The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 33: Journal

   At the nine and three-quarters station of Kings Cross Station, the express train to Hogwarts will be driving in a quarter of an hour.

   Jon Hart is sitting on this train. After more than half a month of boring Christmas vacation, he can finally return to Hogwarts.

That’s right, the Christmas holiday in Southampton can be described as boring. You can’t use magic, you don’t have a few books on your hand, and you can’t even see the wizard’s activities within a hundred miles; every day except for practicing the brain. Closure, and then there is nothing to do.

   Fortunately, he persuaded Eric and Judy to allow them to go to London alone and take the train back to school…Otherwise, nothing will be done during the half-month holiday.

   found a separate compartment, put his salute on the pedal, and took out a diary from his cloak.

   The old black cover and the paper inside are already yellowed… It can be seen that this diary is a bit old. From a distance, this diary even has a somewhat gloomy feeling.

   Jon ran several streets in London and searched for it all afternoon, before he finally went to an old bookstore and bought it for fifteen pence.

   I’m bored, Jon opened it and wrote in a blank space on the page:

  ”Compound decoction, recorded in the book “Powerful Potion”, is a powerful potion.

   You can add things on the target’s body (such as hair or nails, but mainly hair), drink it, and it will become the other person’s appearance within a certain time.

The ingredients needed to prepare the compound decoction include lacewing insects, crude antimony, leeches with mouthparts removed, liquid grass picked at the full moon, powdered ammonium chloride, two ear grass leaf powder, dihorned animal horn powder, saltpeter, mercury , Iron filings and dried African tree snake skin.

  The configuration process is more complicated, but there are not too many difficulties.

  Take about 5ml of compound decoction to maintain the transformation for about 10 minutes;

  Take about 50ml of compound decoction to maintain the transformation for about 1 hour;

   A large dose of compound decoction (above 1L) can maintain the transformation time to 24 hours;

   But the longest transformation time is 24h, no matter how much you take, it can’t be improved again.

The initial taste of    compound decoction is like boiled overcooked cabbage. The specific color and taste will change according to the mood of the user towards the transformation target. (If you feel good about the transformation target, the taste will make do with it; if you have a poor relationship with the transformation target, the taste will be quite disgusting.)

It can only be used to transform humans and not other creatures… Attempting to transform into an animal will cause extremely serious side effects. Trying to become a hybrid between humans and other creatures (such as hybrid giants, werewolves) has an unknown effect, but there is a high probability that it will not succeed. , And accompanied by certain side effects.

After successfully transforming with the compound decoction, you can replicate all the physiological functions of the target’s voice, strength, intuition, etc… but you cannot replicate the magical abilities of any wizard. You cannot expect the compound decoction to make you a powerful wizard.

   There have been known cases where the compound decoction can be gender-switched, but…”

   wrote a page full, and Jon described all his knowledge about the compound decoction… then he carefully tore off the paper.

After    was folded, the two letters P-P (short for Polyjuice) were marked on the outside. Jon put it in a very secret clip in the suitcase, and put it together with a small stack of notes.


   The door of the compartment was knocked softly.

   Jon took the diary back into his cloak, and said, “Please come in!”

   “Jon…” The beautiful girl with blond curly hair and a childish face pushed open the compartment door.

   In the letter, the two of them have met in this car as soon as possible.

   “Merry Christmas!” She blinked.

   “So are you, Astoria.” Jon nodded.

   She sat opposite Jon, and the two exchanged a few words.

   “How about the Christmas present?” Jon asked with a smile.

   “It’s great!” Astoria suddenly smiled: “Unbelievable…that three-sided makeup mirror is really great, I like it so much… My mother praises it as good, and she doesn’t usually smile!”

   “Really? Great!” Jon bit his lip.

   “What about you… the secret I hid in the chocolate frog, did you find it?” Astoria blushed suddenly and asked in a low voice.

   “Huh?” Jon was suddenly taken aback.

   The box of chocolate frogs given to him by Astoria, he tasted a few and threw it aside.

   Where do you know the secret hidden in it!

   “Idiot…huh!” Astoria snorted and turned away.

   She decided not to ignore him.


   Fortunately, their cold war did not last a few minutes before it ended.

   The smiling retail clerk on the train appeared in time to resolve their embarrassment.

   When we ate pot-shaped pies and pumpkin cakes together the previous displeasure seemed to be forgotten by Astoria.

   After eating a licorice wand, she seemed to remember something.

   “I heard…” Only Astoria whispered, “There has been another attack at Hogwarts!”

   “Huh?” Jon frowned.

“The ghost of Gryffindor, Sir Nicholas, was killed, and there is another student of your Hufflepuff, Justin Finley!” Astoria said with a serious face: “They and Lori before Mrs. Silk and Colin Crevey were all turned into stone. Just a few days after we left school.”

   “So…” Jon nodded blankly.

As he expected, according to the original plot, Nick and Justin should have been killed at this time… However, he did not receive any news about this at Christmas. It was probably the official Hogwarts who gave the news to him. It was suppressed, but it couldn’t hide from a big family like Greengrass.

   “I wanted to write this thing in a letter to tell you…” Astoria’s words were not exceptional: “But my mother stopped me, and she said that this matter cannot be spread out casually.”

   “Hmm!” Jon nodded and said slowly. “Professor Sprout’s mandela grass should be able to mature in a few months. By then, all of their students who turned into stone will be able to recover; therefore, everything should return to normal.

   “You have to be careful!” Astoria suddenly lowered her head and leaned over.

   Her voice is low, but full of worries:

   “My mother almost didn’t allow Daphne and I to go back to school… Hogwarts is really dangerous… Slytherin monsters really existed!”

   “I know…and, thank you!”

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