The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 30: Christmas

   As time arrived in mid-December, snow began to fall in the sky, and Hogwarts was quickly covered by snow.

   The weather in the Scottish Highlands has always been so unpredictable, rainy and snowy.

  Jon, who grew up in the southern port city of Southampton, is obviously not accustomed to the cold weather that requires several thick sweaters every day.

   Fortunately, the semester is about to end and they will have more than half a month of vacation.

   The students are almost scrambling to reserve seats on the Hogwarts Express, hoping to go home for Christmas.

   Jon is quite curious about this. Isn’t Christmas a Christian holiday? The “witch hunt” of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages, I don’t know how many wizards and wizards were killed, and the two sides are almost full of blood…Witches actually want to commemorate the birth of the son of the Christian Church?

   In the last “History of Magic” class, he posed this question to Professor Binns:

   “Professor, why do wizards also have Christmas?”

   Hearing this question, Professor Bins blinked and said in his dry, breathless voice:

“Although Christmas is a day that even Muggles celebrate, we wizards definitely celebrated this holiday earlier than them… As early as the 14th century BC, the Mitanni wizards of Asia Minor lived in 12 Celebrate the history of the **** Mithras on the 25th!”

“In ancient languages ​​such as Sanskrit or Avista,’mitra-‘ means’contract’ or’companion’… Mitra, the **** of contract, according to legend, the day of her birth It’s December 25th; for us wizards, this is also the meaning of Christmas.”

“For wizards, the existence of the’contract’ is an important reason for the rapid progress of magic. Our ancestors entered into a contract with the elemental elves, which is the beginning of our ability to possess magic; the role of the wand is also to reach a contract with the wizard. This allows wizards to effectively control their own magic; we also enter into contracts with fairies, horsemen and even Muggles to ensure that we do not have to live in danger…”

   While talking, Professor Bins made a violent cough, as if the sound of chalk being broken.

“Because the contract is so important to magic… So wizards spontaneously celebrate the birth of Mithra on December 25th every year. This is the beginning of’Christmas’… Muggles celebrate this holiday because Our influence is that their saint son was not born on December 25th, but in the autumn. Their legends and the history of wizards are confused with each other, which is rumored to be false.”

   “However, the gift-giving habit of wizards at Christmas originated from Muggles. The wizards found it very interesting, so they gradually adopted this custom… Is there any problem, Mr. Hart?”

   “No more, thank you, professor!”

   Jon sat back in his seat, and Professor Bins reopened the lecture:

   “Let’s continue to talk about the weird Urik. He was born in the Middle Ages after 982 and is a famous weird wizard…”


   With the end of the last potion class, the Christmas holiday begins.

Hogwarts’ school year is divided into three semesters. From the beginning of school to before the Christmas holiday, it is the first semester. After the Christmas holiday returns to the Easter holiday, it is the second semester, and after the Easter holiday returns to school. To the end of the semester is the third semester. Between each semester, there is a half-month vacation, and before each academic year, there is a summer vacation of more than two months.

Jon boarded the Hogwarts Express train to London, and was in a compartment with Zacharias Smith and Heloise Midgen, and then he listened to Zacharias blowing for several hours. Cattle.

   At dusk, when Jon got off the train, he saw Eric and Judy waiting at King’s Cross Station at first sight.

   “Long time no see, mom…” When Judy suddenly embraced him, he whispered, “Merry Christmas!”

   “Yes… honey… Merry Christmas…”


   The Christmas I spent at 86 Eastleigh Road was no different from usual.

  It seems that there is no wizard in this family; in fact, it is almost the same, after all, Jon can’t use magic here now.

Eric bought a pine tree and dressed it beautifully with lights, ornaments, and Christmas stockings; Judy made a wealth of food, including a ten-pound baking buddy, trunk cake, **** cake……

   Jon just like ordinary children, eat and drink at home, and then fall asleep.

   woke up early the next morning, the first thing he saw was a small pile of packages at the foot of his bed.

  Gifts, UU reading many, many gifts……

   Eric gave him a precious Cartier watch with the name “Jon Hart” written on the right side of the watch.

   Judy’s gift was a black coat, which looked like she had designed it herself and was in perfect harmony with Jon’s figure; it looked good on her body and looked no different from the wizard’s robe.

   As for other gifts…

   Zacharias gave him a copy of Quidditch, but Jon just glanced at it and threw it aside.

   Astoria’s gift is a box of chocolate frogs and bibido beans.

  Professor Sprout actually also sent him a specimen of Sphaeranthus spp.

   As for the big package left, Jon bent down, opened it carefully, and found that it was a very delicate chocolate cake.

   This is a Christmas present from the house elves in the kitchen.

   Jon tasted it and it tasted great.

   Then, he collected these gifts one by one and walked out of the room.


   came to the courtyard, he saw Eric was shoveling snow there.

   Jon thought about it carefully, but walked over.

   “What’s the matter, son?” Eric couldn’t help asking, looking at Jon who was silent for a long time.

   “That… Eric… Dad…” Jon hesitated, “Can you give me some money?”

   “Money?” Eric blinked, “Didn’t it mean that our currency cannot be used in your world?”

   “Yes…” Jon nodded, “But I want to buy something else!”

   “Ok, how much do you want?”

   “Uh!” Jon pondered for a moment: “Thirty thousand pounds, it’s almost done!”

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