The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 31: uninvited guest

   There is a strange hardware store at 21 Winchester Road, Southampton.

   Mr. Robert Wilson is the owner of this place. He is a Northern Irishman in his sixties. He is tall and burly. He is old but very energetic.

   In Mr. Wilson’s shop, you can easily buy faucets, screws, door locks… and even pistols!

   The English law on firearms is very strict on the surface, and it seems that ordinary people cannot legally obtain any kind of firearms.

   But the law is always flawed…

   For example, modern firearms and weapons are prohibited by law, so for example, old-fashioned fully automatic shotguns, revolvers, and some collectible antiques and commemorative firearms can be purchased without specific documents.

  Also, Mr. Wilson is a Northern Irishman.

   Unlike England, Northern Ireland law allows citizens to possess any pistol, and there are no restrictions on the magazine capacity of pistols and shotguns.

Therefore, before the Thomas Hamilton shooting (1996) broke out, Mr. Wilson could legally sell dozens of pistols or shotguns every year to his Northern Irish “friends” in Southampton without any documentation. .

   This is also the biggest source of income for this hardware store.


   At dusk on December 30, 1992, Mr. Wilson looked after the shop as usual.

   Suddenly, he found that his hardware store was welcoming an uninvited guest: a big, sturdy man who walked in here.

   He is at least 1.9 meters tall, his skin is dark, and his face looks fierce and rough.

   “Mr. Robert Wilson?” the burly man asked in a low voice.

   Mr. Wilson raised his head and asked in a low voice:

   “Yes, sir, what do you call it?”

   “Varian Wrynn.”

   “Hello Mr. Wrynn, do you need my help?” Hearing this strange name, the hardware store owner asked.

   “That’s right.” The other party’s voice was very calm, and there was almost no wave of sound: “Mr. Wilson, I heard that you can buy pistols?”

   “Pistol? Yes…” Robert Wilson couldn’t help narrowing his eyes: “My guns are only sold to my fellow Northern Ireland.”

   “Of course, I am from Northern Ireland, and I was born in Belfast…” the sturdy man said with a smile.

   That pure South English accent has already betrayed him! Obviously, he cannot be a Northern Irishman.

   But while speaking, the uninvited guest secretly stuffed a few banknotes into the hands of the hardware store owner.

   Several 100-pound banknotes.

   Obviously, this guest doesn’t look as brainless as the muscles on his body, Wilson secretly thought.

   “I am honored, Mr. Wrynn, please come with me!”


   It took Jon a long time to get used to this new body.

   is like stretching your body suddenly and making it thick, but it is actually a very uncomfortable process.

   This sturdy man with a height of 1.9 meters is actually a security guard in Eric’s office…a very sturdy character but actually very timid. Jon secretly cut a few hairs while he was sleeping.

As a good young man who has been poisoned by science and culture for decades, he naturally has a blind trust in technological weapons…especially after being exposed to magic for four or five months, he still cannot easily cast some harmful spells. in the case of.

  He desperately needs the ability to protect himself.


   Wrynn, a sturdy man, followed Mr. Wilson and came behind the hardware store counter.

   He keeps his right hand in his pocket, holding something tightly, watching for anything unusual around him very vigilantly.

   The owner of the hardware store has carried a large box out of the cabinet and bent down.

“I don’t know what your gun preferences are!” He took out the top pistol, and said: “Mr. Wrynn…This is a Colt M1911 pistol. It has been since 1911. It started production and served extensively in the U.S. Army until ten years ago. It can fire 0.45-inch Colt pistols and has an effective range of 50 meters!”

   The sturdy man frowned, he seemed to have heard of this classic pistol.

   “Mr. Wilson!” He started: “I think I need some more advanced goods.”

   This kind of weapon, which was produced 80 years ago, is indeed a bit behind.

   “Well… a picky customer!” Mr. Wilson smiled, bent down, and started searching.

“I found it, this is a good gun!” The pistol he took out this time was much smaller than the previous one: “PSM pistol, a 1980 product, only the palm of the hand and no more than one weight. Pounds, using 5.45mm pistol ammunition, effective range of 30 meters…This is a Soviet product, very cheap, and a KGB-specific weapon, very light and very small!”

   “Really?” The other party took the small pistol and looked at it carefully.

   “So what about recoil? How about recoil?” He asked at the same time.

   “I bet this is the pistol with the smallest recoil in the Even a 12-year-old can easily shoot!” The hardware store owner said without hesitation.

   “Is it okay for a 12-year-old child?” The big guy couldn’t help but his eyes lit up, and then nodded, “I want this gun!”

   Looking at the pistol that didn’t match the size of the big man, Mr. Wilson couldn’t help but smile secretly.

   But he will definitely not take the initiative to disrupt a business.

   “I also need a more powerful pistol, the more powerful the better…” the other party continued.

“Is it a powerful pistol? You can take a look at this…” Mr. Wilson took out a pistol in the box and took out a pistol: “This is a powerful item, the Desert Eagle Mark I pistol that was only released in the United States in 1985… …It can fire 0.357 Magnum revolver rounds, weighs nearly four pounds, and has an effective range of up to 200 meters; at close range, it can even easily kill brown bears and wild boars!”

   “Really?” The other party began to look at the pistol seriously: “Can you kill a python?”

   “I dare to swear that even the largest snake in the world will get a headshot from this gun.”

   “I want all of these two guns!” The big man seemed to have made up his mind: “You still need to give me some bullets.”

   Mr. Wilson likes this kind of refreshing customer the most. He didn’t hesitate to pack the two guns and bullets, and put a tap label on the outside.

   “A total of three thousand pounds, sir!”

   The other party did not bargain, took out a thick pile of pounds from his pocket, and said, “I have another question, Mr. Wilson.”

   The owner of the hardware store took his greedy look away.

   “Excuse me, sir!”

   “I need to find someone!”

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