The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 4: Gulin Court

   “Count up to three pieces-and then count two on the horizontal line -” Jon whispered, and at the same time he tapped the brick three times with his finger.

   did not appear at the gate of Diagon Alley as he imagined; the wall did not respond.

   “What’s the matter?” Jon frowned, remembering Hagrid in the original book, didn’t it just open the door of Diagon Alley like this?

   “I’ll try it!” Eric leaned in and tapped the brick three times in the same way.

   Still nothing happens.

   Jon suddenly remembered that Hagrid in the original book knocked this wall with his umbrella (magic wand)…but he hasn’t bought a magic wand yet!

   was about to turn around and called Tom, the owner of the Broken Cauldron Bar, to ask him for help.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of leather boots stepping on the floor… Then, a middle-aged man wearing glasses, holding a briefcase, and wearing a suit, humming the tune of “Nelson’s Song” in his mouth, strode. come.

   “Doctor Granger?” He only heard Eric beside him, shouting in surprise.

   “Oh, God, Mr. Hart!” The middle-aged man helped his glasses with an unbelievable expression: “I can actually see you here.”

   “I was surprised too!”

   The two elders immediately greeted each other.

   After a few greetings, the middle-aged man seemed to remember something, and then took out a small wooden stick from his briefcase.

With a small wooden stick, he tapped twice against the wall… The brick he had struck shook and began to move. A small hole appeared in the middle. The opening of the hole became bigger and bigger, and soon there was a piece in front of them. The wide archway leads to a winding cobblestone street with no end in sight.

   “I think, Mr. Hart, you are also here in Diagon Alley?” Dr. Granger asked.

   “Diagon Alley, it seems to be.” Eric smiled: “Doctor Granger, I didn’t expect you to be a wizard.”

   Eric began to introduce the middle-aged man to Jon:

Wendell Granger, a well-known dentist in London, Eric has seen several illnesses with him and once helped him deal with a patient dispute; the two are old friends, and the relationship is fair Not bad.

“Me, wizard?” Mr. Granger was taken aback, then shook his head and said with a smile: “I am not a wizard. My daughter is a wizard. I just took her wand! You should be the same. Come on, Mr. Hart!”

   “That’s right!” Eric smiled and nodded: “This is my son Jon. He was admitted to a wizarding school called Hogwarts.”

“Hello, Mr. Hart!” Granger bent over and shook hands with Jon, and then said to Eric, “My daughter is also a Hogwarts student. She was admitted last year…Today I sent her here. She needs to come here to buy a new robe and a few books, so she asked me to have a drink at the Broken Cauldron Bar and pick her up at Mrs. Morkin’s Robe Shop at three o’clock.”

   While talking, Granger looked at his watch: “I think, I have half an hour, so I can take you around Diagon Alley first.”

   Then, the three of them walked into the broken cauldron bar.

   Two adult men in suits, and a child in sportswear, shuttled among a group of wizards in black robes. It was indeed a bit obvious, and many times attracting attention.

Mr. Granger seems to be accustomed to this look: “I think wizards rarely come into contact with us, so it would be strange to see us. They usually call us “Muggles”. I don’t think this is a polite name. …”

“Mr. Hart, I suggest you go to Gringotts, the wizard’s bank first; there, you can exchange pounds for 100 gallons, the wizard’s currency!” Granger, who was a “coming man,” began to give They are introduced by father and son.

   “100 gallons?” Jon suddenly noticed something.

   “Yes, the exchange rate is 5:1 for the pound, but the upper limit is 100 gallons.” Mr. Granger continued to introduce: “We are here, and the front is Gringotts!”

   Led by Mr. Granger, they came to a snow-white building towering high above the surrounding shops. Next to the shiny bronze gate, stood a fairy wearing a scarlet and gold uniform.

   The fairy’s head was shorter than Jon, and he wore a strange dress with pointed fingers sticking out.

   “Welcome, Mr. Sampark, are you probably going to get money from your vault? Hurry up, please come in…” The goblin’s voice was quite sharp, and he was welcoming a wizard in front of Jon.

   “Oh, two Muggles…” When the goblin’s gaze shifted to Jon and his party, the expression on his face was a bit disgusting.

   “This is Mr. Jon Hart, a freshman at Hogwarts, he needs to exchange Muggle currency for some wizard’s currency!” Mr. Granger said softly as if he didn’t see the expression of the goblin.

   “Go to Borg, he’s in charge of this!” The goblin said coldly, “Go in the sixth counter on the left.”

   “Let’s go!” Mr. Granger smiled helplessly at their father and son: “As I said, we are not really welcome here.”

   The sixth counter from the left, here stands a young-looking fairy.

   “Hello…” Eric cleared his throat.

   “At first glance, it is here for currency exchange…” The young fairy Borg didn’t look up at all: “Just tell my name…”

   “Jon Hart!”

   “It seems to be on the list…” The goblin stretched out his finger and tapped gently at the ledger in front of him: “Ok, no problem…”

   Then, it stretched out **** and handed it a purse, as if it was afraid of getting it dirty.

   Eric took the purse with a slightly unsightly face, and then took a 500 pound note from his pocket.

   The fairy took the bill, and threw it into his cabinet without even looking at it. UU reading

   “Can I only exchange 100 gallons?” Jon glanced at the goblin and asked again.

“Yes, Mr. Hart!” The goblin raised his head, facing Jon, his attitude seemed a lot better: “In fact, this fund is sponsored by Hogwarts, from first grade to In seventh grade, at this time of year, you can redeem the same amount!”

After    finished speaking, there was an ugly smile on its face: “Don’t you think that Muggle money is of any use to us?”

What the goblin said is right, an adult wizard, whether using illegal or legal means, to get a large amount of Muggle currency is very easy to do… If you can really exchange Kanon and British pound at will , It may even cause serious consequences.


   The three people walked out of Gringa.

Mr. Granger looked at his watch: “I think it’s almost half past three…Mr. Hart, do you want to go to Mrs. Morkin’s robe shop with me? Maybe you can let my daughter and your son meet in advance. “

“I’m honored, Mr. Granger!” Jon suddenly stood up and said innocently: “But it seems to be a bit late now. I want my father to buy robes and textbooks. I will buy one myself. A magic wand…I just heard a wizard say that it takes a long time to buy a suitable wand…”

   While talking, Jon smiled embarrassedly: “I think it won’t be long before I can meet Miss Granger at school; I’m sorry it’s a bit late today.”

   “It’s okay.” Mr. Granger nodded graciously: “Then you go and buy a magic wand, it does take a lot of time… The wand shop, I remember it’s over there…”

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