The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 29: Compound decoction

   “Do you know Colin Crevy?”

   “I have an impression…like a short first-year Gryffindor.”

   “He was attacked by a monster in the secret room, at the entrance of the school hospital… He is now lying on the bed like a dead person, turned into stone like Mrs. Loris!”

“God! I remember Crevy seems to be of pure Muggle descent… Is it true that, as in the legend, the heir of Slytherin wants to drive all wizards and dumb guns of Muggle descent from Hogwarts? “

“too frightening!”

   Since Mrs. Loris was attacked, the discussion about the secret room in the Hufflepuff common room has not stopped.

   However, with the appearance of the second victim, the panic began to spread.

   “Porter must have done it!” Ernie McMillan said confidently.

   “How can I say that…” Hannah Abbot, with her golden ponytail, tried to retort.

“Potter and Filch had a quarrel, then Filch’s cat was killed, and Potter was the first to’discover’; first-year freshman Krivy harassed and angered Potter every day, and then It turned to stone right in front of Potter’s ward…” McMillan deduced like a famous detective:

   “I still can’t believe it, but Harry stopped the mysterious man…” The kind-hearted Hannah was unwilling to accept this “reality”.

“Don’t be silly! No one knows how he escaped to death when he was attacked by a mysterious man. I mean, when that happened, he was still a baby. He should have been blown to pieces. Yes…Only the truly powerful black wizard can escape the spell of the mysterious man.” Ernie said in a mysterious science: “So…”


   Jon did not try to stop the spread of such rumors or refute such rumors.

Almost everyone of Hufflepuff’s Muggle students is at risk, especially Justin Finley. He has been pale in the past few days and dare not even go to class… It is said that he is after school starts. In an unintentional conversation, he told Harry Potter about his blood.

   Although Jon Hart is a freshman, in this matter, he is almost the one with the most stable mentality in the entire college.

   His daily life is still as usual; except when he enters the common room, he chooses to be with other students.

   But when Professor Sprout came to collect the list of students who stayed at school for Christmas… he was almost the first to sign in the column of school leavers.

  Like him, most of the students chose to leave school and fled Hogwarts like a plague, worrying that the monsters in the secret room would run out at any time and give them a fatal blow.

   But before the Christmas holiday, Jon received an email from an owl.

   contains a lot of shining, delicate but worthless small decorations. He asked Eric to buy it for him and send it over.

   brought these small decorations to the kitchen, and he gave them all to the house elves in the kitchen.

“This is a Christmas gift given to you in advance, although it is not a precious thing!” In the kitchen, he Chen Ken said: “Thank you for taking care of me over the past half year. tasty food……”

   The house elves were almost crying, and they quickly took on these small decorations, although they looked a little nondescript after dressing up.

   Klein held Jon’s calf and cried loudly. Jon persuaded him ten times before he let go.

   “This is the first time a wizard has given Klein a Christmas gift… Thank you, Mr. Hart…”

   In the end, the house elves stuffed Jon’s pockets with all kinds of snacks, and they let him go until they couldn’t fit them.


   Of course, before leaving Hogwarts, there is one last thing——

The    compound decoction has now been configured.

In the past week or so, he has added 2/3 ounces of liquid grass picked at the full moon, half an ounce of powdered ammonium chloride, two ounces of grass leaf powder, and 1 teaspoon of Dihorne to the medicine in the configuration. Horn powder, and appropriate amount of saltpeter, mercury, iron filings and dried African tree snake skin.

Although the formula of    compound decoction is extremely complicated, the configuration process is not too advanced; this is why, as a high-risk potion, it can be successfully configured in the first and second grades.

   There is black smoke in the cauldron now, and there is a pungent smell in the black smoke.

   This can prove that there should be no major problems with his configuration.

   Jon carefully put these compound decoctions into small crystal bottles. They looked like dark, sticky mud.

   “Then now, it’s time to test its effects!” He muttered to himself, and took out his yellowish-black hair that he had kept in another crystal bottle.

   Carefully added the hair to the compound decoction, the crystal bottle sizzled and started to foam… Just a few seconds later, its color changed to a rich khaki.

   only has a small mouth, it can maintain the deformation for about ten minutes.

   Jon closed his eyes and poured the potion into his mouth.

   Although I have a certain degree of psychological preparation, the taste is almost as bad as expected…It is as disgusting as drinking a glass of gasoline.

   The internal organs quickly began to churn, as if what he had just swallowed was a few live snakes!

   Jon bent down and took off his clothes as quickly as possible.

   Then, a burning sensation quickly spread from his stomach to his whole body, and he felt his body melt again, as if the skin all over his body was bubbling like hot wax…

   Jon lay on the ground, watching his hands start to grow bigger, fingers thicker, nails wider, shoulders start to stretch…

   One minute later, he stood up… His head was taller than before, his arms and legs were thicker, his hair became messy black, and some freckles appeared on his smooth face…

   He quickly put on the large Hogwarts robe he had prepared before.

   If someone else is here, you can easily recognize it:

   He became Hufflepuff’s prefect, Gabriel Truman. UU Reading

   Gabriel’s hair was secretly pulled off by Jon and the others when they celebrated their Quidditch victory…just to test the effect of the compound decoction.

He wanted to get a teacher’s hair, but the only normal adult male wizards at Hogwarts are Dumbledore and Snape. Both of them are too difficult to deal with… The hair of the senior students is gone.

   Jon who had become Gabriel raised his wand, and an active dummy appeared in front of him immediately.

   “Reducto!” Gabriel’s deep and slightly magnetic voice rang.

   But the wand just flashed a faint blue light, there was no other reaction.

   Gabriel is a sixth-grade student at Hogwarts, and he is also a top student. Smashing Curse, the basic spell of the OWLs defense against the Dark Arts class, can’t be controlled…

   So as expected, after using the compound decoction, it will not have any effect on your magic; it is not because you have become a powerful wizard that you can use powerful spells.

   It is normal to think about it. If the compound decoction has the effect of copying the magic power, the Order of the Phoenix fights the Death Eaters, will it become a hundred Dumbledore vs. a hundred Voldemort?

   If this is the case, the Order of the Phoenix would have an overwhelming advantage!

   waved his hand, the movable dummy disappeared, replaced by a huge stone slab.

   Jon put his wand aside, then bent down…

  The unexpected surprise!

   This stone slab weighing close to 30KG, before the transformation, it was difficult to move it anyway; he moved it easily!

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