation Trio, Ginny Weasley and Albus Dumbledore, who are controlled by Voldemort, are not in the castle.

  In other words, as long as you avoid Filch, can you do whatever you want in the castle?

   Just do it!

   Jon directly refused to take him to the hall to celebrate Zacharias.

   “Sorry, I have to go back to the common room to get something.”

   quickly returned to Hufflepuff’s common room, Jon took a robe casually, and took a ballpoint pen from the drawer.


   Three minutes later, Jon appeared in the corridor behind the place where Mrs. Loris was killed, in front of the bathroom of the crying Myrtle.

   The followers of his study of the Great Flesh sect surrounded his face tightly with long robes so that others could not see his face.

   grabbed the brass **** and pushed open the door.

   It was wet on the floor, and there was a crucible near the sink, and there was still liquid in it.

A few candle heads were burning low on the bracket, emitting dim light, illuminating the floor gloomily… very dark and dull; under a large, stained, cracked mirror, the surface can be seen A flaked, stone pool.

   There was a faint cry from the broken toilet in the innermost area. It should be Myrtle.

   “There is a living person…” Myrtle seems to have noticed his and floated over: “It seems to be another boy…”

   “Go away, you ugly ghost!” Jon was rude, deliberately pretending to be a hoarse voice, and said harshly: “A fat, ugly, weeping, sullen ghost!”

   “Woo…” Myrtle sobbed sadly and went back to her toilet, causing water splashing all over the bathroom.

   “By the way, I have pimples on my face!”

   Following this heavy sarcasm, Myrtle screamed and got into the toilet with a scream and disappeared.

   Jon breathed a sigh of relief, and he started searching under the pool.

   Soon, he saw it: On the side of a copper dragon head, a small snake was carved.

   Jon took out the marker, and then he was taken aback.

   Not right, if you write here, Voldemort possesses Miss Weasley to open the door, wouldn’t you find it all at once?

   After a little thought and calm analysis, he had an idea.

   walked a few steps to the left and came to a pool on the left side of the entrance to the secret room.

   bent down, he wrote this line in an inconspicuous position under the pool:

  ”I’m Ginny Weasley,

   I feel like I opened the secret room,

   And something is controlling my thoughts,

  The entrance to the secret room seems to be on the side of a copper faucet under the pool on the right,

   must have a snake-like voice to open it,

help me……”

   is written very small and inconspicuous, and the bathroom is extremely gloomy…If you don’t bend down and look closely, you won’t see anything at all.

   clapped his hands and Jon left the bathroom.

   He also wiped the doorknob smoothly, wiping off his fingerprints.

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