The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 6: Preparation before school starts

   Mr. Ollivander paid eight gallons, and Jon took his wand and hurried away.

   Although more than an hour was wasted in Ollivander’s wand shop, he was still satisfied with the wand he got.

  Because it is made of bamboo, it is quite comfortable to hold it in your hand; and the toughness and firmness are much higher than ordinary wood, and it can even be used as a melee weapon in emergency situations.

   Then, he found Eric at Mrs. Morgan’s robe shop… Eric had helped him buy most of the items on the list.

He carried a large bag of clothes in his hand, including three sets of plain work gowns (black), a plain pointed hat (black) for daytime wear, a pair of protective gloves (made of dragon skin or similar materials) and one Winter cloak. There is also a large pot (made of pewter, standard size No. 2), a set of crystal vials, a telescope and a brass balance.

   The only thing left to purchase is the textbook.

   Jon opened the list:

   “Standard Spells, Elementary”, by Miranda Gosak

   “The History of Magic” by Bathilda-Bashat

   “Theory of Magic”, by Adbe-Wovlin

   “A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration”, by Emery Swich

   “Thousands of Magical Herbs and Mushrooms” by Felidas Ball

   “Magic Potion and Potion”, by Arseny-Jig

   “Break with the Female Ghost”, by Guidro Lockhart

   “Swim with the Ghouls”, by Guidro Lockhart

   “Holiday with Dominatrix” by Guidro Lockhart

   “Walk with the Trolls”, by Guidro Lockhart

   “Traveling on a Ship with Vampires” by Guidro-Lockhart

   “Wandering with the Werewolves” by Guidro Lockhart

   “A Year with the Tibetan Snowman” by Guidro-Lockhart

   A total of 13 textbooks, Jon is a bit big head…especially the pile of “books” by Lockhart at the back, each of them is extremely expensive, which adds up to 20 gallons.

   But there is no way, Jon gritted his teeth, he has to go to school without his textbooks… Put this pile of books into the shopping basket.

He bought three extra books: Quentin Trimbo’s “Guide to Defense Against the Dark Arts and Self-Defense”, Newt Scamander’s “Where are Fantastic Beasts” and Lebasch-Balach’s Preparation of Advanced Potions.

   I bought so many things, the previous 100 gallons, there are only less than forty left… If it weren’t for the shame in the bag, Jon would definitely buy more books on defense against the dark arts and potions.

   Fortunately, Hogwarts does not have to pay tuition and accommodation fees, and even a first-year freshman can not go to Hogsmeade. Forty gallons can be used for a year without much problem.

   He declined Eric’s suggestion to buy him an owl (ten gallons for an owl). After all, poverty makes people sane.


   In the last month of 86 Eastleigh Road, Jon was immersed in the pile of magic books.

   He has gone through more than a dozen books, including the “adventure novels” written by Guidro Loha.

   The smallest room at 86 Eastleigh Road was transformed into an animal room, which contained several cages of experimental mice.

   There is a small loophole in the “Reasonable Restraint of Juvenile Wizards Act”, which does not include young wizards who have not yet started to learn magic but who have already obtained magic wands (the Ministry of Magic has not registered them either).

   So Jon took advantage of this loophole, took advantage of this month, and used his magic wand to cast spells at home.

   It’s a pity that the results achieved seem to be somewhat unsatisfactory!

   On the night of August 31st, Jon appeared in the animal room with a magic wand

   “Stupefy!” He raised his wand and pointed it at a squirrel cage.

   Coma spell, a common spell used by members of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix, is also a very practical spell. It can be very effective to temporarily lose consciousness of the target, and even has a certain effect on giants and dragons. On the last pages of the “Guide to the Dark Arts and Self-Defense”, Jon found out how to use it.

   At this stage, when the Unforgivable Spell is completely banned, the Stunning Spell is undoubtedly one of the most powerful single spells.

   A faint red light flashed and hit the mouse in the cage.

   “Squeak…” The mouse let out a scream, and then quickly moved a position, but that was all.

   Jon smiled helplessly. This effect was the best he had done in his entire summer vacation. If the spell of oneself hits the enemy, it will only make the enemy feel a little itchy.

   Stupefaction spells, so that most spells are quite simple to release, but it is very difficult to really have an effect.

   Many of the spells in this world do not require in-depth study, but are extremely dependent on the wizard’s emotions.

   is like releasing the unforgivable curse, one must be cruel; to release the patron saint curse, one must think of truly happy things… the release of the coma curse also requires the wizard to generate a kind of emotion from the bottom of his heart that hopes to stun the target.

   Jon feels that if he is in the world view of DND, he is not a mage at all, but a bloodline warlock.

   Because of his maturity, Jon rarely fluctuates emotionally; this kind of stable emotion is not conducive to the release of many spells.

   But not every spell, UU read www.uukānshu. He can’t master com.

   Raised the wand again, Jon aimed at the mouse:


In an instant, the expression on the face and the movements of the body solidified at the same time. It seemed to be petrified, unable to move, only the eyes were spinning around.

   The release of the petrification spell does not depend on emotions, and young wizards can use it perfectly… After a month of practice, Jon has controlled it very well.

   However, the shortcomings of the petrification spell are also obvious. It takes several seconds from when the spell hits the target to when the target is completely petrified… If the opponent reacts quickly, he can cancel the spell by himself and initiate a counterattack at the same time.

   Putting away the wand, Jon glanced at the animal room in front of him with some nostalgia.

   I am going to Hogwarts tomorrow, and this animal room also loses its meaning until I turn seventeen.

   He came to a corner of the room and found a glass cage that was almost abandoned here.

   Two red South African spiders lay quietly in the glass cage, beside them are the remains of many breadworms and crickets.

   This is the “pet” Jon asked Eric to buy for him two weeks ago.

  Wrap the glass cage carefully with cotton, put it into the carton, and then put the carton in the suitcase.

   Near the paper box, there is also a small bag of realgar he bought at a drugstore.

And a rooster-shaped alarm clock, which he bought in a supermarket in Southampton not long ago… It is said that a rooster’s call was recorded in it, and it will be emitted when it rings. Jon also specially brought a few extra sessions. battery.

  Everything is ready, Jon also slept on the bed, and soon fell asleep…

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