The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 35: New understanding of Occlumency

   Although Jon has repeatedly hinted, Professor Sprout still didn’t seem to guess that the monster that caused the three attacks was a basilisk.

  At least, Hogwarts officials didn’t take any obvious measures against the basilisk…For example, distributing snake-repellent lotion to the whole school and asking Hagrid to raise honey badgers in large quantities.

   Fortunately, as expected, after Christmas, Hogwarts seemed to return to its usual calm.

   Except for Hermione Granger, who was missing for a few weeks, many students talked about it, and everyone took it for granted that she had been attacked. But Madam Pomfrey clearly explained to everyone that Miss Granger had only suffered a deformation accident, not an attack, and would soon recover.

   Now, the sun over Hogwarts seems to be rising again.

  In the castle, everyone’s mood became optimistic…Since Justin and Nick, who was almost headless, there has been no attack.

   Moreover, Professor Sprout also received news that the mandela grass is growing well, and it will not be long before it will mature to help the victims who turned into stone to restore their original shape.

In a herbal medicine class, Jon heard her say to Filch: “As long as their acne is mature, they can be re-transplanted; then, it won’t be long before Professor Snape can use them to prepare an antidote. Your Mrs. Loris will be back soon.”

  Everything seems to be moving in a good direction.

   Jon knows the reason very well. According to the original plot, Ginny Weasley discards and tries to destroy Tom Riddle’s diary… She is no longer controlled by Horcrux, and naturally there will be no attack again.

   And Tom Riddle’s diary is now in Harry Potter’s hands, and Harry has not yet controlled its use.

   In other words, Hogwarts must be safe in the past two months… Tom Riddle could no longer use Ginny to open the door of the secret room, and the basilisk would naturally not wander around the school.

   Jon tensed his nerves for half a year, and seemed to have time to relax for a while.

  Gidro Lockhart thought it was his credit.

“I don’t think there will be any more trouble, Minerva.” During a conversation, Jon heard him say this: “I think the secret room will never be opened again this time; the criminals must have known that I I’ll catch them sooner or later!”

   I don’t know why, Jon always thinks Professor Lockhart makes him feel a little weird.


   During this period, Jon spent most of his spare time in the responsive house… to make up for the loss of more than half a month of Christmas and unable to practice magic.

   And because he knew the original plot and knew that this period was safe, he no longer deliberately controlled the time to enter and exit the Hufflepuff common room, as long as he did not violate the school rules.

   At this moment, in the responsive house.

   An Eastern European man who is not very tall, but is very agile, is avoiding the attack of several mobile dummies in front of him.

   His power is so great that he can break a dummy made of slate into pieces with one punch.

   The speed is also very fast, and the 100m speed can easily run within 12 seconds.

   More important is the keen sense of hearing, even if you close your eyes, you can know the direction of the enemy.

   Sergey Pavlov, deserves to be the best member of the 1976 Kazan training camp, deserves to be an excellent KGB agent who has won the Red Flag Medal, his body is almost innately suitable for fighting and is a perfect fighter.

   Jon has been transformed into him for nearly four hours, and he can now fully control this body.

Two pistols, the less powerful one he has practiced many times. With his twelve-year-old body, he can now use it to hit close targets more accurately (PSM pistol was originally designed for civilians and Prepared by female agents).

   He hasn’t tried the powerful one yet. After all, it is impossible to determine whether the responsive house has good sound insulation…otherwise, it would be bad if a gunshot drew a bunch of people.

   Following the Eastern European man suddenly lying on the ground, convulsing violently.

   His body began to shrink a little bit, and finally changed to the appearance of Hufflepuff’s first-year student Jon Hart.

The feeling of taking the compound decoction is really uncomfortable. It makes your body suddenly stretched or squashed like a toy. It is very painful… I really don’t know how Barty Crouch Jr. insisted on taking it for a year. All become Moody’s appearance!

   After a few minutes, Jon changed his clothes and picked up the wand on one side.

   pointed at a movable dummy in front of him and muttered a word, and an orange-yellow light shot towards the movable dummy’s eyes.

   After nearly half a year of hard work, the Eye Disease Curse, a spell that does not depend on emotions, seems to be controlled by him.

   Even if there is a fire dragon in front of him, he is now sure to cast an eye curse to make his opponent extremely painful; of course, if he is trampled by the crazy fire dragon into meatloaf, it is out of his consideration.

   But compared with the Eye Disease Mantra, on the other hand, the main learning content, the progress is not so smooth.

   The book “Enclose Your Brain” that records the use of Occlumency, UU Reading, Jon has also gone to the library long ago…He has also kept the content in his heart.

   In the recent half a year, he got up and went to bed every day, as well as some other leisure time, and tried his best to train his brain according to the content recorded in that book.

   I can clearly feel that I have made a little progress in this area, but not much.

   And there are the old problems before, no matter how hard you work, you can’t know exactly where the training has become…After all, it is impossible to ask a powerful wizard to use the mind of the gods to verify this.

   Jon sat on the sofa in the responsive room with a serious face… Occlumency is the most urgent thing he needs to control.

   Suddenly, Jon stood up.

   He thought of something:

  Occlumency is not a normal magic, no wand or spell is needed.

   It is just a pure intuition, conditioned reflex.

  Intuition, compound decoctions can be replicated… For example, Sergey’s fighting instincts, after taking the compound decoction and becoming him, he can unconsciously control those fighting instincts.

   So if you transform into a powerful Occlumency Wizard, will it help your understanding of Occlumency?

   Jon suddenly became excited.

   Coincidentally, Hogwarts happens to have a very accomplished Occlumency.

   “Severus Snape!”

   The compound decoction requires the use of a hair of the transformed object. There is no doubt that pulling a hair of Snape is no different from pulling a tooth out of the mouth!

   The risk is high, and the chance of failure is not small… But the returns are so objective that it seems worth a try?

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