The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 34: Back to school

   The train stopped on the platform at Hogwarts smoothly.

   They walked out of the dark platform with the flow of people, this time there is no need to row into the school again.

   Outside the station, a hundred horse-drawn carriages were waiting for them… to be precise, they were drawn by Yeqi.

   Jon and Astoria climbed into one of them.

   The carriage passed through the gate and drove through a wide driveway; soon, they could see the gate of Hogwarts Castle.

   A few minutes later, the carriage stopped under the stone steps in front of the two oak gates; after getting off the car, he walked up the stone steps and entered the cave-like deep hall.

   Back to school after the Christmas holiday is not like the beginning of school, there is a splendid school banquet. Jon and Astoria hurriedly bid farewell, and were about to follow the students of their respective colleges back to their common room when a middle-aged witch wearing an emerald robe stopped them.

   “Professor McGonagall, what’s the matter?” a Ravenclaw lady asked loudly.

   “I’m sorry!” Professor McGonagall’s face seemed a little weak: “But you need to wait for your college professor to come and pick you up back to the common room…Gryffindor students, come to me!”

   “What the **** is going on?” several senior boys exclaimed.

“A new attack, just ten days ago… Two victims, Hufflepuff’s Justin Finley and Gryffindor’s ghost Nicholas Popington!” Professor McGonagall felt Said heavily.


   The crowd suddenly started talking, and as Astoria just said, most of them didn’t know the news.

   Especially the students of Hufflepuff, most of their faces were extremely shocked.

   Fortunately, Professor Sprout arrived soon.

   “Classmates of Hufflepuff, come with me…” she said sadly.


   “Potter must have done it!” Going into the barrel and climbing through the underground tunnel, Jon heard Ernie McMillan’s loud voice.

   Ernie did not go home during the Christmas holidays, so he knows the “truth” of the attack on Justin better!

   Several Hufflepuff students who had returned home from the holiday hurriedly gathered around.

   “Do you know? Potter appeared at the attack location again by coincidence… When we found out that Justin and Nick were killed, he and Weasley were at the attack location!” Ernie McMillan was eloquent.

   “If one time is a coincidence, then he appeared exactly at the location of the attack three times…There must be a ghost!”

   In fact, what Ernie said is quite reasonable, no matter from which point of view Harry Potter is the first suspect in the attack. And every time I heard a strange sound (the sound of the basilisk), I hurried over… I didn’t even touch the basilisk or Ginny once (I would die if I encountered it once).

   “Why would he attack Justin!” Hannah Abbot asked puzzledly: “I remember Harry and Justin had a good relationship in herbal medicine class…”

“In the herbal medicine class, Justin told Potter that he was Muggle-born, and he must have been grudged by Potter!” Ernie said categorically, “Just in an extracurricular activity a few days before Christmas, Potter had I once ordered a snake to attack Justin. If it weren’t for Professor Snape to stop it, I’m afraid Justin would have been killed at that time… However, this incident made Potter show his feet!”

   “Is he a snake-like voice?”

   “That’s right! You know, Snakeman is the symbol of the most evil wizard… and Salazar Slytherin is a Snakeman himself!”

   “He hides so deeply!” Hannah screamed.

   “Betting on the name of my McMillan family, the murderer must be Harry Potter!” Ernie McMillan has already made a judgment.


   But Ernie’s wonderful reasoning was interrupted by the appearance of Professor Sprout.

   “Ernie, don’t try to try your classmates with your malice!” Professor Sprout said harshly to Ernie: “Professor Dumbledore believes that Mr. Potter is not a murderer, that’s enough!”

   “Okay, Professor…” Ernie McMillan walked away griefly.

   Jon was surprised to find that Professor Sprout’s eyes turned to him.

   “Jon, come with me, can you?” She said gently.

   “Well, professor!” Jon hurriedly walked over and followed Professor Sprout out of the barrel.

   “Professor, what’s the matter?”

   “I want to ask you about those two spiders!” Professor Sprout asked solemnly: “How are they?”

   “They are dead!” A sad look appeared on Jon’s face:

“Professor, after you came to the common room and helped me catch them back, their condition has not been very good… Until one day in November, they suddenly screamed, waiting for me to give them When they were fed, they were already dead!”

   “I’m sorry… but can you know the day they died?” Professor Sprout continued.

   “Let me think about…” Jon frowned: “It seems to be…it seems to be the day after Hufflepuff’s Quidditch victory over Ravenclaw!”

   “What?” Professor Sprout’s face changed suddenly.

   “What’s the matter, Professor?” Jon asked knowingly, that day was after Colin Crevy was killed. UU Reading

   “Nothing, kid… I have to find Professor Keitelburn…” Professor Sprout seemed to stammer when he said: “Sorry, I’m sorry!”

   took two steps back, and she turned around again:

   “Remember, don’t leave the Hufflepuff common room alone.”

   “Okay, Professor!”


  Leaving the castle, Professor Pomona Sprout, the herbal medicine teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hurried to the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

   But when she arrived at the thatched hut, she found herself emptied.

  Professor Silvanos Kettleborn, the teacher of the magical animal protection class, is not here.

  Professor Sprout went around the hut for a while, and found the sturdy, Hogwarts key keeper.

   “Hello, Hagrid!”

   “Hello, Professor.”

   Ruber-Hagrid held a large cage in his hand, and it made a chirping noise in it.

   “I’m looking for Sivanos, he doesn’t seem to be at school?” Professor Sprout asked softly.

   “Professor Kettleborn?” Hagrid said with a grin: “He seems to have gone to London to replace his prostheses, and he won’t be back in a month; Professor Grapland is taking his place in class!”

   As he spoke, Hagrid’s eyes couldn’t help showing envy.

   “Really?” Professor Sprout sighed. She suddenly found the chirping cage in Hagrid’s hand. She couldn’t help but curiously asked, “What’s inside?”

“A group of young roosters!” Hagrid replied casually, “I don’t know if it was a fox or a vampire who did the roosters in the school. A total of twelve were killed by them. Now the school is looking for even crowing chickens. Not anymore…”

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