The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 37: Closed brain

  The experiment of culturing Snape cells is progressing quite smoothly!

   The vitality of wizard cells seems to be much stronger than that of ordinary mammalian cells.

Before that, Jon was still worried that he only sampled a little bit, it might not grow in the cell flask, or it would take more time; it turns out that he was worrying about it… only a dozen hours later, Snape’s cell The cell flask is completely overgrown.

   Next, Jon carefully digested and passaged the cells…

   In the next week, Jon will come to look after the cells once a day.

   Limited by conditions, he couldn’t clone a small piece of Snape’s epithelial tissue under such a crude environment… he had to let these epithelial cells multiply in large numbers and continue to culture after passage.

   Of course, he still tries to go back to Hufflepuff’s common room before dark every day.

   Although it is known that the basilisk will not reappear during this time, it is necessary just in case.

   The very small amount of cells in the past has grown into more than ten cell flasks after a week of cultivation.


   On the second Friday afternoon of February, Jon felt that the number of cells was almost the same.

  He carefully collected more than ten bottles of cells, digested them, centrifuged them, and collected them together; of course, he also left two bottles of cells to continue culturing in case of emergency.

   Looking at the white “meat foam” the size of pinky thumbs stacked on top of each other… Although it is a bit ugly, it was indeed part of Snape’s body!

   I hope it works!

   After everything was ready, Jon took out a part of the “meat foam” and added it to a cup of compound decoction that had already been prepared.

   The cup hissed quickly, bubbling…in just a minute, its color changed to deep red.

   Looking at the crimson cup of compound decoction, Jon was still a little anxious and couldn’t help but rest a little.

   pinched his nose, he drank the whole cup of potion…the taste was not bad, slightly bitter, but not as disgusting as he thought.

   The same feeling as when I took it before… the internal organs quickly began to churn, as if they were just a few live snakes!

   Jon bent down and quickly and skillfully put on a large robe.

Then, a burning sensation quickly spread from his stomach to his whole body, and he felt his body melt again, as if the skin of his whole body was bubbling like hot wax… He lay on the ground and looked at his hand. It began to grow bigger, fingers thicker, nails widened, and shoulders began to stretch!

   A minute later, he stood up…

   Thin body, greasy and straight hair, waxy skin, big hooked nose… and the extremely cold eyes.

   Severus Snape appeared in the responsive room.

He succeeded!


   Jon suppressed his inner excitement as much as possible.

   There were not many cells cultivated before, and he couldn’t maintain the deformation for too long, so he must hurry up.

   Snape’s body was much weaker than that old Maozi special soldier. It could be said to be a little sick… But for a wizard of his level, it was not important at all.

   Jon sat down quickly and closed his eyes…At the same time he began to feel the intuition that Snape had when he closed his brain.

   “Concentration makes the brain block…”

   “Constrain one’s thoughts…”

   “Don’t think, remember, feel…”

   Ten minutes later, Jon opened his eyes again.

   As he expected, this method is very effective… to feel Snape’s intuition, to understand the way Snape closed his brain; it only took ten minutes, almost more efficient than the previous three months of hard work.

   Jon hurriedly closed his eyes again and continued to comprehend.

The human mind is not a book, and you cannot read it at will; thoughts are not engraved in the brain, and you cannot let people go in and read it… The mindfulness is not a simple reading memory, but through the contradictions and feelings in the memory of the other party. And give a correct explanation…

  Brain closure must be the opposite, sealing off the feelings and memories that contradict the lie, so that the other party cannot make correct judgments about your thoughts. At the same time, the real memory is hidden in the deepest place, and with false protection, even the most powerful wizard cannot discover your truth.


   An hour later, Jon Hart’s slightly thin body reappeared in the responsive room.

   panting heavily to relieve the pain caused by the deformation of the compound decoction…but he can feel that his brain has never been stronger than it is now! Almost completely control the Occlumency Cerebral Surgery, close at hand.

   First, I have to take a break. Fortunately, I went to the kitchen to get a lot of chocolate the other day.

   Jon first ate a large piece of chocolate and regained his strength.

   Then, he quickly took out the compound decoction that had been prepared and was hidden in the responsive house, and added Snape’s cells again… This time, he took twice the amount!

   Transformed into Snape again, and Jon continued his practice.


   After a few more hours, Jon’s face turned pale.

   But I have to say that the effect is very obvious… He once asked the responsive house to make countless noises in the hut. But in it, he could not be affected by these noises at all, and would not feel uneasy.

   Although he still can’t completely block his brain, it is impossible to invade; he can actively store his “unseen” memories in the deepest part of the brain with falsehood, making it impossible for people to discover!


   Jon finally ate a few more chocolates and regained his strength; then stood up and prepared to return to the Hufflepuff Lounge.

   But at this time, he found a little trouble.

   Unknowingly, he spent more than six hours in the responsive room… It is already more than nine o’clock in the afternoon GMT, and it is completely dark.

   Hogwarts castle has long curfew.

   Jon pursed his lips, seeming to be in trouble.

   Although there is a high probability that the basilisk will not appear in the school during this time period, it can be prevented; and apart from anything else, even if it is caught by Filch, the impact will not be good!

   After all, strolling around the school at night would violate school rules.

   Jon thought about it for a moment, and took out a small bottle of earthy yellow compound decoction.

   Soon, Soviet agent Sergey Pavlov appeared before the House of Requirement.

   With Pavlov’s skill, even if he meets Filch, he should be able to get rid of him easily… After all, Mr. Filch is just a dumb gun.

   After taking the amount that can transform into ten minutes, it is enough to walk from the eighth floor to the common room in Hufflepuff.

   Pavlov put on a large black wizard robe, and covered his face with a cloak, walked out of the responsive house, and disappeared into the dark night lights.

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