The Legend of Harry Potter Schoolmaster

Chapter 8: On the Hogwarts Express train (top)

   With a little tune in his mouth, Jon Hart has quietly pushed his suitcase onto the steam locomotive.

   squinting his eyes just now, he saw that Hermione Granger was not black.

   This is good news!

   But not necessarily. After all, considering your future plans, there is a high probability that there will not be too much overlap with Hermione. Maybe it is black to be worthwhile?

   squeezed through the crowd. He found an empty compartment near the rear of the car, and then put the suitcase on the pedals. Although he was only eleven years old, Jon’s body was not at all thin, and there was nothing wrong with carrying dozens of kilograms of luggage.

   Then he took out the “Where Are Fantastic Beasts” written by Newt Scamander from the suitcase, half-layed on a chair, and turned it over.

   Page 117!

   Although he didn’t make any mark, he had already memorized this page number by heart.

   When turning the page, he deliberately made the action lighter so as not to wrinkle the page.


  Magic part class level: XXXXX (extremely dangerous)

   The first recorded basilisk was bred by “Despicable Helbo”, a Greek black wizard who knew a snake-like voice. After many experiments, this person discovered that by putting a little hen’s egg under the body of a toad, it will hatch a dangerous snake with extraordinary abilities. The basilisk is a large snake with a dazzling green body, which can grow up to fifty feet in length. The male snake has a bright red feather on its head. Its fangs are extremely toxic, but its most dangerous attack method is to stare at the target with its big yellow eyes. As long as anyone’s gaze touches its gaze, it will be killed instantly.

   Spiders run as soon as they see the basilisk. The basilisk is their natural enemy, and the only thing that can make the basilisk run away is the crow of the rooster, because it is fatal to the basilisk.

   If food is sufficient (bassilisk will eat all mammals, birds and many kinds of reptiles), the life span of this snake will be very long. It is believed that the basilisk of “Despicable Helbo” lived almost 900 years old.

   In addition to its unique magic power and extremely long life span, many of the characteristics of the basilisk come from its nature as a poisonous snake. Like ordinary venomous snakes, the basilisk will shed its skin once in a while. Its omnivorous nature is also common in huge snakes. Although it is not clearly pointed out, the skin of the basilisk is likely to be armored like dragon skin. Characteristics, it can reflect the spell hitting it, and only its eyes and mouth are the only weak points of defense.

   Since the Middle Ages, the creation of basilisks has been regarded as illegal, but this behavior is easy to hide, because you only need to take out the little hen’s egg from under the toad’s body before the Magic Creature Management and Control Department comes. However, the basilisk is not only controlled by the snake-like voice, no one can do it, so they are not only dangerous to other people, but also dangerous to most dark wizards.

   There has been no record of witnessing a basilisk in Britain for at least four hundred years. “

   looked away from the book, in fact, since the summer vacation, Jon has read this passage at least twenty times, and it has long been overwhelming.

As a Muggle-born wizard, Jon is still very conscious… Since the door of the Halloween Chamber of Secrets was opened in 1992, he may be attacked by the basilisk at any time to complete Tom Riddle’s battle against Hogwar. The “purification” of the pedigree.

Although there are a lot of Muggle-born students at Hogwarts, they may not get themselves; and reducing night outs can greatly reduce the probability of being attacked; but after all, you are not afraid of 10,000, just in case, you must do the worst at any time. intend.

   Judging from the available information, Jon did not think of an effective way to deal with the basilisk. The only offensive spell that I can easily use is the petrified curse. Using the petrified curse to attack the basilisk is simply an axe!

I can only hope that the realgar powder and the rooster alarm clock will work and scare away the basilisk in times of crisis… Jon still has a glorious mirror in his pocket at all times. In the worst case, he will use it to petrify himself and wait for Mandela. Grass comes to cure.

   Hey, what do you mean, then Tom Riddle is obviously a mixed race, how can he turn his head to be so cruel to Muggles and Muggles; Sure enough, the ancients don’t deceive me, the two devils are more cruel than the real devils.


   The sliding door of the compartment suddenly opened.

   A girl with long blond curly hair, long eyelashes, and a pair of lovely dimples walked in.

   “Is anyone here?” She pointed to the seat opposite Jon, and asked softly, “The other places are mostly full.”

   “No one, sit down!” Jon said casually.

   At the same time, he helped the girl put her purse on the pedal.

   “Thank you!” The girl smiled and looked very sweet. She sat across from Jon: “Excuse me, are you?”

   “Hart, Jon Hart!” Jon closed the book in his hand: “A freshman at Hogwarts. UU reading”

   “Greengrass, my name is Astoria Greengrass! I am also a first-year freshman.”

  Green glasses? ? ?

   Jon almost laughed. Why don’t you call Altria Greenhart?

   However, it is very rude to laugh at the other party’s surname no matter what country he is in. Jon didn’t put that rude expression on his face.

   I searched for the characters that appeared in Harry Potter from my mind, and I didn’t seem to have such a character in my mind… Then there should be no danger.

   “Nice to meet you, Miss Greengrass!” he greeted politely.

   “Me too, Mr. Hart.”

   The other party had already put on Hogwarts’ new robe early, and there was a small snake logo printed on the suitcase, which seemed to be born from a pure blood family.

   Jon turned his gaze out of the window and saw that Eric and Judy had come here, and Mrs. Longbottom was by their side.

   Jon knocked on the window quickly, then waved to them.

   “Woo…” With a long whistle, the train started to move slowly.

   Eric smiled and waved goodbye to Jon, while Judy was wiping tears there, and Mrs. Longbottom was comforting her.

   until the car completely disappeared from their sight.

   “Are you from the Longbottom family?” Miss Greengrass asked softly.

   “Of course not, I said, my last name is Hart…”

   “That…that…are you relatives of the two Muggles just now?”

   “Of course, they are my parents, is there any problem?” Jon said coldly.

   “Sorry… I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…” Astoria said three apologies:

“I have no ill intentions!”

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