The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 36: 1: part of Snape's body

   Over the next few days, Jon Hart has been thinking about this plan.

  How to take a piece of Snape’s hair, or a piece of tissue from him?

   But all the plans were rejected by him one by one, because the risks were too great…

   Snape is an extremely good potion master. His understanding of “compound decoction” may be deeper than he thought.

  Want to steal part of his body?

Strictly speaking, it is not impossible… But as long as he shows his feet, he may discover and guess the existence of the compound decoction; and the relationship between Snape and Dumbledore may have it in an hour. Go to Dumbledore’s office to “talk”.

   That was simply stealing the chicken and losing the rice, and the blood collapsed.

   All the plans that came to mind were quickly rejected by Jon.

   But it’s not impossible!

   After thinking about it, there is one more feasible way…just a little troublesome.

   But that is already the safest way.

   If you dare to do it, he took out a pen and paper and wrote a letter.

   The letter was sent to Mr. Robert Wilson, the owner of the hardware store at 21 Winchester Road, Southampton; Jon, in the name of Varian Wrynn, asked Mr. Wilson to help him buy something.

   and send it to Mr. Hart, Hufflepuff College, Hogwarts Middle School.


   Almost a week later, Owl appeared in the restaurant carrying large boxes every other time, and then threw those boxes to Jon.

   “Who on earth sent you so many things?” Zacharias asked curiously.

   “It’s just some gadgets for people who don’t know how to magic…” Jon said vaguely: “Sent to me by one of my relatives!”

   But every time he received the email, Jon would find the opportunity to rush to the responsive house on the eighth floor of the castle and install those things.

   while waiting for the opportunity to approach Snape.


   In a potions class at the end of January 1993.

   Snape spent an afternoon teaching them how to configure a potion called “Sleeping Potion”.

   Jon and Astoria were the first to complete the configuration, and Snape was also the last to evaluate them as usual… In order to prevent the potion from volatilizing, he deliberately closed the lid of the crucible.

   As usual, Snape criticized almost every student in the class.

   When get out of class was about to end, he turned his eyes to Jon and Astoria in the first row.

   strode over, he stretched out his hand and opened the cauldron.

   Looking at the orange liquid in the cauldron, he just nodded slightly.

   In the potions class of more than half a semester, Jon and Astoria have hardly missed their hands, and he has become used to it.

   Without saying anything, Snape was about to put the lid on the crucible again…

   “Professor, let me come!” Jon said quickly, and reached out his hand.

   At this moment, the scraper in his hand scratched the back of Snape’s hand inadvertently.

   “I’m sorry, Professor…” Jon stood up in a panic.

   Snape withdrew his hand coldly. The touch he had just touched was very light, there was no bleeding, only a pale white mark was left.

   “Sit down!” Snape gave him a cold look and ordered, “Mr. Hart, didn’t I tell you that after all the potions are placed, the knives have to be retracted?”

   “I’m very sorry…I just forgot…” Jon sat down quickly and explained.

   “Hufflepuff deducts five points!”

   “Now, get out of class is over…”


“What the **** did you think… Unbelievable, Professor Snape actually only deducted five points… I thought you were going to be locked up…” As soon as Snape left the classroom, Astoria hurriedly gathered Come over, said with a closed face.

   “Sorry, I was a little distracted just now.” Jon smiled bitterly, and carefully put the scraper just now into a crystal bottle containing a red liquid.

   “Would you like to go to the restaurant together?” Astoria asked in a low voice, glanced around.

   “No, I have something else!” Jon hurriedly packed his things, and then hurried to the eighth floor of the castle.


   The giant stick on the eighth floor of Hogwarts Castle hit the opposite side of Barnabas’s tapestry.

   “I need an ice storehouse…I need an ice storehouse…” Jon, who had reached the position of the responsive house, said silently in his heart.

   walked through that section of the wall three times. When the brass-colored handle appeared on the wall, he quickly pushed the door and entered.

   The current responsive house is full of ice cubes… Several boxes of rum are placed in a pile of ice cubes. Obviously, this is not the only one who has arrived here.

   Jon couldn’t help but shiver, then ran to the left, removed a large chunk of ice, and took out the bottles and cans hidden in it:

  DMEM cell culture medium;

   Fetal Bovine Serum;

  PBS buffer;



   These are the reagents that Jon got rid of Mr. Wilson’s order for Bottles of biological reagents were taken out by Jon, and he also took a box of ice cubes.

  Since it is too risky and difficult to blatantly take away part of Snape’s body, then he can only sacrifice his own way…Through laboratory methods to cultivate Snape’s cells into tissue.

  As these reagents were taken out one by one, the whole responsive house began to undergo earth-shaking changes!

  The ice cubes disappeared little by little, and then the responsive house became a greenhouse maintained at about 37 degrees…This is the most suitable temperature for cell growth.

   Some instruments also appeared in the hut, which Jon ordered and secretly brought them a few days ago.

   Including microscopes, centrifuges, incubators… After a few days of Jon’s efforts, this place has become a rudimentary microbiology laboratory.

   Jon carefully took out Snape’s epithelial cells that he had collected earlier, which he had previously secretly scraped on Snape’s hand with a spatula.

   He placed it in the culture medium (the liquid in the crystal bottle before) as soon as it was collected.

   Carefully centrifuge the culture medium at a speed of 800 g to remove the supernatant; then re-add the culture medium and serum to the cells.

  Because there is no way to guarantee sterility, Jon had to add 1/1000 of antibiotics to the culture medium.

   After a period of simple processing…

   Finally, Jon carefully placed the cell bottle in the incubator.

   left the House of Requirement, he only hopes everything goes well!

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