The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 5: Weird wand

   The surname is Granger, his profession is a dentist, and his daughter is studying at Hogwarts, sophomore…

   Jon is not a fool, so he can guess who his daughter is.

   But now that he has decided to keep a distance from the protagonist trio, Jon actively gave up the opportunity to meet each other in advance.

  Whether it is Miss Watsons or Miss Black, what does it have to do with yourself? Before you really control a certain amount of magic, you still need to persuade you!


   Leaving Eric and Doctor Granger, Jon stood in front of a short and broken shop.

   The golden sign on the door has been peeled off, and it says: “Ollivander: A good wand has been made since 382 BC”.

   Entering the shop, the space inside is not large, Jon sat on the recliner in the middle of the shop, and when he looked up, there were almost thousands of long and narrow paper boxes on the ceiling, clearly visible.

   “Good afternoon,” a soft voice said.

   “Hello!” Jon quickly stood up and saw the thin old man who suddenly appeared behind him: “Are you Mr. Ollivander?”

“Yes, yes, I know I will see you soon, Jon Hart, that’s not a problem.” The thin old man said with a mysterious face: “You look almost like your father’s. Back then He came here to buy his first wand, it’s like yesterday…”

   Ollivander was stunned.

   Jon was also stunned at this time.

   He said weakly: “Mr. Ollivander, if I remember correctly, my father should not be a wizard!”

   “Uh…really…” Ollivander stammered, then he quickly took out a piece of parchment from his robe, glanced at it, and quickly took it back.

   At this moment, Jon squinted and saw the parchment. It seemed to have a string of names written on it, and the names of relatives and their magic wands appeared to be recorded in the back…

   “It seems that I read it wrong, oh no, I remember it wrong…” Ollivander coughed awkwardly, “Well, um, Mr. Hart, which hand are you good at?”

   “Oh, I am used to using my right hand.”

   It may be because of the embarrassing scene that Ollivander almost didn’t say a word during the measurement.

   did not say anything like “Wand selection wizard” or “I remember every wand sold”.

   “Mr. Hart, try this one, made of ebony wood and snake nerve. It is nine inches long.” After a quick measurement, he pulled one out of the boxes on the ceiling and took out the wand in it.

   Jon picked up this somewhat short wand, but there was no response.

   The chance of getting hit by a single shot does not seem to be great.

   “Maybe you can try this one, maple wood, phoenix feather, eleven inches long.”


   About an hour later.

   Jon felt his hands were a little sore, and he could hardly lift it up.

   He tried the magic wand handed over by Ollivander at a rate of about ten seconds. Thousands of paper boxes piled up beside him and Ollivander.

   More importantly, Shangcun’s cardboard boxes on the ceiling seem to be running out.

   “Such a picky customer is wonderful and difficult…” Ollivander’s face seemed quite excited.

   “This one… made of ebony and unicorn hair, eight and a half inches long. An extraordinary combination!”

   Ollivander handed the wand over eagerly, Jon waved it, but still had no response.

  At this moment, Jon even felt that Professor McGonagall had made a mistake. He was not a wizard at all… Otherwise, how could he choose the right wand for an hour!

   “It’s more difficult than imagined!” Ollivander seemed to be lost in thought. Suddenly he suddenly realized: “Wait a moment, Mr. Hart!”

   Then, he disappeared suddenly.

   Jon was able to sit back in the chair and relax his arms.

   Three minutes later, Ollivander reappeared, holding a dusty paper box in his hand.

   “You can try this one, Mr. Hart…” He opened the paper box carefully, and took out a strange-looking wand from it.

   Jon took it. It was smooth and completely different to the touch from other wands; and on this hot day, there was a slight chill on the wand.

   Before I had time, I heard a whistle, and then I saw a red light. The golden stars on the head of the magic wand were shining like fireworks, and the beating spots were cast on the walls…

   “Oh, great! Great!” Ollivander almost exclaimed.

   “Oh?” Jon’s eyes lit up. Could it be that his wand, like the protagonist’s wand, has an extraordinary birth?

   For example, is a brother relationship with the wand of a powerful wizard?

  A unicorn has two hairs, one made into Dumbledore’s wand, and one made into this one?

   Forget it, Dumbledore is a bitch, a bit disgusting; Newt Scamander is good, and Nick LeMay is fine…

   Just when Jon wanted to get into trouble, Ollivander sentenced his ideas to death:

   “In fact, this magic wand is not my work!”

   “Huh?” Jon opened his mouth suddenly.

   “He came from a stick maker from China, and Chinese wizards are used to calling the wand maker a ‘stick maker’!”

   “Almost twenty years ago, that Chinese rod maker, who fled from Hong Kong to London at that time…I met him and exchanged experience in rod making for a while…”

   “Escape from Hong Kong?” Jon suddenly noticed something. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

   “Yes, the Chinese magical world for more than 20 years is in a state of dire straits. At that time, the Chinese Muggles overthrew the rule of wizards and they smashed their wands!…”

“Moreover, the Muggles forced wizards without magic wands to go to their villages, using magic to help them refine steel, and even farm and harvest… Only a few wizards escaped.” Ollivander recalled, Said.

   “What happened then?” Jon asked quickly.

   “Ten years ago, Chinese wizards regained the power of rule from Muggles…My friend who was a rod maker also returned. Before we left, we gave each other a magic wand.”

   Ollivander didn’t seem to want to discuss the history of Chinese magic, but from which paper box he found a piece of cloth with a young head.

   “I found… made of green bamboo, thirteen inches, with iron-eater hair inside.” Ollivander looked at the cloth and read: “No wonder it is so smooth. I used green bamboo.”

   “Iron Eater?” Jon felt that the name was familiar.

“A kind of magical animal living in China, I think Newt-Scamander should have recorded it… The body is a bit like a bear, and the body color is black and white; the iron-eater has a strong charm and can Very relaxed charm wizards and Muggles, especially women, caress them and provide food…”

Ollivander said casually: “The hair of the iron eater is the essence of magic commonly used by Chinese rodmakers to make wands. They believe that the iron eater possesses more powerful and pure magic than the unicorn, although I have reservations about it. attitude!”

   He has packed Jon’s wand in a U-shaped box and wrapped it in brown paper.

   “The price is eight gallons, Mr. Hart.”

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