The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 3: New future plan

   Half an hour later, Mr. Eric Hart drove his car on the way to London.

   Jon is sitting behind the car.

   Southampton is a two-hour drive from London. This way, he can sort out his thoughts a bit.

   Jon’s current thoughts can be described by Shakespeare’s famous saying:

   “Magic or science, this is a problem!”

   But to be honest, he doesn’t have much choice…

   Although the wizarding world of Harry Potter is not a high magic world, many of the props and magic are extremely powerful.

   For example, the sage’s stone that can turn stones into gold and extend life indefinitely; a time converter that can be used by third-year students with almost no side effects; a lucky potion that boosts luck and makes you invulnerable and successful…

   Space teleportation, memory modification, mind control and other powerful spells can be easily used by most adults.

   It can be said that an excellent adult wizard in the world of Harry Potter, in addition to the frontal combat power, other aspects of abilities are very comprehensive and terrifying.

   The current level of science on the earth, I am afraid that it will take another 300-500 years to develop before it can be done calmly.

   And even though the wizard is criticized for being weak, the wand is not as good as a gun.

   But largely because of the Ministry of Magic’s deliberate control of offensive and destructive spells:

Peter can blow up half a street with a spell, and Crabbe can even summon a fierce fire capable of destroying Horcrux. You must know that Peter and Crabbe are both learned scumbags at Hogwarts, so the destructive power of wizards is actually Underestimated.

   For Jon now, it is no doubt stupid that magic does not exist.


   The previous planning and the hard work of the past ten years should now be forgotten.

   Jon needs to plan again for the future.

   Studying magic hard is definitely the first thing, the general level of Hogwarts students is actually not high. Both Harry and Ron can be regarded as top students in grades, even Captain Quidditch and prefect; it can be seen what the other students are.

   Jon is very confident. With his mature mind and excellent memory, he controls magic far more than his future “classmates”.

   The second thing is to stay away from the protagonist trio.

From the beginning of school, the first grade has three dogs, the second grade fights the basilisk, the third grade wolverine comes with a hundred dementors, and the fourth grade is the dragon, mermaid, sphinx, and Voldemort round… …

   This kind of fearless spirit of death, if you don’t have the protagonist’s aura, you can walk all the way and spend ten resurrection coins, right?

   I shouldn’t have the protagonist’s aura, and St Mungo’s Hospital shouldn’t have developed the resurrection magic…so stay away from them and stay alive to get DPS.

   By the way, according to the year, I should have enrolled in the second grade of the Harry Potter trio, so keeping a distance from Ginny Weasley is also very important. Miss Weasley should have been controlled by Voldemort when she first entered school, and then went to open the secret room and release the basilisk on Halloween eve.

It’s impossible to stop her, and it’s impossible in this life. Jon doesn’t have the self-confidence of being a first-year student to harden Voldemort’s Horcrux. Of course, it’s feasible to be an enthusiastic crowd in Chaoyang District if given the opportunity. .

   In addition to the protagonist trio and Ginny Weasley, the principal Albus Dumbledore had better keep a little distance from him.

  Naturally not because of Dumbledore’s sexual orientation. The key issue is that Dumbledore is a master of pantheon. I am a freshman in the first grade, I am afraid that I will look at each other and Dumbledore’s mind will discover all the secrets in my heart; if his identity as a traverser is discovered by Dumbledore, the ghost knows whether he will count himself in him. In the “Porter Development Plan”.

   Of course, nothing unexpected happened. I was an ordinary Muggle-born little wizard, so naturally he would not attract Dumbledore’s attention. With a low-key and persistent experience for several years, if you secretly learn Occlumency, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.

In the second grade, you must avoid running outside on the night of the full moon. After all, Snape’s “Wolf’s Poison” has not undergone a double-blind experiment. What if it fails; Lupin has also not taken the medicine on time and according to the dose. Experience, so there are certain security risks.

  Don’t worry about the dementors. Dumbledore does not allow the dementors to enter the campus due to personal factors. At this stage, the dementors are also restricted by the Ministry of Magic and will not hurt people casually. Of course, the guardian **** curse still needs to be learned, and it is enough to make a silver light to drive away the dementors.

   The Triwizard Tournament is about to open in the third grade. This is a good opportunity. Think of a way to have a good relationship with Mrs. Maxim, the principal of Boothbarton School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during this time, and then find an opportunity to transfer to Boothbarton, and take his parents to settle in Paris with him, so that he can escape Voldemort’s resurrection in the UK. There was a terrorist attack.

   Iphamuni can also be used, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com Durmstrang is fine, what if Voldemort takes the Death Eaters to kill their principal, and washes the school easily.

   After transferring to another school and staying until the end of the sixth grade, I can form a volunteer army in Boothbaton or Ifamoni, and return to London to participate in the final battle and experience some experience…Of course, it is best to drink some blessing before the fight.


   “117 Charing Cross Road, Westminster, London…I think we’re there!” Eric stopped his car while looking at his notepad.

The    car parked in front of a dirty and small bar, between a big bookstore and a record shop on the other side.

   “Is it here?” Eric raised his head with some suspicion and took a closer look at the number of “Broken Cauldron Bar”.

   “It should be…” Jon nodded.

   “Hello, gentlemen!” A bar owner with almost stripped hair and looking like a walnut, quietly appeared in front of them: “I am the owner of the broken cauldron, Tom.”

   “Muggle?” He glanced at Eric and then at Jon. “A freshman at Hogwarts?”

   “Yes, sir!” Jon nodded, “I’m Jon Hart, a freshman at Hogwarts. This is my father. He doesn’t know how to make magic.”

   “I think you should go to Diagon Alley, right!” Tom, the owner of the Broken Cauldron Bar, showed an ugly smile: “Please follow me.”

   They crossed the bar and came to a small courtyard surrounded by walls. There is nothing here except a trash can and some weeds.

“Count three pieces on the trash can, then count two pieces sideways… three times!” Tom pointed to the wall, and turned his head: “I will also look after my bar. Good luck, Mr. Hart, And Mr. Muggle!”

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