The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 7: King 10: Station

   At eight o’clock the next morning, Jon woke up from his sleep.

   Turning off the alarm clock that was still crowing loudly, he got up from the bed, put on jeans and shirt…He didn’t want to wear thick and stuffy wizard robe into the train station.

   Picked up the suitcase and went to the courtyard downstairs; Eric had started the car and got out to help Jon carry the suitcase to the trunk.

   Judy also changed shoes there.

   “Mom, do you want to be with us too?” Jon asked.

   “Yes!” A gentle smile appeared on Judy’s face: “I will go to King’s Cross Station with Eric to see you off.”


   The car was driving on the highway. Eric hummed the tone of “God Bless Queen” while driving.

   Judy was in the back seat, with a sad look on her face, while constantly exhorting:

   “In school, don’t be as casual as at home!”

   “Don’t fight with professors and classmates!”

   “It’s cold, remember to add clothes, I have put two woolen sweaters at the bottom of your purse…”

   “I see, mom!” Jon didn’t seem bored by Judy’s babbling, but responded with a smile on his face.

   “Hey, I’m still a little worried…” Judy hid her face with her hands. It’s the first time she will be separated from her son for so long in more than ten years.

“Don’t worry about it, my dear!” Eric seemed to have a better mentality. He hummed a little song while teasing: “Believe our baby, I think his ability to survive alone is better than you… “

   “Shut up!” Judy gave him a blank look.

   But she seems to be in a better mood.

   They spent about two hours on the road, and arrived at Kings Cross Station at 10:30.

   Eric put the suitcase on the trolley and asked, “Jon, which platform should we go to!”

   “Eleven o’clock, platform nine and three quarters…” Jon took out his ticket.

   “What? Nine and three-quarters?” Eric frowned. “I don’t remember that there is such a platform at Kings Cross Station.”

   “Perhaps we should go between the ninth and tenth platforms!” Knowing the plot of the previous life novels, Jon is naturally familiar.

King’s Cross Station is almost one of the oldest railway stations in Europe and is now the largest railway station in London; however, its prosperous degree is worse than that of the Magic City Hongqiao Station and even the Magic City Station that Jon had seen in the past. Too much.

   After passing through some sparse crowds, they came to the ninth platform.

   The destination of Platform 9 is Aberdeen, Scotland, and Platform 10 is Glasgow, Scotland.

   Based on the changes in the weather at Hogwarts he knew in his previous life, Jon could speculate that the actual location of Hogwarts should be the northern tip of the British Isles and the mountainous regions of central Scotland.

   Calculating the distance from London is more than 400 miles (600 kilometers), no wonder the train departs at 11 am and arrives at night.

   “I don’t think I saw any nine and three-quarters station!” Eric glanced between platform nine and platform ten, then shrugged.

   Then, he went to a guard passing by and asked. Judging from the expression on the guard’s face, he seemed to treat Eric as something.

   Jon looked at the big clock on the side. It was ten:15 now, which was not good news.

   Although he knew that the way to enter platform 9 and three-quarters was to pass through a pillar between platform 9 and platform… but there were at least a dozen pillars in front of him.

   You can’t try one by one with your head, it’s silly.

Moreover, according to his memory of the plot of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” in his previous life, due to Dobby’s sake, platform nine and three-quarters will be closed early; at that time, he has to follow the two saviors We went to school by speeding together, and were confined by the way.

   “Grandma, my toad seems to be gone again!” A timid voice suddenly came from behind.

   “Oh, Neville.” He heard an old woman sigh again.

   Jon’s eyes lit up and he turned around quickly.

   An old and a young, an old lady and a boy are walking towards this side, the old lady looks very imposing, and the boy looks a little clumsy. Both of them wore black wizard robes, which seemed incompatible with others.

   Eric also obviously heard their conversation and spotted them.

   Without Jon’s reminder, he hurried over.

“Hello, madam… I’m Hart!” Eric said with a stern face: “My son is about to go to the nine and three-quarters station. He is a freshman at Hogwarts, but We don’t know the way…”

   “Muggle?” Seeing Eric’s clothes, the old lady was obviously surprised.

   But Eric is a lawyer after all, and the words give people a feeling of trust.

“Hello, Mr. Hart… I am Mrs. Longbottom!” The old lady said with a smile: “My grandson, Neville, he is a second-year student at Hogwarts… I think he can take your son Go to the nine and three-quarters station.”

   “Hello, Senior Longbottom!” Jon smiled at Neville and said enthusiastically.

   The other side nodded to him timidly in response.

   “Neville, take Mr. Hart into the station!” Madam Longbottom ordered, with a sense of noncommitment in her words.

   “Ok… Grandma…” Neville’s voice was low. UU Reading

   Then, he pushed his luggage trolley and rushed towards platform nine and one of the pillars of platform ten.

   Jon hurriedly pushed the car and followed.

   Mrs. Longbottom’s voice came from behind: “Mr. Hart, walk in the middle of the pillar and pretend that there is nothing in front of you so that you won’t be hit.”

   “Boom…” Jon suddenly slowed down when he heard a slight impact from the front.

   Following Mrs. Longbottom’s instructions, he deliberately walked in the middle of the pillar.

   A crimson steam locomotive appeared in front of him, and the sign on the train read: Hogwarts Express.

There is a brand new platform next to the    train, and the platform says “9? Station”.

   “It worked!” Jon smiled happily.

   “Oh!” Neville covered his head on one side, and the luggage cart tilted to the side.

   There is a slight red bump on his head. Seeing him like this, it is obvious that he has just crossed the platform, his head is sideways and hit.

   “It’s okay, Senior Longbottom…” Jon asked with concern.

   “No…nothing…” Neville held his head and barely got up.

   “Navi!” A clear voice came from one side: “Are you all right?”

   A little girl with brown hair trot over.

“I do not……”

   Before Neville could finish speaking, the girl had already pulled out her wand from her belt and pointed it at Neville’s head, muttering something in her mouth.

   The redness and swelling on Nawei’s head disappeared quickly.

   “Thank you, Hermione!” Neville straightened his cart. “Hart…Huh, what about the others?”

   The boy who accompanied him into the nine and three-quarters station just now is gone.

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